Is the West an Oppressive Patriarchy?

By | November 3, 2022

[November 3, 2022]  There’s the claim that the West is an oppressive patriarchy.  And that is partly true.  The problem with the claim is that it’s not just an oppressive patriarchy, and there’s a big difference between something being “completely” something and something being “partly” something.

One of the things we might point out is that you can look at human history anywhere; what you see is a complete bloody nightmare.  Our history is death and struggle, deprivation, war, and horror everywhere, with some slow, halting progress overall.  Yet, there has always been some ability of us to pull ourselves out of the mire.

The West is the same.  There have been plenty of catastrophes in our past and of all sorts.  And it is essential to know that.  This is why the proper study of our history falls on us as a moral responsibility.  Yes, our history is a bloody mess, and what should we expect?  If you don’t like it, okay, what’s your point?  Are you going to burn the books and boycott those who study and describe them?  Are we going to have something better as a result?

We should read our history carefully and learn what we did right.  It is helpful that there are things that you can earn and own.  Here are a few things we got right:

  1. The fact that we have a right to property; that’s good. You can argue about the limits, but you don’t want someone stealing your wallet or bicycle.
  2. Another of those things is the sovereignty of the individual. That’s pretty darn good.
  3. The dignity of the individual is something else we got right.
  4. Presumption of innocence before the law; now that is a truly remarkable, a miraculous idea. In most cultures today and all in the past, if people thought you were guilty, then you were dead.
  5. The idea that each person has an intrinsic worth regardless of their externalities.

What will we do if we are dissatisfied with our “oppressive patriarchy?”  Will we just throw it all away?   And, then, what are we going to be left with?  Nothing.

How about we look at our history, understand it, and take responsibility for it?  Maybe then we can identify some things that can be fixed.  There are plenty of things that need fixing; enough for us all.  Go fix them.  And, then, maybe we can atone for our history’s bloodiness and our so-called “unearned privilege.”  This is a far more sensible and wise approach to diagnosing what’s wrong with the West.


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Author: Douglas R. Satterfield

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21 thoughts on “Is the West an Oppressive Patriarchy?

  1. Laughing Monkey

    Gen. Satterfield is all over this. I especially like the 5 things we got right and I’m sure he could have written about more of them.

  2. Pen Q

    The question posed, “Is the West an oppressive patriarchy?” is an important one that deserves answering. I disagree somewhat with Gen. Satterfield. We are not an “oppressive” society. We are a “protective” society and that is what societies and cultures are all about. Nuff said.

  3. Fred Weber

    Another spot-on article. But you won’t convince basement dwellers of much no matter how tight the logic without an appeal to their most base emotions. Remember that the snowflakes cannot exist without having a “cause.”

  4. osmodsann

    5. The idea that each person has an intrinsic worth regardless of their externalities.
    This one is my favorite. The others are great but this one strikes home.

    1. MrJohn22

      Got my copy and loved it. Now my mother has my book and she loves it too.

  5. Julia

    Gen. Satterfield, great list of things we can be proud of and “no” America is not only an oppressive patriarchy. Foolish to believe otherwise.

  6. Wilson Cox

    Joy Joy Joy …… It’s going to be a great day as long as I get to read this leadership blog by Gen. Douglas Satterfield and scroll thru this forum. Welcome to all those who are new here.

      1. Mr. T.J. Asper

        Ha Ha Ha ………………. Thank you for helping Wilson’s big head.

      2. Jonnie the Bart

        Love this blog. How else could you read this forum and the great words of a really moral, good man like Gen. S. What I also like is that you can get a good sense of what is happening in just a couple of minutes. Also, don’t forget to read his DAILY FAVORITES and the tabs he has here. Thanks all, have a great day.

  7. Nick Lighthouse

    Be sure to get a copy of Gen. Satterfield’s newest book, “55 Rules for a Good Life.” If you don’t, then you are passing up a real chance to make improvements in your life.

  8. Bryan Z. Lee

    Hey folks, don’t forget that on Nov 8, Tuesday, there is an election that will decide if we continue to go down the rabbit hole that the Demorats put us into. We elected them and now we paid a huge price. Throw them out of office now. Remember, according to Slo Joe yesterday, we won’t know the election results until several days after voting. Eh? Just enough time to ship in some fake ballots.

    1. Audrey

      Wow, take down supreme. Yeah, you got it Bryan. Cheating is the only way Democrats will win this year. If you are paying attention to what they are doing, then you can’t vote for them.

  9. Vanguard88

    Excellent post, Gen. Satterfield and I am happy to be a new contributing member on your leadership forum. I spent 10 years in the US Navy, mostly on surface ships and I’m glad to be part of the vets who are here.


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