Fear, there Ain’t Enough of It

By | November 17, 2019

By guest blogger Sadako Red [see disclaimer]

[November 17, 2019]  Just when I was beginning to think I understood people …  Last month, I gave a guest lecture on “The motivations of America’s Founding Father Samuel Adams;” not that it matters much, but I’m considered an expert in early-American politics.  I gave my speech at Georgetown University here in Washington, D.C.  Now, don’t forget this is a prestigious university, highly acclaimed, expensive, difficult to get into, and a paragon of what a great place to study the arts and sciences should be.  A beautiful university, especially in late October when the trees are turning, I found myself admiring the young people and the serenity of a great institution of learning.  Walking to the lecture hall, I happened to pass the university’s Office of Diversity and thought to myself that the dozen or so people who work there could be doing something constructive, but no.  One of their “team” decided to attend my lecture, making several ill-informed comments about Sam Adams, the “founding white racists,” and my momma.  There ain’t enough fear in the world, so I applied a little of my own.

I love a good, highly-charged argument, especially those based on emotion and lacking in any commonsense or logic or facts.  It was going to be one of my finest moments in front of impressionable students, and, of course, defending my momma’s reputation would be icing on the cake.  There is no need to go into the details of my response to the young lady from Diversity (or was it a womxn?) because that would be too long for my article, but our purposes here in this article, she ran from the lecture hall crying.  Did I feel bad for the perfectly fair stunt of scaring her by questioning her irrelevance to humanity, her being a pimple on society’s backside, or her lack of experience, education, and ethics?  Nope.  What I like to do is to instill fear and anger into those I argue with; by the way, a great way to get people’s minds to short-circuit.  Ms. Diversity was sputtering so fast that it made me smile.  I was only laying the emotional groundwork when she started to cry and called me a few unmentionable names.  That’s when I knew I had already won the battle of feelings and was preparing for the coup de grâce when she ran from the room, tears streaming, and threatening to sue me.

Don’t you love it when someone thinks of themselves on a higher moral plane and confronts you to a “debate?”  Here is some sage advice for my fans out there and for those who want to grind some idiot into the ground like a cockroach.  First, you must know that this encounter will not be based on any form of logic (so throw out everything you learned from your High School debate team).  Second, never cede any point or give in to anything they have to say, their antics, or their threats; no matter what, hold your ground even if you lie (it doesn’t matter to them anyway since they are the masters of lying).  Third, remember that the encounter is about winning at all costs, so throw their ideological outbursts right back on them, but feel free to raise your voice without turning bright red (if you can do it).  And last, and this is most important, be sure you use FEAR.  Fear, to use it properly, be sure to go for the kill quickly and have no mercy.  You’re not pulling a gun and threatening their life, but you can do something better, you can undermine their very existence by questioning their core beliefs and their very being.  It takes a quick wit (which I have in spades) and a fierce determination.  Also, it’s great to put on your “I’m going to crush you” look.  I’m never ever embarrassed, and so I feel great when I win an emotional argument.  It takes me back to my primordial origins, and stomping on a Diversity snowflake makes me feel great.  Remember what Dirty Harry said, “Go ahead; make my day.”

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Author: Sadako Red

Author: Sadako Red Disclaimer: I chose the pen name Sadako Red in order to remove any notoriety reflecting on my other real job as a very senior executive in the Department of Defense. Naturally, my opinion is my opinion only and despite DoD wanting to associate with my fine work, they cannot have it. Trust me, they want it. Trust me, they can’t stand for it.

33 thoughts on “Fear, there Ain’t Enough of It

  1. Mr. T.J. Asper

    When I teach young boys and girls in High School, there is much that I do not teach. Fear is, however, one of my subjects. I teach about it because it is often what holds us back from doing what is right; others call it cowardice. But your article, Sadako Red (I like the name), stands out on when fear can be used to tamp down evil in our mist.

  2. Army Captain

    Sadako Red, you’ve made my day today. Thank you for your kick ’em hard in the balls way of writing and I’m fully on board with you. Wishing you a long life and more articles here on the leadership blog run by Gen. Satterfield.

    1. Yusaf from Texas

      Funny comment, Army Cpt. Thanks. I too am part of the fan base of SR and read his writing carefully at least twice. Each time, I find another gem to laugh over.

  3. Jane Fillmore

    Great article Mr. Red. I’m new to General Satterfield and his blog, so I went back and read some of your older articles. I like the way your beat into submission those who lack commonsense about the head and shoulders (metaphorically speaking, of course). Must have been entertaining to see the Diversity Office lady running out crying.

