Italy’s Incoming Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni

By | October 1, 2022

[October 1, 2022]  If you’ve not yet seen videos of Italy’s incoming PM Giorgia Meloni, you should watch a few.  You will be inspired (oh, a crucial leader trait).  She is a conservative, a rare European political position but one that is under fire because she is a real firebrand speaker and her political position runs counter to the new global order politics of leftists.

The latest video shows her taking on France’s Emmanuel Macron as a global hypocrite.  Meloni tells us that Macron has described Italians as “disgusting, cynics, and irresponsible…”  Then she proceeds to tear Macron apart for his international dealings in energy and imports.  Watch it here (see YouTube link).

We see leftist leaders denounce her as a “fascist” or “far-right.”  That is, of course, a big mistake.  What they really mean is that she gives speeches that are effective and that people in Italy like.  Many here in America like what she says too.  Leftists fear she is a danger to their globalist policies and neo-Marxist ideology.

Expect to hear more about Giorgia Meloni and her rise on the International stage.


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Author: Douglas R. Satterfield

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17 thoughts on “Italy’s Incoming Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni

  1. Darryl Satterly

    Gen. Satterfield does us a favor by pointing out the upcoming star in Italy that is a conservative, Christian, mother, Italian. The news media is going nuts and i love it.

  2. Liz at Home

    Great article about soon to be Giorgia Meloni. Never heard of her? Then read more news about Italy or the EU (which she does not like because it is a drag on Italy and a danger to her citizens). I’m happy she’s making waves. And, just watch her videos.

    1. Emma Archambeau

      … you go girl, Gioirgia Meloni !!!!!!!

  3. Dead Pool Guy

    Good news for Italy, and let’s hope this time their political system works.

  4. Willie Strumburger

    Hooray for Italy. Italy’s national elections on Sept. 25 ended with Giorgia Meloni, a Catholic mother, poised to become the country’s first female prime minister.

    1. Audrey

      Meloni has described herself in speeches as a Christian and has publicly expressed her admiration for St. John Paul II. She keeps a photo of John Paul II and St. Teresa of Calcutta on her desk and has expressed a desire to meet Pope Francis in person — a virtual certainty when and if she becomes prime minister.

    1. Pumpkin Spice

      Good article, thanks Dale for putting it up for us to read. But the Washington Post is a liberal rag that puts its opinion on page as fact, not reality. Just remember that when you read the article.

      1. Harold M. Smith II

        I use my neighbor’s Washington Post as liner for my bird’s cage and he likes taking a crap on it.

        1. H. M. Longstreet

          The WP is not well-written by real reporters but by ideologues. That is why the paper is failing. No one wants to read their BS anymore.

  5. Max Foster

    Meloni’s party, the Brothers of Italy, has been described as far-right and nationalist and accused of having fascist ties, yet her remarks “were well in keeping with new right political views on subjects like gender, immigration, and abortion.” Big Tech companies shouldn’t make it harder to learn about Meloni’s views. “Silencing an argument is not the same thing as winning one.”

    1. catorenasci

      Yes, we should be happy that she is saying things that were once considered the most b asic building block of civilizaton. Now it’s taboo, or racists, or far-right or fascist. The ‘left’ wants to destroy the world and remake it an Orwellian nightmare except for the few elites.


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