Fort Hood Shooting

By | April 3, 2014

[April 03, 2014]  We can expect over the next few days a lot of talk and hype about the reasons for another deadly shooting at a U.S. military base and, of course, much speculation about the shooter.  Further, the national media and others will use the tragic event to further their political agendas. 

We will hear most about gun control and mental health issues.  We will also hear about how new laws should be passed to prevent this from happening again.  Yet, shootings on military bases are extremely rare.  Nothing will come of debate because all such discussion misses the point and deep down everyone knows it. 

Senior executive leadership principles demand that we set the conditions for a positive work culture and that people act with respect toward others.  Leadership principles also require that we know the people we lead and have the moral courage to take swift action to fix problems.  This is where the solution lies and sadly, for many reasons, this will not happen.


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Note:  Whether driven by an extremist ideology, a victimization mentality, an inability to control anger, or whatever issue, murders on military bases will occur again, just as they occur hundreds of times every day across the nation.  Some of these will not be preventable no matter what laws are passed or how intrusive we are in the lives of others.  The good news is that the murder rate is in decline and is expected to continue.



Author: Douglas R. Satterfield

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