Characteristics of a Senior Executive Leader

By | September 8, 2013

Leader Executive Blog4a[September 8, 2013]  As promised, this blog is about the exploration of attributes and character of the senior executive leader.

This allows a dive more into the depths of those points that distinguish the senior executive leader from the beginner and junior leader.  Truthfully, many characteristics will be distinguished by degree; laying along a continuum of strength or concentration.  While others will be unique to the senior executive and therefore studied more closely.

Along the way, we will explore some of the “Great Men and Women of History” and what were the characteristics they displayed that allowed them to stand out among the many.  How were they winners and what was it about their achievements that made what they did so spectacular?  Along the way, the debate about “born leaders” will be re-looked.  But our focus will always be about learning senior executive leadership principles.

Some of the topics in this blog will also look at current events and how senior executive leaders in our world have used those leadership principles.  Were they successful or not?  Were they criticized or praised?  These current events will be used to reinforce the philosophical basis for the use of leadership and how we all can improve our own senior leader abilities.

The particular order that these blog posts take are not to be construed that one attribute is more or less important, frequently used, or preferred.  Each characteristic will be explored individually for simple ease of discussion.  We all recognize that no attribute stands alone.  Each senior executive leader has an ever changing tool box of skills that interact and combine across a range of challenges that we measure as success or failure.

To achieve this and to indulge in some entertainment and education along the way is my goal.

The first characteristic to discuss will be that senior executive leaders “live in a Fishbowl” for all to see.  That post will occur tomorrow.

Let’s begin.

Author: Douglas R. Satterfield

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