Korean Air (Update)

By | February 8, 2014

[February 08, 2014]  Back on November 05, 2013, I wrote on this blog about how the senior leadership of Korean Air demonstrated their core values with exceptional customer service.  Their mission remains “excellence in flight” and I will confirm that their customer service remains top-of-the-line. 

Their leadership insists on only the best for all their passengers.  Having just flown from New York City to Inchon (Seoul), I can attest personally to their quality. 

Here is a quote from the Korean Air CEO, Mr. Yang Ho Cho, that lays out some of his leadership philosophy on improving the airline. 

“In addition, we ensure open and direct communication with our customers for greater customer satisfaction, and we also continue to promote a creative corporate culture to attract and retain global talent, allowing the company to grow with talented employees alongside satisfied customers. As we move forward, we will also remain vigilant of our corporate social responsibilities. All of our employees will take part in the company’s commitment to community engagement as the company maintains its commitment to community engagement programs.” – Yang Ho Cho, Korean Air CEO1


[1]  Korean Air leadership have shared their philosophy on their website at http://www.koreanair.com.



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