Jury Duty Selection: An Inside Look

[May 14, 2024] I reported to my county’s Courthouse as a potential jury member in a civil trial this past Monday.  Of course, I am prohibited from discussing the matter.  Still, for those regularly reading my blog, you know that this experience will provide an unintended look into the lives of ordinary people, those same ones who make America work.  I did find one of the questions raised by the Judge to be of interest.  Here is an inside look at jury duty selection.

As you will find in Anywhere USA, there were several very kind and friendly older women, a few nasty young men (who did not want to be there), a couple of middle-aged working men (whom I connected with), a group of chubby well-educated white women with an attitude, and the list goes on.  Ordinarily, I would not write about the encounter, but I found the five pages of questions from the Judge to be interesting, and that is where I’m headed.

One of the questions I want to zero in on, and I assume that it is a standard potential jury question, is “Do you have any feelings about whether or not our society is too litigious, that is, that people sue over things too often that they should not sue over?”  Of course, we all know that to be the case.  In fact, we have a term for it, “lawfare,” which is a strategy of using – or misusing – the law as a weapon to achieve an objective.

I saw this in the U.S. military and wrote about it years ago in an article titled “Investigations: a Leader Tool as a Weapon.”  I wrote that military investigations (a tool similar to lawsuits in the civilian world) are a “tool to ferret out the truth.”  Instead, investigations and litigation are used to punish or harass military members unethically.  At the time, I wrote:

“In any organization, there will be unscrupulous people who attempt to gain money, fame, promotion, or power through a corruption of the rules of fairness.  In such places, there are clear-cut rules on how to properly and morally use investigations, yet there is often little said when used for unethical purposes.  Misuse of investigations must change if we are to make progress as leaders.  It is the responsibility of each leader to do whatever they can to avoid the fraudulent use of this leadership tool.”

I was immediately excused from the potential jury pool because I knew one of the defendants.  If I had not been eliminated on that basis, I’m sure I would have had to answer those questions honestly and be thrown off the jury anyway.  Every potential jurist questioned said they thought the system was “balanced.”  Why they said so is a question I cannot answer.

Misuse of the law to penalize others is rarely, if ever, punished.  All we have to do is look at the ongoing misuse of the law regarding past President Donald Trump as a classic case to prove the point that our laws are being used unethically.  And that corruption in the judicial system will not end well for us as a democratic society.


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Author: Douglas R. Satterfield

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16 thoughts on “Jury Duty Selection: An Inside Look

  1. Rev. Michael Cain

    Welcome back home with us, Gen. Satterfield. I’m sure it was another experience in how not to be a good person and still among those who do bad, there will always be men of God and those who want to be good. I recommend your books “55 Rules for a God Life” to everyone out there who truly wants – and you got to really want it – to live a better life. God bless you all. 🙏

    1. Doc Blackshear

      Thank you, Rev Michael Cain. I’m thinking the same.

  2. Goalie for Cal State

    Thanks, Gen. Satterfield for raising our awareness. 👍

  3. The Kid

    Gen. Satterfield raises up a problem that has been building for a long time now. The U.S. Democrat Party has gotten ahold of it and is, once again, abusing the judicial system because it gains them political power. They have no idea, and don’t care, that this harms America and makes us weaker on the world stage. We are feeding the lawyers with blood money from those who earned it legitimately.

    1. Forrest Gump

      LAWFARE is still around because there is no punishment for those who unethically “use” the legal system against those they want to harm. We, as a nation, need to figure out how to overcome this real problem.

  4. Max Foster

    “Do you believe that you will make a good juror for this case?” Ha Ha Ha Ha. it’s all surface level questions and talk. No one is willing to jump in and describe the elephant in the room that is breaking all the glass china and making our lives worse one broken dish at a time. Let give a little pushback when we can. Gen. Satterfield did not get the chance to tell the Judge he believes our system is misusing the law. I don’t know what this case was about but the question that was raised by the judge should be answered honestly. Those who don’t believe that lawfare exists are hiding themselves from the truth.

    1. Harry Donner

      Max, as usual, you are spot on with our comment. Thanks for that. I’m glad that I haven’t been called to jury duty for a long time now. I’m not sure what i would say.

      1. Nick Lighthouse

        Harry, you just have to be honest and let the cards fall where they may. 👀👀👀👀👀

    2. JT Patterson

      Like the old Soviet Union, we lie publically to avoid legal and social punishment and shaming.

  5. Kerry

    Excellent article, Gen. Satterfield, I’m glad you were not selected, otherwise, we might not have any articles to read. I know from experience that Jury duty can be exhausting to the mind as you sit there day after day, paying attention, and trying to be fair in an unfair system.

  6. Jerome Smith

    Pray for America, the whacko progressives are taking us down and this is being abetted by the White House, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris (who don’t have a brain cell left that functions), the current corrupted judicial system (like the FBI and DOJ and CIA), and the entire commercial system that sees this as being a-ok. Something is wrong and we have to get back to where we were and use our systems correctly and morally.

    1. Pumpkin Spice

      Jerome, I feel for you as I’m reading your comment. That is not going to happen as long as Democrats are in charge. Period.

      1. OJ to Hell

        LAWFARE – the use of legal action to cause problems for an opponent:


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