NYC Mayor Adams’s “We Are Not All Right” Rally

By | October 14, 2023

[October 14, 2023]  I’ve had doubts about NYC Mayor Eric Adams, particularly his pandering to special interest groups and missed opportunities.  But, I missed his Sunday, October 10th rally, where he made it clear that New York stands with Israel.  His remarks were made the day after the Hamas terror attacks on Israel.  He says that he not only stands with Israel but also identifies with the Jewish people.

“I’m here today to say not only am I the chief executive of this city, but I’m your brother.  I’m your brother.  Your fight is my fight.”

 Say what you will about his many failings as the leader of this city, but I applaud his voice of decency when decency is seriously lacking in our political leaders.

“Your fight is our fight.  Your fight is our fight.  And right here in New York, we have the largest Jewish population outside of Israel.  This is the place that our voices must raise and cascade throughout the entire country.  We will not be all right until every person responsible for this act is held accountable.  And we don’t have to pretend.”

Well said, mayor.  We need more voices like your voice.

The transcript of his remarks is posted here.


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Author: Douglas R. Satterfield

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16 thoughts on “NYC Mayor Adams’s “We Are Not All Right” Rally

  1. Dennis Mathes

    By the grace of God, Mayor Adams has finally done something morally good for New York City. I imagine his handlers don’t particularly like this.

  2. Eddie Gilliam

    It’s amazing . Reading this article now at 1030pm o Saturday night. I earlier was preparing a sermon called “An Impossible Gift” . It focuses on peace. As much as we conquered this gift. It’s impossible for man to do this. God is the only one who can give true peace. John 14:27 states Peace I leave with you;my peace I give youm Peace is a state of wholeness and completeness. Which means all trials and troubles can be invading your mind and your surroundings yet you remain calm. Why,God’s peace keep your heart and emotions in place. World peace is abstinence of troubles. In Revelation say peace, peace, then there’s sudden destruction. This is what happening now in Israel with Hammas.

  3. Wild Bill

    How wrong I was. This past week, as over 1,300 Jews were slaughtered, the most murderous attack on Jews since the Holocaust, I saw the true face of Palestinians and their allies. All around the world, they celebrate. They gloat. They mock our tears. They do not protest against Hamas. They embrace pure evil.
    And so, to the terrorists I now say: When you killed my family, I forgave you. When you killed my people, I forgave you. But when you killed my idealism, I had no forgiveness left.
    == By Ilan Benjamin, October 13, 2023

    1. The Northeast

      Sometimes on a rare occasion, hyper leftist liberals come around but only when hit in the face by reality. In this case, it took more than one hit in the face.

  4. rjsmithers

    “Your fight is our fight. Your fight is our fight. And right here in New York, we have the largest Jewish population outside of Israel. This is the place that our voices must raise and cascade throughout the entire country. We will not be all right until every person responsible for this act is held accountable. And we don’t have to pretend.”
    Well said, Mayor Adams!

  5. Dog Man

    Gen. S., thanks for posting this. I did not know. A liberal who actually said something good. Wow.

    1. Dale Paul Fox

      The Big Apple may have a chance yet.

  6. lydia truman

    Well said, Gen. Satterfield. I too think that NYC Mayor Eric Adams actually shows promise. Now, let him deal with those who support the Hamas terrorists. That should be his next speech and have the police break their rallies up.

  7. Emmanuel T.

    🗽 I’ve only visited the Big Apple and was impressed, but that was two decades ago. Under communist deBlasio and his ilk the city services tanked and crime spiked. Now Mayor Adams has to deal with those very people who love crime because it is a badge of victimhood. It takes a long time to shift the culture. Maybe he is the right guy. But he has a long way to go to convince me.

    1. Kenya

      Emmanuel, I agree. I avoid the City at all costs even during the daylight. If you live there and are an honest, hardworking person get out of Manhattan now. If you live in Staten Island, maybe you have a chance. We’ll see how Adams does in the future. withholding judgment for now.

      1. catorenasci

        Kenya and Emmanuel, good points. But, for now, I will not go to NYC. I’m not crazy. The mayor has a body guard, I do not.


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