Getting History Right: the Vietnam War

By | March 7, 2023

[March 7, 2023]  Can we learn from war?  What lessons can we learn for future wars?  Is war inevitable?  Do we get our history right about war?  Of course, there are exceptions about getting history right and Mark Moyar does exactly that in his latest book, Triumph Regained: The Vietnam War, 1965-1968 (700+ pages) and answers these questions.  Mark Moyar gets the history right about the Vietnam War.

This book reverses the common narrative that the Vietnam War was an unnecessary, unwinnable, and wrong-headed war against a peaceful Communist nation only looking out for its sovereignty.  As I wrote last year, this is the leftist ideologically-influenced history that Ken Burns signs up for in his 18-hour documentary series.  The good news for us is that Mark Moyar is up to the task of straightening out this false narrative.

One of the better reviews of Triumph Regained is by Tom Glenn, in a Washington Independent review (link here).  The period of this book is telling; 1965-1968.  In 1965, North Vietnam was on the verge of winning the war but by 1968, they had spent their military and were forced to resort to guerilla tactics.  This was a war of attrition and both fought it hoping that losses would force the other side to surrender.

“Throughout the book, Moyar mines previously unavailable North Vietnamese documents for new insights. Those sources reveal, among other things, how deeply damaged North Vietnam was by U.S. attacks, especially the bombing campaign dubbed Operation Rolling Thunder.” – Tom Glenn

 Those involved in the war, serving in Vietnam, were surprised by and unhappy about the biased domestic press reporting that vilified U.S. involvement in the war.  The anti-war movement was heating up during this time and the media reflected this sentiment rather than what was actually occurring on the ground.  Casualty reports is an example.

“One set of facts new to me involved the number of casualties on both sides. I was surprised to learn that the North Vietnamese routinely suffered far greater losses than the U.S. and South Vietnamese; the ratio was sometimes as high as 12 to one.” – Tom Glenn

According to Mark Moyar, not only was the communist victory in Vietnam not inevitable, but by 1968 the war had shifted into the American and South Vietnam’s favor.


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24 thoughts on “Getting History Right: the Vietnam War

  1. The Northeast

    Excellent summary of a great book series on the Vietnam War. Thanks Gen. Satterfield.

  2. Jeff Blackwater

    Gen. Satterfield is doing us a bigger favor than we might otherwise notice. We are all fortunate that we are not letting the real lessons of the Vietnam War pass us by.

  3. Audrey

    We need more articles like this from Gen. Satterfield. ❤

    1. DocJeff

      Right, and using he war in Vietnam as a starting point, Gen. Satterfield can begin to unravel the dastardly created false narrative that the radical leftist created – with the help of communists worldwide – and start a real movement to the truth. That is what making ourselves better people is all about. Keep up the great work you are doing Gen. S.

      1. Greek Senator

        DocJeff, yes, we need more arguments that the Vietnam War actually achieved our objectives to stop the spread of the evil communism that still consumes our less-intelligent young folks today.

      2. American Girl

        Let us at least agree to be American Patriots like Gen. Satterfield.

        1. Bryan Z. Lee

          You got it, American Girl. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  4. Dead Pool Guy

    It’s about time we got onto the real meaning of the Vietnam war and what it accomplished and didn’t accomplish.

    1. Dog Man

      Yes, and let’s not forget that Ken Burns and those that think like them are guilty of being gaslighted and propangandized and knowlingly submitted to it. That is the very definition of voluntary blindness.

  5. KenFBrown

    Another excellent article from the depths of the brain power of Gen. Satterfield, pushing our brains to think and reflect. Well done!

  6. Max Foster

    Finally Finally Finally someone is getting around to telling the truth about the Vietnam War and the whacko liberals that hate America and love communism. Communism is great when you’re at the top, and people like Ken Burns and our Democrat politicians do indeed want communism because they will be at the top. Great living there but rough at the bottom with 98 percent of the population. Tour North Korea if you want an example of how pure Communism works.

    1. Forrest Gump

      Communism has failed for forty-three years to produce enough goods to keep abreast of Russia‘s normal population growth. The living standards of the great majority of the Russian peo­ple today are no more comfortable than were the mass standards of the much smaller Russian popula­tion under the Czar in the years 1900-1914. Just look at Vietnam as another example of failed communism. Stupid is as stupid does.

      1. Desert Cactus

        Great to see you back on Forrest. Also, good history lesson.

  7. corralesdon

    Gen. Satterfield writes something very important, “his book reverses the common narrative that the Vietnam War was an unnecessary, unwinnable, and wrong-headed war against a peaceful Communist nation only looking out for its sovereignty.” Bam, nailed it.

  8. Emma Archambeau

    Loving this website & so does my husband and kids. Keep up the wonderful work you are doing Gen. Satterfield.

  9. Eduardo Sanchez

    It is about time someone took up the challenge to go against the radical, anti-American view of the Vietnam War.

    1. Frankie Boy

      Like you, I had relatives who fought and died in Vietnam and from the stories of those who returned home, we find what they saw and experienced a radical difference in what we read and see on tv about the war. Nuff said. Anti-Americans like Jane Fonda and her Hollywood sycophants make me want to scream.

    2. Kerry

      Right Eduardo, let’s stand up for what is true. Gen. Satterfield is always writing that our life should be about the pursuit of truth and responsibility. Best way to a good life and also his book: 55 Rules for a good life.


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