Communication: The Spoken Word

By | September 4, 2014

[September 04, 2014] Nothing is more important to humans when at work than the spoken word. It ensures good communication. When leaders talk, people listen and only by the speaking can a leader do those things required. The spoken word is like the oil that lubricates a machine; it allows the entire mechanism to function properly … like the organizations in which people work. And, from the unity of communications, comes increased morale and esprit de corps – the knowledge humans have that tells them they are not alone and are supported by others.

“With words we govern men.” – Benjamin Disraeli1

Senior LeadershipThe value of speech among people cannot be overrated. When troops are in combat the spoken word gains a special significance. It determines whether the combat soldier will fire his weapon, act as a member of a team, and have the courage to destroy the enemy. Likewise, workers who have good communication with others on their team and from leaders will increasingly gain capability to do their job, be a team player, and possess the will to do hard work.

When there is no talking and communication is poor, the worker/soldier will likely think of themselves and what they do in negative terms. That is why on the battlefield, the commander is not just content with giving orders but ensuring that those orders are given to every soldier and that the order is understood. Combat orders, like workplace directives, that are only partly received will act as an excuse for failure to accomplish the mission.

The spoken word is most often underrated as a decisive factor among humans. Yet, it carries with it a power such that people can function as integrated part of a team.

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