Leader Resolutions for the New Year 2015

By | January 2, 2015

[January 02, 2014]  As the 2015 New Year begins, people across the globe will resolve to improve their lives and perhaps the lives of others. Leaders can also use this tradition to reinforce their determination to do better. Here is a list of 10 things that you might consider as part of your leader resolutions:

  1. Be a mentor: Reach out to someone who has shown that they will someday be a leader. Provide advice and guidance to them. Tell them about the mistakes you made so that they can avoid them.
  2.  Be a better listener: Seek to understand the point of view and emotions of others without quickly judging, evaluating, or offering your own views. Study listening techniques.
  3. Be healthier: This one is a classic but take it to the next level by incorporating a better diet, more exercise (something new), going to the doctor and dentist regularly, and doing things safer.
  4. Be more accountable: Admit mistakes, be open about them to others, fix the problem, learn from it, don’t blame others, and then move on. Then teach this to others.
  5. Begin learning another language: With this will come more information about other cultures and you will gain respect.
  6. Allow others to make mistakes: You are there to ensure they do not fail as a leader when all they do is fail at a task.
  7. Expand your family ties: Reach out to lost relatives, increase contact with all relatives by speaking to them. Note that a family newsletter is a poor substitute for talking with them.
  8. Procrastinate less: We all put things off. Be conscious of this bad habit and tackle those things that need doing right away. Enlist the help of others to assist you in overcoming this problem.
  9. Do more charity work: Contributing money is one thing but actually getting out to where the problem is and getting your hands dirty is true leadership. Visit wounded veterans, work in a soup kitchen, and do whatever is locally available. Just don’t allow it to be a one-time event.
  10. Improve digital media skills: Teach yourself more on digital media tools, planning, and strategies. If you’re not on social media, consider starting. Be sure to learn about the risks and basic rules of media; and do it early.

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