Lessons for Men: Embrace the Monster in You

By | January 28, 2023

[January 28, 2023]  Everyone tells us today, young men in particular, that we should be harmless, virtuous, and don’t do anyone any harm, hold back your competitive instinct, and you shouldn’t try to win.  Don’t be too aggressive or too assertive; take a back seat.  No!  Instead, embrace the monster in you.

Be a monster, and then learn how to control it.  Men are naturally competitive; psychologists call this being low on the personality scale: agreeableness.  That is part of being competitive.  And there is nothing wrong with being competitive.  There is something wrong with cheating, being tyrannical, and winning unfairly; those things are bad.

If you’re harmless, you’re not virtuous.  You’re just harmless, like a rabbit.  As a man, if you’re a monster and don’t act monstrously, then you’re virtuous.  The hero has to be a monster but a controlled monster.  You have to be a monster so you can say no.  That is part of the interactions with other people.

You negotiate with others, and you cannot negotiate if you cannot say “no.”  And saying no causes conflict, and people don’t like conflict.  If you cannot negotiate, then you keep losing, and you will be bullied constantly.  That is not good because you get resentful.  Then, develop your inner monster a little bit, which makes you a better man, not a worse man.

“Don’t sacrifice who you could be for who you are.” – Dr. Jordan Peterson

That’s just the way it is.  You have to choose to transform in a positive direction.


Note:  The thumbnail for this series on lessons for men comes from a painting by Victor Bauer.  I like his work, which is found on his website for purchase.  He works mainly in oil.  Go there and purchase one of his works at this link (click here).


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Author: Douglas R. Satterfield

Hello. I provide one article every day. My writings are influenced by great thinkers such as Friedrich Nietzsche, Karl Jung, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Jean Piaget, Erich Neumann, and Jordan Peterson, whose insight and brilliance have gotten millions worldwide to think about improving ourselves. Thank you for reading my blog.

20 thoughts on “Lessons for Men: Embrace the Monster in You

  1. Good Dog

    Excellent series and I am excited and waiting with great anticipation (ha ha ha) for more.

  2. Sadako Red

    Embrace the monster in you. Gen. Satterfield is correct. Strength is the solution, not weakness.

    1. Otto Z. Zuckermann

      Ah great having you back RED. I’m a huge fan of yours and please write another article for Gen. Satterfield’s website. We all want to see you again in print.

  3. Watson Bell

    “If you’re harmless, you’re not virtuous. You’re just harmless, like a rabbit. ” When I read this, I nearly fell out of my chair laughing. For some reason “snowflake” popped up in my mind. That is what all the college students are, they are rabbits (a better description than snowflake). Great job , Gen. Satterfield.

  4. Max Foster

    General Satterfield pounds into the dirt, the many post-modern insistence that we would all be better off if we were weak and unable to attack others. That is why they praise weakness and dependence. The problem is that the solution they offer always involves the “government” and that solution never works. Sir Satterfield has crushed the post-modernists with this led-in statement.
    “Everyone tells us today, young men in particular, that we should be harmless, virtuous, and don’t do anyone any harm, hold back your competitive instinct, and you shouldn’t try to win. Don’t be too aggressive or too assertive; take a back seat. No! Instead, embrace the monster in you.”

    1. Pen Q

      Hi Max, well said. But I do think that relying on government is the point of their ideology, not their ‘solution’ to problems. They need, desperately need, a daddy. And the govt is their daddy. Why? They cannot shoulder any responsibility whatsoever. That is the new modern man — no responsibility. And why being on the govt dole is looked at as something good and reasonable.

  5. Claudia M

    If you’re a veterans, then you know most of this already. Sir, great info. Much appreciated. Oh, and your book, “55 Rules for a Good Life” is outstanding.

      1. Bernie

        Good to hear from you again, USA P. Hope all is well. Loving this website. Keeping the faith.

  6. Lady Hawk

    Thank you Gen. Satterfield for your insights into how to be better men. For your next series, maybe you could do one that pushes how to make women better women. A little play on words there but I think you understand. Keep doing what you’re doing.

    1. JT Patterson

      Lady Hawk, this is why the blog by Gen. Satterfield is so popular. Useful, entertaining advice.

    1. Yusaf from Texas

      How many will Gen. Satterfield be writing about …. lessons for men? We all wonder. And I am again reminding readers to get a copy of “55 rules for a good life” that was written exactly for folks like us who desire to have better lives. What does the heck does that mean? Gen. S. tells that story too.

      1. Fred Weber

        Hi Yusaf, yes indeed great book. And easy reading too. Gen. Satterfield’s personality can be studied in this book. Clearly he is a person who is highly focused and cares about others.

      2. Kenny Foster

        55 Rules for a Good Life
        get your copy today
        you wont regret it at all
        if you love the book then buy more copies and give them away


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