Gen. Milley Calls Afghanistan a “Strategic Failure”

By | March 22, 2024

[March 22, 2024]   On Tuesday this week, retired Army Gen. Mark Milley and Marine Gen. Kenneth McKenzie gave testimony before a Congressional committee to give us more insight into the Afghanistan withdrawal debacle.  Milley said that the U.S. led operation against the Taliban, since the 9/11 terrors attacks was a “strategic failure.”

I’m more inclined to believe that Milley was a subpar senior leader, than Afghanistan was a failure.  He failed spectacularly at his most basic duty when he was the most senior American advisor to the U.S. President.  Of course, I knew how his testimony would go before I listened to him.  A friend texted me to say that Milley was at the capital testifying and I should listen.  It was hard to hear the platitudes and listen to his victimhood because the President would not listen to him.  Disgusting.

It’s Milley’s job to make sure that Afghanistan was NOT a strategic failure, but instead of saying that he failed at his job and apologize, Milley chose to shed blame and say it was all Biden’s fault.  I call Milley duplicitous because he was telling Biden one thing and the American public something else.  But those in the U.S. military understood that Milley did not have the ability to pull off a proper withdrawal while, at the same time, acting under decisions by Biden.

And, Gen. Kenneth McKenzie also doesn’t get off scott free from this debacle either.  He was taking direction from Biden but failed to protect his troops, the Afghans, allies, civilians, and other U.S. personnel.

Biden claimed he was sticking to a plan set in motion by Donald Trump.  Remember that Biden ran in opposition to all that Trump accomplished and his policies, and yet for some reason, he ordered an immediate withdrawal without considering the consequences and against the advice of Milley.  That was about as dumb a decision as you can get.  I would expect more from a new Army Private.

There’s an old saying in the military that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail … and fail they did.

“I write this article at the end of December [of 2021] to go on record, again, that I strongly oppose the way President Joe Biden retreated from Afghanistan.  Of course, I have no say, but I do have the obligation to remind people that an evil was done here and those associated with this evil had better be part of the solution or are in league with it.” – Gen. Doug Satterfield, December 28, 2021, link here

My mind has not changed in how I assessed the failure of this trio of clowns.

“President Joe Biden, Gen. Mark Milley, SecDef Lloyd Austin, and those directly in decision-making should forever be tied to America’s failure and the rise of the Taliban.  They have directly supported arming and encouraging more evil than they know about.  I believe, frankly, these men don’t care.” – Gen. Doug Satterfield, December 28, 2021, link here

Their failures will forever be burned into the pages of the world’s greatest fiascos of the human race.


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20 thoughts on “Gen. Milley Calls Afghanistan a “Strategic Failure”

  1. Airman Sam

    I know Ge, Satterfield disagrees but I still think Gen. Milley is a traitor.

  2. aiken

    Nothing like a little gaslighting by Gen (retired) Mark Milley, a clown that thank God is no longer in uniform and destroying our military and country. Now he can destroy the minds of young folks at Princeton Univ in New Jersey and not have to worry about it. He’ll be paid big bucks and have a nice office in his single-mindedness to destroy the American values system and the minds of our youth. If you consider sending your kids to college, then don’t do it and esp. don’t send them to Princeton.

  3. The Toad

    Sad that Milley and others got away with their failures and then rewarded for their continued denial of their part in that strategic failure.

    1. Julia

      The Toad, don’t be too surprised because that is the way of the “progressive” mind … easily manipulated by Marxism because it makes them FEEL superior to us underlings.

  4. Watson Bell

    Did Gen. Mark Milley Commit Treason?
    “Many have called upon our Representatives in Congress to have Gen. Milley charged for treason. Maybe that is the right and moral thing to do. We would undoubtedly gain some vital information and draw applicable lessons from such a trial. However, Milley would not be convicted. The reason is that his actions, as stupid and as harmful as they were, do not rise to the level of treason. Why? Most “experts” have argued that Mark Milley did not commit treason. While I am suspicious of Constitutional Law experts, in this case, I do agree with them.” – Gen. Doug Satterfield
    While I disagree with Gen. S., I do agree with his analysis. Gen Milley- retired- thank God he is no longer setting WOKE army policies. Now they have a DEI hire doing it.

    1. Bernie

      This was a very good article and does lay out the case that Mark Milley committed treason but many have said “no.” I will stand with them but Milley should have been immediately fired from the military at that point. He is a stupid man and I’m glad he is gone. Now he is at Princeton U and he deserves to wallow in the wokeism he loves so much. Oh, forgot to note that he sees himself as a victim because he was blamed too for the failure in Afghanistan. Well buddy, you deserve the label of traitor so go wallow in your commie red bed.

  5. Tom Bushmaster

    “President Joe Biden, Gen. Mark Milley, SecDef Lloyd Austin, and those directly in decision-making should forever be tied to America’s failure and the rise of the Taliban. They have directly supported arming and encouraging more evil than they know about. I believe, frankly, these men don’t care.” – Gen. Doug Satterfield

  6. bottom feeder

    Gen. S. when you make a good argument, you make a great argument. Thanks. Too bad our country had to suffer thru Milley (the commie), Austin (the DEI hire), Blinken (the stooge), Biden (braindead), and others are just failures. 🤷‍♂️

  7. Karl J.

    Gen. Satterfield … amazing. The failures of Biden will be legendary.

  8. Harry Man

    Strategic Failure is the label for Pres. Biden’s entire presidency.

    1. Jerome Smith

      Yep! Simple, and to the point. Biden is a failed president and has done more harm than Jimmie Carter and Barack Hussein Obama combined. This is what happens when you hire people based on skin color and ideology. The results were predicatable and Gen. Satterfield pointed this out on several occasions. The biggest thing that Gen. S. told us was that not only did Biden not have the mental capacity to be president, he didn’t have the good character to do so.

    2. Wesley Brown

      Great comment, Harry Man and Jerome. 👍👍👍👍👍👍


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