Clearing the Spindle: you Won’t Believe This

By | August 31, 2021

[August 31, 2021]  So much to do and so little time to do it.  I resurrected my “clearing the spindle” series a few months ago because of so much in the news, especially over failing leaders who blame others for their own incompetence.  Today’s article is title, “you won’t believe this.”   I know that it is a bit unsportsmanlike to shoot fish in a barrel, but when political and military leaders choke so badly it rises to our attention, then yes, they should be criticized.  Previously, I took several verbal jabs at Joe Biden and his incompetent handling of the Afghanistan withdrawal; he says he’s in charge, so he takes the blame.  I know politicians like to take credit for everything that goes right and blame others when things go wrong.  That’s Joe Biden in spades.  Love him or hate him, that’s a fact.

Harvard University’s new Chaplain is an Atheist.  Not only is that a shocker, but Chaplain Greg Epstein was unanimously elected by his fellow university chaplains as the university chaplain’s organization’s new president, according to the New York Times article (behind their paywall).  Oh, and he’s WOKE.  I guess, like our friends at PowerLineBlog pointed out, “why did it take so long?”  They relate a story of a writer friend who was unhappy at a liberal seminary several decades ago.  Why?  One faculty remarked that maybe it’s because “You actually believe in God.”  You can find a free article here.

Facebook apologizes for labeling parts of the U.S. Declaration of Independence as “hate speech.”  From CNN, we learn that Facebook’s policies for censoring hate speech have again come under fire after the social media giant labeled a passage from the Declaration of Independence as hate speech.  After realizing its “mistake” (read that as they got caught and were called out on it), we hear that Facebook restored the post.  We hear that the reason given was that the erroneous label was “an incident on an ‘automated action.’”  Yeah right.  And, by the way, Facebook and other media platforms are conducting censorship with the full approval of the U.S. government.  Now isn’t there a Constitutional Amendment addressing that and prohibiting censorship of this type?  Yes, I looked it up.  It’s called the First Amendment.

North Korea restarts its plutonium-producing nuclear reactor.  The Wall Street Journal reports  that “Kim Jong Un’s regime is fully aware that activity at its nuclear sites is closely watched by satellite surveillance.” And, unsurprisingly, the Norks see it as a bargaining chip for potential talks with the U.S.  Kim Jong Un also voiced his displeasure at the Biden administration, calling U.S. overtures for talks a hypocrisy and vowing to “boost military capabilities.”  In other words, the Norks have taken the measure of Biden and proceeded accordingly.  If we keep getting this kind of news, maybe people should start building bomb shelters again.

Biden’s retreat uh withdrawal from Afghanistan highlights the horror of Taliban control.  From multiple reports we are hearing of torture, killings, humiliations, and a host of shocking news from Afghanistan.  The latest is the hanging of a man from a U.S.-supplied helicopter.  Less than two weeks ago Joe Biden said the U.S. would stay in Afghanistan until all Americans were out.  Now, he concedes that is not the case and our government will not use the military to get these Americans out.  General McKenzie (who should resign), Commander of CENTCOM, announced yesterday that the “last C-17 lifted off from [Kabul Airport] this afternoon…”  So much for relying on Joe Biden’s help.

Author: Douglas R. Satterfield

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21 thoughts on “Clearing the Spindle: you Won’t Believe This

  1. Laughing Monkey

    Biden’s RETREAT. Gen. Satterfield, you nailed it once again. This is a great list for your spindle. Preferably, however, I would like to see an article on each from you. I know you have limited time but that would be great. Thanks for listening to us on your forums.

  2. old warrior

    There needs to be some butt kicking in the world and it’s up to the us to do the butt kicking. You cannot rely on the American govt to do it anymore or right anymore.

    1. Willie Strumburger

      Yeah, great point “old warrior.” Kick some butt and people start paying attention.

  3. Max Foster

    Note that at the end of this article, Gen. Satterfield gives us some insight into the horrors of the Taliban. But more important, to me anyway, is the fact that most folks have forgotten why we are in Afghanistan to begin with. The Taliban hosted and encouraged those who attacked the US on 9/11. Staying there to keep the Taliban out was a noble cause in itself. Joe Biden, as non-president of the US, failed the world and left his citizens behind. As Gen. Satterfield has written, betrayal is the worst sin.

  4. American Girl

    Another spot on article by Gen. Satterfield. For those who’ve been around this blog for a number of years, you will note that Gen. S. does a great job of giving us a short article on some important leader topic. That is good as far as it goes but he also points toward other places we can expand upon that particular idea. Good for him and good for us. Keep up your website, Gen. S. We all love it.

    1. Kenny Foster

      Gen. Satterfield is a patriot who served our nation honorably. That is enough for me. I read his articles every day, including his Daily Favorites. It’s a godsend to have someone like him writing.

      1. Audrey

        Kenny, great comment as well. I’m also one of his long-standing readers and comment often. It is great to get feedback on what you think and not have to worry about Internet trolls.

    2. Erleldech

      Thanks American Girl for being on today and giving us something to think about. I too have been a reader for a while and just enjoy the daily discussions.

  5. Frank Graham

    Biden’s retreat uh withdrawal from Afghanistan highlights the horror of Taliban control. You got that right, Gen. Satterfield.

    1. Joe Omerrod

      Yes, a lot going on in the world but it is up to those of us (good people) to take notice and call them out for their hypocrisy and unethical behavior. It won’t help but it shows where we stand that they have crossed the barrier of the civilized to the uncivilized. Their ways don’t work. That’s why Western civilization advanced while the East declined.

  6. Lady Hawk

    Excellent spindle list. Shocking, yes! Surprising, no! More men have become girls in so many ways.

  7. Guns are Us

    Good list and something to think about. See one of Gen. Satterfield’s articles, by Mark Steyn, on how unrecognizable America has become.

    1. Tom Bushmaster

      According to Steyn, “We traditionally think of France as being a bit screwy, but today there are French intellectuals who regard themselves as hardcore leftists and yet who think America has gone bonkers on this transgender issue. President Macron himself has said that American wokeness is an existential threat to the French Republic, and he even found bureaucrats in France’s education bureaucracy who agreed. There is not a single bureaucrat in the Department of Education in Washington, D.C., who would agree, but there are apparently a few in Paris.”

      1. Karl J.

        … and that only covers a bit of it. Read the whole article. Shame on the U.S. leftists for the destruction they’ve wraught upon us.

        1. Dead Pool Guy

          Very sad commentary, yes! 👍
          Stay the course of putting out the liberal fires that is destroying the last vestiges of greatness in Western civilization.


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