My Newest Book: 55 Rules for a Good Life

By | October 17, 2022

[October 17, 2022]  My newest book, “55 Rules for a Good Life” is now on Amazon.  I’m pleased to get this out finally.  I have been working on the idea for years, and the book addresses much of my personal philosophy of life that I learned from 40 years in the U.S. Army and from many brilliant writers of the past.

You can order a copy at Amazon.  And see my Amazon Author page here.

In the book’s forward, Colonel Adam S. Roth writes a preview:

In his book, 55 Rules for a Good Life, Brigadier General Doug Satterfield gives us a practical view of how to have a life for yourself that you can admire.  It goes something like this.  Choose your yoke (Satterfield uses metaphors) and choose the weight you have to carry to justify your existence to yourself, so at the end of the day, you can look at yourself and conclude that you helped set things right.  Satterfield tells a compelling and very ancient story, which is why so many people are attracted to his ideas.  I know this because I know Satterfield well.

 He tells us that we are given neither a good life nor a bad life; rather, it is up to us to do with it as we will.  In his book, he simultaneously acts as a realist and a philosopher.  He points out that the way to live well – to have a good life – is to pursue truth (and let the consequences fall as they may) and willingly adopt all the responsibility you can bear (even when doing so frightens you).  His message is harsh.  If your back is bent from bearing your responsibilities, he would say you are on the right path.  And expect your path to be full of dragons (another of his common metaphors) that will devour you for unwise choices and do so unpredictably.  Our ancestors knew this well.  Through a conscious, purposeful, focused effort, we can develop ourselves and become someone who masters challenges and achieves a good life.

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Please read my books:

  1. “55 Rules for a Good Life,” on Amazon (link here).
  2. “Our Longest Year in Iraq,” on Amazon (link here).
Author: Douglas R. Satterfield

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39 thoughts on “My Newest Book: 55 Rules for a Good Life

  1. Boy Sue

    I’m a little late reading this but I will throw my 2 cents in and also say CONGRATs to Gen. Satterfield. I’ll be ordering my book shortly. Thanks for what you do, Gen. S. 😎

  2. Eddie Ray Anderson, Jr.

    I want to say that this book is powerful. I only read a couple of chapters in the Kindle version (I ordered the paperback version which should get to me tomorrow). Get a copy of “55 Rules for a Good Life,” and do it right away.

  3. Mr. T.J. Asper

    As most of you know who read this leadership forum daily, I’m a High School teacher. What I’ve seen in the last 5 or 6 years happening in our schools is disgusting. I try to hold the line against the woke culture and the SJWs who want to destroy anyone who disagrees with their Marxist ideology. I downloaded Gen. Satterfield’s book onto my Kindle and found it the BEST BOOK EVER. If you want to make yourself a better person, get that book today! You’ll like me more after you read it.

  4. Albert Ayer

    I’m throwing my hat in the ring and saying “congratulations” to GEN Satterfield also for the publication of his newest book, “55 Rules for a Good Life.” Great life?

    1. Andrew Dooley

      This is why I come to this leadership website – the very best – and I can find out what is really happening and how to make myself a better person and better leader.

    1. Army Vet

      I agree, Hal2001. If GEN Douglas Satterfield wrote it, then it has to be great. Be sure to let all your friends know to go out on Amazon and order it now. I looked at the “look inside” feature and at the Table of Contents. For those that read these pages regularly, you will immediately recognize this is exactly GEN Satterfield’s way of writing. I look forward to getting my copy.

      1. American Girl

        Good to see you here Army Vet. I hope you write another article very soon. I’m a huge fan of yours too.

  5. Liz at Home

    I see that a lot of folks beat me to it, but I’ll pile on and offer my congrats to Gen. Satterfield too. Well done. Keep up the great work you are doing and BTW, I look forward to your next book.

  6. Purse 5

    “He points out that the way to live well – to have a good life – is to pursue truth (and let the consequences fall as they may) and willingly adopt all the responsibility you can bear (even when doing so frightens you). His message is harsh. ” This from Colonel Roth is spot on. This is exactly the way Gen. Satterfield thinks and writes. I believe he nailed it.

  7. Edward G.

    It’s been now more than a year since Gen. Satterfield’s last publication, “Our Longest Year in Iraq.” I understand that many of us purchased a copy. And, so, because we are fans of this website (and it’s free, BTW), I recommend we each order a copy. Don’t be shy. Go ahead and order “55 Rules for a Good Life.”

      1. Frankie Boy

        Finally, it is out where I can get a copy of “55 Rules for a Good Life.” I’m all in on it.

  8. Nick Lighthouse

    Wow, cool cover. Who designed the cover for you Gen. Satterfield?

  9. Laughing Monkey

    GOOD NEWS! congratulations, General Satterfield. I’ve been waiting for this now for a long time.

  10. Willie Strumburger

    “Satterfield tells a compelling and very ancient story, which is why so many people are attracted to his ideas. ” — Colonel Adam Roth. Best quote of the day. 👍

    1. corralesdon

      Yep, you got it right Willie. Let’s all help get the word out on this book, “55 Rules for a Good Life.”

  11. Yusaf from Texas

    Gen. Satterfield, I’m not the first to congratulate you and I will not be the last. But I will say that I can help get the word out on your new book. So, thanks!!!!!!! As you know, I’m one of your original contributers to this leader forum because it is great to read about what others are writing.

  12. Otto Z. Zuckermann

    Glad to hear this. For your readers, it is time to go onto Amazon and get a copy. If you are like me and got rid of your Amazon account long ago (because they are the new “book burners” of the 21st century) then ask a friend to order you a copy. Don’t forget to have them submit your comments to Amazon as well. I wish that gen.Satterfield would get this out on another platform besides Amazon. I’ll order it only because gen.Satterfield is the author.

    1. Bryan Z. Lee

      Yes, Otto, I understand and maybe Gen. Satterfield could write about Amazon too. He is indeed a philosopher of sorts, the kind that everyone can understand. Not the “high-falluten” kind that are difficult to understand.

  13. JT Patterson

    Excellent news, congratulations, Gen Satterfield. I hope your sales go well.

  14. Linux Man

    There are many folks here who are not interested in reading (well not here on your leadership website) but I think everyone will be interested in your new book. Being on a topic, other than military, will be an advantage since it appeals to everyone, regardless of age. I would like to read it and see. Congratulations.

    1. Good Dog

      Good point Linux Man. However, from looking at the contents (on Amazon – see link in below), much of what is here are the same things Gen. Satterfield has written about on numerous occasions. I look forward to reading a copy.

      1. Frank Graham

        Thank you Good Dog. Or, we can search for Brig. Gen. Douglas Satterfield on Amazon. That works too.

    1. Audrey

      Don’t ya just love Gen. Satterfield? He writes books, publishes a website on leadership, has a family, volunteers to help out veterans in need, and works to make our lives better. And he does this on a shoe string. Hey folks, give the guy some credit and get one of his two books. Yep, he has two out. I hope he writes another one very soon and it is too successful.

  15. Forrest Gump

    Congrats, Gen. Satterfield, I was wondering when your new book would be out. You announced it a couple of months ago and I was waiting. Finally! Thanks!

    1. Greg Heyman

      Forrest, you got that right. I’ll be ordering my book today! ✔

      1. Lynn Pitts

        Yes, congrats to Gen. Satterfield. I knew it was coming out soon. Surprised me however.


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