Chinese Women Choosing to Stay Single

By | March 20, 2024

[March 20, 2024]   China Uncensored host Chris Chappell, a former China journalist, seeks to cover essential topics in China.  We are seeing a slowdown in the Chinese economy, especially among young people whose unemployment rate is high.  Interestingly, young Chinese women are choosing to stay single and not having children.

The Chinese Communist Party, a few years ago, realized that their one-child policy was destroying the future of China, so it was changed to a two-child policy and then to three.  The CCP is encouraging young people to have children, but it’s too late.  Going single and childless is now part of the culture.

Although the information from Chris is about Chinese women, there are 30 million more men than women due to a combination of families preferring boys over girls and the old one-child policy.  This led to self-selected abortion of females.  In rural areas of China, in the age range of 20 to 49, there are 475 unmarried men to 100 unmarried women.  This is a shocking piece of information.

Chris asks, “Why are these women choosing to be single and childless?”  According to a Reuters article, “A growing number of educated women, facing unprecedented insecurity amid record youth unemployment and economic downturn, are espousing ‘singleism.’”  This is from a March 7, 2024, article by Laurie Chen, link here.  In 2021, Chinese government figures showed 239 million singles and historically low marriage registrations, and 44 percent did not plan to marry.

To answer the question posed by Chris, we see that the Chinese economy is in poor shape, especially the property sector, which has been overbuilt by more than 100 percent, while the population is declining.   We also see a surge in anti-family social media posts, gaining thousands of likes and subscribers.

“I think it’s okay to date or cohabit, but children are a huge asset investment with minimal returns.” – Reuters quote of a Chinese woman

Even the Wall Street Journal has noticed that China is approaching a demographic collapse.  They estimate that China’s population will fall from 1.4 billion today to about half a billion by 2100, and women are taking the blame.  Some, like Peter Zeihan, predict that may happen by 2050.  See his article “Don’t Be Surprised by China’s Collapse,” from September 19, 2023, link here.

Chris puts much of the blame on the CCP.  And while I agree, I believe the CCP is the problem because they cultivated an anti-family culture that has now taken root.  The results are not pretty.


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Author: Douglas R. Satterfield

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15 thoughts on “Chinese Women Choosing to Stay Single

  1. Frankie Boy

    Well, that’s a shocker. The same thing is happening in America. For example, by the end of 2025, half of all childbearing women will be single and childless.

  2. Cow Blue

    China is approaching a demographic collapse. We have been predicting this now for more than a decade but nothing yet has happened. But, and this is a big but, with Chinese women purposefully and willfully choosing to have no children, then we have a hard built cultural problem that will be nearly impossible to overcome. By the end of this decade, we are going to see a very different China. And their women are leading the way, not Chairman Xi.

    1. ashley

      If they lived in a democracy, I would say that is their personal choice. But in china, the government is about to step in and force them to marry and have children. We are already seeing this.

  3. Jerome Smith

    “Chinese Women Choosing to Stay Single”.. Gen. Douglas, you have done a good job of setting out the fact that China is in the beginning of a population implosion. That is going to manifest itself in many ways. Let’s hope they don’t take down other parts of the world with them. The good news is this is happening very slowly.

  4. Max Foster

    Nothing like another failed Communist nation. It is going to take a few more years but there may become a point that the fall of the CCP will be see in all its glory. That is going to make the people of China rather made at their Communist masters. The Chinese women are only the canary in the mine. Let’s get out our popcorn and comfy chair and watch the whole thing unfold before our very eyes. This is going to be satisfying to see a nation that plunders other nations, steals their ideas, and messes around with Taiwan and the Philippines.

    1. Oakie from OK

      Yep, let us find out by watching from afar. Don’t get in the way of their fall.
      I feel bad for these Chinese women who will regret their decision not to marry or have kids, when they turn 50. Then they will realize it is too late to do anything about it.

      1. Valkerie

        The Coming Collapse of China is a book by Gordon G. Chang, published in 2001, in which he argued that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) was the root cause of many of China’s problems and would cause the country’s collapse by 2011. When 2011 was almost over, Chang admitted that his prediction was wrong but said it was off by only a year, asserting in Foreign Policy that the CCP would fall in 2012.

  5. Harry Donner

    “A growing number of educated women, facing unprecedented insecurity amid record youth unemployment and economic downturn, are espousing ‘singleism.’” – Reuters 👍👍👍👍👍

  6. Kerry

    I’m personally glad that China is falling apart and we are seeing it in their women choosing not to marry or have kids. GOOD for the world.

  7. Eye Cat

    China is doomed to fail. It is collapsing slowly right before our eyes and most of the world doesn’t see it Gen. Satterfield gives us a glimpse of the problem but when our politicians ignore the very problem, communism, then they become complicit in the destruction of the Han peoples. Archeologists used to try to explain why certain past civilizations collapsed and couldn’t explain. Here we have a modern day collapse in China and no one is looking.

    1. Danny Burkholder

      Eye Cat, good thinking here. Remember, more than anything, the first thing Communism does is destroy religion and the family. Now the CCP thinks, oops, that may not have been such a good idea. Let them fall, and fall hard.

  8. Doug Smith

    Very interesting confluence of many factors. The main problem is the CCP.


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