Hamas Reveals the Bigots in our Midst

By | October 13, 2023

[October 13, 2023]  Douglas Murray’s article in the New York Post yesterday flashes a revealing light on the bigots in our midst, the effect of the genocidal attacks by the terrorist group Hamas.  His article, Hamas horror quickly reveals the bigots in our midst begins with his visit to what is called a ‘pro-Palestinian’ rally in Times Square.  It was no pro-Palestinian rally, it was a pro-massacre rally.  Douglas Murray is telling us that those who live with us would gladly see us dead, Jew, Christian, agnostic, it matters not.

“Sometimes a flare goes up in the darkness, and you can see where everyone is standing.  That has certainly been the case since the appalling massacres in Israel last Saturday.  The bodies of all the young festivalgoers, pensioners and beheaded babies hadn’t even been found before people began making excuses for their murder.”

I highly recommend his article.  Like so much of his common-sense advocacy for maintaining Western values, he exposes the hypocrites and those with Evil in their hearts who live within our midst.  He saw those in Times Square celebrating the death of Jews, not the Israeli response.

“So why do so many people seem to find it so hard when the victims are Jews?  Ask Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.), who was silent on Tuesday when asked by a Fox Business reporter if she had anything to say about Hamas beheading babies and burning children alive.  That isn’t a difficult one.  Or at least it shouldn’t be.  Tlaib could have just said, ‘I am against these things.’  But she couldn’t.”

And, Douglas Murray does not stop at appropriately condemning “the Squad” of American politicians who think this way.  A BLM group in Chicago tweeted out their praise for the Hamas terrorist who swooped down on an Israeli music festival on hang gliders.

Douglas Murray concludes by noting that many worldwide, particularly in America, “rejoice in the deepest darkness.”  Others have correctly stated that this war is flushing out the many Nazis around us.  Funny, these are the same folks who supported jailing those of us who refused to be vaccinated for COVID-19.

We do indeed have dangerous bigots in our midst.


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Author: Douglas R. Satterfield

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24 thoughts on “Hamas Reveals the Bigots in our Midst

  1. Dennis Mathes

    Gen. Satterfield, thank you for bringing this to our attention and for alerting me to Douglas Murray. Truly God sends us good men.

    1. Emmanuel T.

      Gibbie, there will always be those who use any excuse to hate. We see that all over the world. That is why we need strong leaders to protect our God-given rights and truth be on the side of those who will be good to the world.

  2. Pastor John

    The world is not at the end of time. The world struggles with supporters of slaughter and mass murder. These folks should be called out for who they are and paraded down the streets of our towns so everyone sees who supports the Evil in our midst. They are evil and need to be shamed for it. The more extremists will have to be relocated to more friendly areas like the Middle East. They will love it there more.
    I support Israel

  3. Gibbbie

    Exceptional article by Douglas Murray. I’d not heard of him before today. So, thanks to Gen. Satterfield, I now have good words to use.

  4. Qassim

    Hamas’ “horrific videos” of its brutal attacks on civilians should “be enough to shake the world awake,” writes The Free Press’ Bari Weiss, yet: “People are rejoicing in the slaughter on the streets of Berlin and London and Toronto and New York,” and “at the Sydney Opera House cheering ‘gas the Jews’ and ‘death to the Jews.’

  5. Boy Sue

    Wow, love Douglas Murray’s article in the NYPost. I don’t normally read the Post but I will start now.

      1. Friend of Israel

        Thank you, my friend. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Real, patriotic Americans stand with Israel. Hamas is a murderous terrorist group that must be destroyed.

    1. Emma Archambeau

      Douglas Murray is a wonderful man with many great ideas. You can find him in various places on the web. Sadly, I find him on YouTube (which censors folks like him). Just search his name and read him and his books. And, in this case, like Douglas Murray, I stand with Israel.

      1. Mr. T.J. Asper

        I too stand with Israel against the evil Hamas.
        I also see many teachers in America supporting Hamas. That is the awful part of being an American radical leftist.

        1. Veronica Stillman

          Mr. TJ, Not just the American radical leftists, but the US Democrat Party supports the slaughter of innocents. Very few have spoken up. Biden was forced to send resources to Israel, else, he and his handlers knew they would be wiped out in the next election. So, they don’t really support Israel, remember that.

  6. KenFBrown

    “Sometimes a flare goes up in the darkness and you can see where everyone is standing.” Great comment by Douglas Murray
    You can now see the bigots for who they are. Many in the West want to destroy us. Time to remove them, just by shipping them to Gaza.

  7. Julia

    Wonderful article, Douglas Murray has once again done us a favor by concentrating our focus on what is truly EVIL, and that Evil is Hamas. Any real human can see their atrocities and be repelled by their horrors. Those who cannot see it for the Evil it is, are doomed.

    1. North of Austin

      Excellent point, Julia. And, yes, Douglas Murray is another model for us all to follow. Not the evils of Nazism and those ideologies that encourage the killing of innocents.

      1. Yiddy of Macedonia

        North of Austin, I recommend reading Gen. Satterfield’s “55 rules for a good life” to put an exclamation mark on Douglas Murray’s article. Evil can be found running down the center of all humans’ hearts. It is our moral responsibility to strengthen ourselves against that evil and use our free will to overcome what can become of it. Too many in the West today are trained to love their evil. Our youth are being taught this in our schools via the CRT programs and such. Our schools are making the world worse, not better. Get you kids out of public schools today.

        1. Frontier Man

          Well siad, Yiddy. I also recommend “55 rules for a good life.” ✔✔✔

  8. samuel

    Douglas Murray is one of the intellectual, grounded, moral thinkers in our midst. God love him and those that are good. And avoid the evils that lurk in men’s hearts, for that is a danger that we can all fall into.


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