Will it Run?  Jennings Motor Sports

[May 15, 2024]  I love old cars, and for those who read my Letters to My Granddaughter, you are probably one of those who love old clunkers too.  I want to highlight a young man from Arkansas, just like me with a Southern accent, who works on old, abandoned cars and brings them back to life.  Dustin Jennings has been fixing up old cars and putting his efforts up on YouTube.  Will it run?  He answers that question every time.

Fans of fixing up these buggers that have been sitting for decades out in the middle of nowhere can be frustrating, but when that first start happens, it puts a big smile on your face.  Those tired, old engines are far less complex and more accessible to work on, but they come with challenges most of us will never face.  Rat nests, dirt daubers, dried mud, spider webs, leaves, hay, and a jumble of foreign matter make the challenge much more difficult.

Once the debris is removed, Dustin begins with the fuel and electrical systems to determine if the motor will fire up.  He often finds the engine locked up and troubleshoots it from there.  Using products like PB Blaster to unstick all the parts, he begins to solve one problem after another.

I like his YouTube channel under “Jennings Motor Sports,” which you can find here: https://www.youtube.com/@jenningsmotorsports7554.  At this writing, he has 77 videos and 277k subscribers with over 35 million views.  Consider going to his channel and watching a few.  You’ll surely like what you see.

His top video is “1929 GMC Pickup (sitting for 81 years) with 11 million views (link here).  The two-ton truck, with a 310 cubic inch Buick engine, has not been run in over 70 years.

And when you’re done, come over and read my old article, Leadership Lessons from a Red Sports Car.


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Author: Douglas R. Satterfield

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19 thoughts on “Will it Run?  Jennings Motor Sports

  1. DocJeff

    This is a great article. Yesterday, I watched several of Dustin’s videos. They were great. And I”m not a car fan.

    1. Gibbbie

      Hi DocJeff. Well, first off, I do think we are all car fans and maybe not in the way you are thinking. Cars, at least in America, are a symbol of freedom. You can hop into your car and go, and go anywhere you want (with a few dollars for gas). And there is almost nowhere you can go that you will be stopped just becuase you are an American. Just don’t speed or do something reckless and you have the freedom to go anywhere. I do suggest you stay away from Mexico and Canada, the you are really free to move around and see what you want to see. The early spring time is the best for me but we have all our own proclivities. Just get into your car and go.

  2. Rev. Michael Cain

    I haven’t seen Mr. Eddie Gilliam on in a while. I miss his comments. A Godly man.

    1. Mark Evans

      Idiot, that’s why we are regular readers here. And that is why Gen. Satterfield is doing what he is doing. And like he notes early in this article, he has a long-running series on Letters to his Granddaughter, which the lady folks are more likely to love than us guys. But a little secret here, I love those letters too. That’s just the way it is and there is no changing that fact. If you aren’t reading this leadership forum, then you are missing out.

  3. Unwoke Dude

    Loving every day that I get a chance, before I go to work at Noon, to read this blog and learn something new. Today is about a young man in Arkansas who brings old vehicles back to life after decades sitting in fields, barns, yards, junk yards, and hidden away where they were just parked or broke down. Lovely videos and very man-centric and that is okay with me. Thank you, Gen. Satterfield for bringing this site to our attention… or to the men’s attention.

  4. Kenny Foster

    Just another great article. I went to the YouTube link to find out more about this man who talks with a Southern accent and is from Arkansas. Dustin Jennings runs a repair shop 🚗. Very cool!! Say, I have a question for Dustin, where do you come across these vehicles for your videos, and, what do you do with them after?? Thanks… I really enjoy those videos, except for one thing, its hard to watch TV, your videos and work on my hot rod all at the same time!

      1. JT Patterson

        I found this comment on one of his YouTube channels that I think says it all about what men are thinking/feeling when they watch Dustin in action.
        Absolutely bloody love this channel. As a bloke from across the pond, I’m amazed that these old Chevy and Ford trucks keep getting pulled out of the woods and barns, even just within small areas of the states. JMS doing Gods work pulling them out and getting them back on the road. How much would an oily rag like this be worth, do you reckon?

  5. Doc Blackshear

    Entertaining and something I could sit back and binge watch all day long. Fixing cars! Yepper. Love it. Gen. S. has once again given us something to think about. And, I wonder why it is that guys are the ones who always find this sort of thing interesting and not the women?

    1. Kerry

      jerome, you bet it’s sweet. I was a mechanic in the Air Force long ago and when her engines started up, I had a smile from ear to ear. Like so many guys working on engines and such things, very few women and usually none, we always had a great time with the “old girls” (aircraft) and comradeship. Thank you Gen. Satterfield for a smooth article and for your books which are so enriching.
      “Our Longest Year in Iraq”
      “55 Rules for a Good Life”
      Loving life.

      1. Greg NH

        Sure got that right about Gen. Satterfield’s books!!!! 🚗

  6. HAL

    MEN fix, WOMEN LOVE. Now that is what the world is about and this man from Arkansas – just like Gen. Satterfield – is out there fixing cars and trucks and bringing them back to life. WILL IT RUN? Great question that Dustin asks. And most of the time, he gets ’em running again for us to see. The first time the engine rolls over, I get a smile and that is why his videos are so popular. And who would have thought that looking at a guy fixing a vehicle would be so entertaining. But remember that guys like that sort of thing.

  7. Lana Morrison

    I went to youtuber and looked at a couple of his shows about fixin’ old cars. Looks entertaining to me. I’m no car gal, but I can see where men might like it. 😊

    1. Maureen S. Sullivan

      Yes, Lana …. men like things and they like to tinker with them too.

    2. Stacey Borden

      Lana, it’s a guy thing.
      We love them but they have to have their toys.

      1. Lynn Pitts

        Of course that is the case. But there are a few of us ‘gals’ who do love working on cars and trucks, I just don’t know any who do. Maybe there is a reason but what guy would want a dirty woman who spends time under a car getting greasy and having her nails all messed up? I don’t know about your man but mine would not like that.


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