Malaysia Flight 370: Leadership Fail

By | March 24, 2014

[March 24, 2014]  The world’s media is in full hype and speculation mode about MH 370’s whereabouts.  One cannot watch a television show, listen to radio, or read a newspaper without Malaysia Flight 370 being front and center.  But this is not as important as the outright leadership failure of the Malaysian government’s lack of keeping the investigation under control. 

The Malaysian government waited a week before the investigation even began and were slow to seek outside help.  Inexplicitly, they withheld facts from the public and gave out conflicting information. They also failed to follow up on some basic investigation techniques like questioning the pilot’s estranged wife. 

Furthermore and sadly, the Malaysian government engaged in speculation themselves; prolonging the grief of the families of the victims.  Today, the government notified the families, initially by text message, that the plane crashed in the Indian Ocean and everyone was killed; despite having no evidence.  It is clear the Malaysian government wants to shutdown the whole thing because their competence is getting decimated. 

Here is some of the extreme media speculation to explain the disappearance of the flight:

  • Terrorists took over the plane
  • Pilots’ hijacked the plane
  • Stored lithium-ion batteries exploded
  • It landed in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, etc.
  • Sucked into a Black Hole
  • Radar Jamming Technology made it disappear
  • Alien abduction 

There have also been some scare tactics used.  One American news channel began showing airline plane crash documentaries.  Everyday there is “breaking news” on the subject, but no significant information is new.  There has been a virtual parade of aviation “experts” also speculating.  Someone even asked a Psychic about it. 

Frankly, this is shameful and outright leadership failure on the part of the world media and Malaysian government. 


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Author: Douglas R. Satterfield

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