Clint Eastwood On Being a Real Man

By | August 7, 2016

[August 7, 2016]  Just the other day Clint Eastwood of Hollywood fame was interviewed by Esquire magazine.1  The interview got a lot of attention because of his support for U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump … but for those who look behind the hype Eastwood comes off as a real man; I would say a real leader.

Not that long ago men were expected to real men when they grew up.  That means they had to fight as kids, play street games, and be part of the rough and tumble world where they learned early on that those who complained about losing were themselves losers.  Eastwood would say the world is full of losers today especially the current young folks that he calls the “pussy generation.”

Perhaps you have to be over 30 to know what he means but I do recommend the Esquire article to get a sense of it and for the pleasure of reading about real men.  He especially takes a hard look at the lack of resilience and hypersensitivity of people today.  For a good example of someone Eastwood’s talking about, read the Huffington Post’s surly article on the interview by Ed Mazza.  He would consider Mazza a loser and a pussy, I’m sure; assuming he would even dignify a response.

“(S)ecretly everybody’s getting tired of political correctness, kissing up.  That’s the kiss-ass generation we’re in right now.” – Clint Eastwood in Esquire Magazine

The magazine article focuses a lot on the struggles of being in Hollywood, owning your own business of directing movies, and the values necessary to succeed.  Clint Eastwood and his son Scott both are interviewed and the juxtaposition of each is well done.  They discuss how important hard work is to success, along with the idea of always moving forward and the importance of opportunity (i.e., luck) combined with hard work.

What I found interesting about this real man, Clint Eastwood, was that he understands that men don’t just sit around waiting for something to happen; they go out and get things done.  He quotes U.S. Marine Chesty Puller (a real American hero) about how not to bore people.  Eastwood wants everyone to know that the young generation and our politicians are boring.

Good article, please read it (see link here).

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