Leader Trends: Do We Promote Divisiveness?

By | August 22, 2015

[August 22, 2015]  The sad fact is that many senior leaders do, in fact, promote divisiveness by their choice of words and inaction to promote basic standards of good behavior.  Whether purposefully or by accident, some national leaders also encourage divisiveness and they are not good leaders in the sense that they portray the requisite traits of excellence.  Taking the lead of the great leaders who ply their skills by rallying people to a good cause … is the epitome of a respected and skillful leader.

As the United States progresses through its political campaigning for U.S. president in late 2015 some of the candidates are promoting divisiveness; doing so in order to gain votes.  This is a sad commentary of the degeneration of American political campaigning yet it is the responsibility of good leader to avoid the easy road to votes.  The result when divisiveness is used as a tactic, when all the campaigning is over, is a divided nation with greater animosity to others and a loss of respect for national leaders.

Employees and managers at all levels are also using divisiveness in the workplace.  They use it as a technique to retaliate for some perceived insult or from the discriminatory behavior.  While they may see this as a legitimate practice, the long-term destruction of falling productivity and worker dissatisfaction will manifest itself in unforeseen ways.  I’ve worked in many large organizational headquarters and have personally witnessed this petty form of leader manipulation that turns employees against one another.

It takes a strong, moral leader with self confidence to stand against divisiveness.  Everyone who sees a leader using this tactic can rest assured they are seeing a poor leader at work.  Such a leader is not trustworthy, nor are they someone we would want to lead us in difficult times.

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Author: Douglas R. Satterfield

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