  4. Edward M. Kennedy III

    Sadako Red, great to read another one of your punch-em-in-the-gut blogs. I’m one of those who believes that men should be men and women should be women. And that children are children and we grownups should not be children. What you are saying, I think, is that some adults never grow up. Like the “woke” diversity team member who ran from the lecture hall crying, I found the event priceless.

    1. Greg Heyman

      Mr. K, you’re back. Oh thank goodness. Please please please give us another article so that Gen. Satterfield can publish it.

    2. Joe Omerrod

      Wonderful to hear from you Mr, Kennedy III. We miss your articles and wit. Please publish another blog post soon for your fan base.

      1. Scotty Bush

        Yes, and we all would hope he publishes again soon. I would like to know what he’s been doing and to read about the adventures he had in Vietnam.

  5. Valkerie

    Hi all, I’m sorry to have to inform you that even the Department of Veteran Affairs has an office of diversity and inclusion. Sad because the VA already has problems with their employees NOT understanding the veteran and now they want to hire the uneducated out of college. Very sad!!!!

    1. Fred Weber

      I agree with you V. Here is their mission statement … says a lot.
      “The mission of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs diversity and inclusion program is to grow a diverse workforce and cultivate an inclusive work environment, where employees are fully engaged and empowered to deliver the outstanding services to our Nation’s Veterans, their families, and beneficiaries.”

    2. JT Patterson

      Stupid is as stupid does. Just following the other lemmings off the local cliff.

      1. Forrest Gump

        Hey! I should have said that. Notwithstanding the idiots that often work at the VA (I’m a vet and I see it with each visit), I can unequivocally say that the average worker is generally just a bureaucrat but the health-care workers are pretty good. Navigating the bureaucracy is the challenge.

      2. Linux Man

        This is a great blog, glad that I found it. JT, appreciate your comments. Ha Ha Ha Ha

  6. Max Foster

    Wow, another punch in the gut for the anti-Americans who suck off the system and give nothing back but their feigned compassion. Remember if you give a man a fish, he eats for a day, but if you teach him to fish, you feed him for a lifetime. Diversity folks only want to give you a fish and will fight against you learning to fish.

  7. Eric Coda

    Gen Satterfield recently wrote a three-part series on fear. The first one is linked below. Today’s article by Red is spot-on regarding the impact of fear on others. He misses that fear can also be a great motivator for you, yourself. However, I will admit that this article was a pleasure to read. I nearly spit my coffee out when I read about the “girl” from Diversity running out of his lecture. Must have been a top moment in his life.

    1. Harry Donner

      If you’re going to be a MAN – and I really mean it – then you must know how to use fear as a weapon. Our university snowflakes and their liberal supporters today are clueless about the real world. I would recommend they be deported to a communist country like China, Russia, or Vietnam for the remainder of their lives to see what real suppression is all about.

      1. Dale Paul Fox

        That’s what life is about and not about being a social justice warrior (a name for a pussy).

  8. Shawn C. Stolarz

    My grandparents used to tell me stories about their trip over to the US and going thru Ellis Island to be processed as immigrants. The gov’ment official was like this Sadako Red. Take no prisoners type of guy. He wanted America to get people who wanted to be here and were willing to work hard. He encouraged families and the willingness to learn the English language and stand up to be somebody. Weaklings were sent back to their home countries. We took the weak but it was the strong that helped make America great.

    1. Martin Shiell

      Today, the strong and educated immigrant is jerked around and we give preferential treatment to those who come here illegally, have diseases, and want to poach off the goodwill of Americans. Our politicians have gone over the crazy line for votes.

    2. Mark Evans

      Great story and I’m sure you are proud of your grandparents. Their stories must have been captivating for a young child. Thanks for sharing. And I’m sure their fear of the unknown in the United States was a tremendous motivator for them to adapt and succeed.

      1. Lynn Pitts

        Good to see you back on Gen. Satterfield website. Missed your comments. Hey, how is the wife doing after her surgery?

    1. Gil Johnson

      If there is one guest blogger that I love the most, it’s Sadako Red. He is such a butt kicker that sometimes I even blush. I would wish that all the bloggers here that Gen. Satterfield puts up their works, would be so straightforward. None seem to have a knack for the hard hit in the gut approach. Only wish more did.

      1. Bill Sanders, Jr.

        I would read them and support them by sharing their articles. Just like I do with RED. Thanks Gil and Crazy. You guys have a great weekend.?

      2. Len Jakosky

        Go dude. Well written and thoughtful. The more I read of SR the more I like him.

      1. Crazy Dude

        Any time, Ronny. That’s why I’m here plus learning about leadership from General Satterfield.

      2. Tony Custer

        Wish I’d had been there to witness the exchange between SR and the Diversity idiot. Must have been recorded by one of the students. If anyone manages to find it, please post a link here on General Satterfield’s leadership website.


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