Holden Amenta: the Kid Hero

By | December 5, 2023

[December 5, 2023]  Nine year old Holden Amenta is a kid hero.  He is a superfan of the Kansas City Chiefs, a professional football team (you might have heard of them) and one that Holden goes all-out to support.  The team colors are black and red.  Recently a black sports writer accused young Holden of being a racist because, heaven forbid, Holden painted his face in team colors and wore a Native American headdress.

The slimy sports writer, Carron Phillips, posted an article on November 27 that took the little boy to task for his “racism” and “inappropriate” clothes.  I can only presume that Carron Phillips has never actually been to a football game.  Fans dress up all the time to show their dedication and appreciation for their teams.  In this case, Holden was seen with fans thanking him for his support.

Carron Phillips clearly wants to stir up trouble where there is none, to create racial divisiveness, and to get more attention.  When this is done in the name of race, we call it race baiting.  When Phillips was called out for his story, he doubled down.

“This is what happens when you ban books, stand against Critical Race Theory, and try to erase centuries of hate. You give future generations the ammunition they need to evolve and recreate racism better than before.” –  Carron Phillips, Deadspin

Holden’s mother said that the kid “is not wearing ‘blackface,” but the team colors.  Anyone with common sense and who is familiar with the facts knows that Phillips got caught creating a false racist story and is getting savaged with his hand in the race-baiting cookie jar.  Now, because his ego has got the best of him, he is not backing down; a common problem with “reporters” today.

Why is Holden Amenta a hero?  Because he stood up against a race hustler and would not back down.  That takes courage, something rarely found in today’s America.

Remember, tell stories of heroes.  Holden Amenta is a kid hero and this is his story.

Oh, the Kansas City Chiefs have no comment.  Cowards.


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22 thoughts on “Holden Amenta: the Kid Hero

  1. Army Captain

    Heroes are rare. They show us what is the right and proper behavior, when under threat. This kid is the hero,. The sports “journalist” is a quisling.

  2. Eddie Gilliam

    Your recent article on victimized fix this issue alot. Let the boy be a boy. He not doing anything wrong. Kids don’t see color as a child. It’s taught in the home or community. He was just being a fan that wanted to support his team.

    1. Good Dog

      Right! Let the boy, be a boy. He is a huge fan of his team, so let him be. Eddie, you always seem to have a special outlook on life. Your comments are appreciated.

  3. Adolf Menschner

    A senior writer at Deadspin defended fellow staffer Carron Phillips, who falsely accused a child of wearing blackface at a Kansas City Chiefs game. Phillips received major backlash over his Monday article, “The NFL needs to speak out against Kansas City Chiefs fan in blackface, Native headdress,” in which he posted a misleading photograph of Holden Armenta’s black face paint on one side of his face, without showing the red paint on the other half. He accused the boy of displaying “racism and hate” toward black and Native Americans, despite Armenta being Native American himself.

    1. Greg NH

      Many sane people and prominent figures have called for Deadspin to be sued over the false claims, while Tesla CEO Elon Musk called Phillips an “unapologetic racist.”

      1. Bryan Z. Lee

        I like that idea of suing the racists. Turn the tables and make him pay.

    2. Vanguard

      This is not the first instance where Phillips baselessly accused people and professional sports leagues of racism. He accused National Basketball League (NBA) fans of “white supremacy” for cheering on black athletes during the G7s following a racially-based mass shooting that killed ten people in Buffalo, New York, supermarket. He also accused Michael Lewis, the author of “The Blind Side,” of having a “slave owner’s mentality” for writing about a white family who adopted former NFL player Michael Oher. Carron Phillips is a small man and racist. No one would have known except for his own hate showing…..

  4. rjsmithers

    Push back on purposeful and harmful racism. Pushback on race baiter Carron Phillips! 😜

    1. Jerome Smith

      I agree, rj. Well said. And even Elon Musk, one of the smartest men in America, agrees.

  5. Dennis Mathes

    Gen. Satterfield wrote ” Anyone with common sense and who is familiar with the facts knows that Phillips got caught creating a false racist story and is getting savaged with his hand in the race-baiting cookie jar. Now, because his ego has got the best of him, he is not backing down; a common problem with “reporters” today.” OUCH. Nailed this racist Carron Phillips. And now he is claiming to be the victim. Yeah, the victim of his racism and gross ignorance. Is he still employed?

    1. Bride from OK

      Who is Carron J. Phillips? Deadspin writer under fire for accusing Chiefs fan of blackface and racism
      According to his LinkedIn profile, Carron J. Phillips is an American journalist who earned his Bachelor of Arts in African-American/Black Studies from Morehouse College in 2006. He also finished his Master of Arts at Syracuse University’s Newhouse School of Public Communications in 2011. That says it all.

      1. Unwoke Dude

        Black studies, yep, that does indeed say it all. Just another programmed racists out in the wild.

  6. False Idols

    A true hero comes along but rarely. Holden Amenta and his parents are indeed heroes of our time.

    1. Max Foster

      Beat me to the punch with your short and to-the-point comment, False Idols. Thanks. I would like to add that those who are claiming Holden is a racist are, themselves, the very racists they project onto others. This is what happens in a society that elevates weirdos, pedos, prostitutes, trans-crazies, and politicians.


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