Code of Ethics: India’s Engineers

By | October 1, 2021

[October 1, 2021]  Ethics has been in the news lately, mostly from politicians who have failed to live up to the most basic social principles.  This failure has been most flagrant in election fraud, bribes, kickbacks, and other corruptions that politicians seem to fall for every time.  That is why I’m highlighting an Indian association today and its code of ethics.

Their code of ethics is more specific than I typically come across.  Why?  I’m sure they had a few significant problems in the past, although I don’t know that for sure.  What I do know is that this is a great sample to demonstrate good leadership at their most senior levels.

Any good code of ethics is a clear set of behavior criteria that guide our conduct with others.  It is essentially a set of values, principles, and standards for decision-making and everyday conduct.  It is relevant to all regardless of our specific position or function in any social setting.

The CEAI Code1

Each CEAI member shall:

Responsibility to Society

  • Ensure that his/her professional service safeguards and enhances health, happiness and safety of the Society.
  • Ensure that his/her professional service upholds the principles of environmentally sustainable development.
  • Refrain from expressing in Public an opinion on a professional subject unless he/she is sufficiently informed on the facts relating to the subject.

Responsibility to Profession

  • At all times, uphold the dignity, standing and reputation of the Profession.


  • Maintain knowledge and skills at levels consistent with development in technology, legislation and management, and apply due skill, care and
  • Diligence in the services rendered to the client.
  • Refrain from performing any services unless competent to perform the same.


  • Act at all times in the legitimate interest of the client and perform professional services with integrity and faithfulness.
  • Act with fairness and justice between his/her client and the vendor in all matters pertaining to contracts.


  • Be impartial in his/her professional advice, judgement or design.
  • Not accept remuneration which prejudices independent judgement.
  • Inform the client of any potential conflict of interest that might arise in the performance of the commission.

Relation with Other Consultants

  • Not directly or indirectly injure or attempt to injure the professional reputation or practice or prospects of another fellow professional.
  • Not associate in work with a professional who does not conform to the ethical practices laid down in this Code.
  • Not try to supplant another CEAI member in any particular employment nor attempt to intervene in work of any kind which to his/her knowledge has already been entrusted to another professional.
  • Not review or take over the work of another CEAI member for the same client, except with the consent of the second member, unless he/she has been notified in writing by the client that such engagement or the work which is the subject of review has been terminated.

Relation with Clients

  • Not disclose confidential information concerning assignments or technical process of the client without his/her consent.

Relation with Employees

  • Endeavour to provide opportunity for the professional development and advancement of professionals in his/her employment.


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Author: Douglas R. Satterfield

Hello. I provide one article every day. My writings are influenced by great thinkers such as Friedrich Nietzsche, Karl Jung, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Jean Piaget, Erich Neumann, and Jordan Peterson, whose insight and brilliance have gotten millions worldwide to think about improving ourselves. Thank you for reading my blog.

17 thoughts on “Code of Ethics: India’s Engineers

  1. Erleldech

    Excellent list. A good starting point. After the list comes instilling it into your employees.

    1. Marco

      Right, and never forget that is the real hard thing to do. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  2. Valkerie

    General Satterfield, thank you for another relevant article about corruption and ethics. Why do we have ethics? Simple, they work. Doing the opposite is a recipe for failure.

  3. Max Foster

    The opposite of a code of ethics, or the result, is corruption. And corruption comes in many forms. It is up to good leaders to stop corruption. In Gen. Satterfield’s Daily Favorites he has an article that reeks of corruption, “Hunter Biden and the Art of Corruption” It goes to the heart of the corruption of the US White House under Joe Biden (a really truly corrupt and evil man). Hunter Biden is the epitome of corruption. His shakedowns of other countries so they can gain favor from the USA is legendary. He makes Al Sharpton (a race hustler and shakedown artist himself) look like a piker. Maybe we should start teaching ethics in school again.

    1. Guns are Us

      I think most of us here on the leadership pages of Gen. Satterfield can see this as well. Why so many liberals cannot see it for what it is, well, is beyond my imagination. It is so obvious.

      1. Anya B.

        That is what believing in an ideology like Marxism does for you. It oversimplifies the world to a point that if something doesn’t fit what you are looking for, then you cannot see it. Some call it “willingly putting on blinders,” like a horse has blinders.

      2. Greg NH

        Only free thinkers can see it. Others are educated not to “see.”

    2. Lynn Pitts

      Why do we tolerate the corruption of those in the White House today? The Biden/Harris team are the most incompetent, corrupt politicians ever to walk the halls of our upper political buildings. How could such an evil man convince so many to ignore is dementia, evil ways, and corrupt family? Oh, Adolf Hitler did the same.

  4. Yusaf from Texas

    Good article today, Gen. Satterfield. I like it that you show there are others who have figured out what is ethical.

  5. Tom Bushmaster

    Very timely article, Gen. Satterfield, because it seems among our political leaders today anything goes that improves the power they hold. If it means anti-Americanism, then so be it. It it means anti-Semitism, that’s okay too. If it means stealing from the poor (tricking them) and giving to the rich, well good for us. They do the opposite of what they say. Hypocrites!

  6. Big Al

    This is a good list to read. I read it several times to make sure I hit on all their ideas. Yes, indeed, Gen. Satterfield, this is a real code of ethics (in writing). The real test is actually instilling these values into the common engineer (in their case, the engineer) or whoever. Thanks for another relevant article. And, thanks to our friends in India for showing us all how to be better people.

    1. José Luis Rodriguez

      Hmmmmmm, good way to put it, Laughing Monkey. BTW, love your name. 😊

    2. Nick Lighthouse

      Yeah, and Friday is finally here. Unlike so many of the “snowflakes” out there that live in their parent’s basements, I actually work for a living. And, this weekend I have off. Now to spend time with my family. Good article, Gen. Satterfield, thanks.


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