History Repeats: Waves of Drones Strike Ukraine

By | October 18, 2022

[October 18, 2022]  Lately, I’ve been reading about the waves of “suicide drones” attacking Ukraine cities.  For example, an AP article (link here) described people scurrying for shelter when the explosive-laden drones come, and the drones come in waves.  I believe most folks recall from history the Nazi V-rockets that rained down on England during WWII.  The similarities are eerie.

The impact of the V-rockets on England, mainly in London, can be remembered best in photos from that era.  Starting with the “flying bomb” or “buzz bomb,” the V-1 was considered a vengeance weapon in retaliation for the Allies bombing German cities.  Russian President Vladimir Putin is using suicide drones in retaliation against Ukraine for damaging the Crimea Bridge on October 8th of this year and to push back on the recent Ukrainian military offensive.  All this sounds very familiar.

The original V-rocket, the V-1, was powered by a pulsejet engine that gave it a buzzing sound.  The Iranian-built suicide drones also make a buzzing sound from their two-stroke internal combustion engine.  England, during WWII and Ukraine, in their current war, were forced to develop air defense capabilities.  The buzzing sound of these bombs created a memory that symbolizes the evil use of technology for the killing of civilians.

Let’s be very clear, civilians and civilian infrastructure are the targets of both the Nazi V-rocket and the Iranian-made suicide drones.  The ingenuity of the British and now the Ukrainians to defend themselves from such weapons is the hallmark of human tenacity and ingenuity.

Russia is not Nazi Germany.  While their conduct of war is similar, the destruction their military has delivered is striking.  Both are evil empires.


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19 thoughts on “History Repeats: Waves of Drones Strike Ukraine

  1. Doc Blackshear

    Gen. Satterfield, well written. Thanks for the connection. I too was thinking the same thing. This whole issue got me to reading up on Nazi Germany’s V-rockets, both the V-1 and V-2. While the latter was not a buzz bomb , it was far more destructive and scary. You couldn’t hear the V-2 coming into kill.

      1. Andrew Dooley

        Excellent. I’m happy Gen. Satterfield finally got his book published (see previous article where I commented). Gen. S. is da man. Keep up the great work you are doing. ✔

  2. Darryl Satterly

    Gen. Satterfield wrote, “Russia is not Nazi Germany. While their conduct of war is similar, the destruction their military has delivered is striking. Both are evil empires.” Spot on.

  3. Drew Dill

    Buzz bombs. For those who are under 35, you probably were not taught anything about WWII. My suggestion is that you fix that problem now.

    1. anita

      Sad, but unfortanately true that our youngest generations have no empathy or understanding of the lessons from history. They are quick to think they are better than everyone else, so why learn from the past.

  4. Eva Easterbrook

    Gen. Satterfield, I sure enjoyed today’s article but I will also add (since I didn’t do it yesterday), my congrats on your newest book release.

  5. Kenny Foster

    Gen. Satterfield — great comparison and, yes, both Nazi Germany and now Russia are evil empires that deserve complete destruction. ✔

    1. corralesdon

      Gen. Satterfield is quick on connecting the dots, even from old history.

      1. Mikka Solarno

        Yep, and exactly why I’m such a huge fan. And, i might add that I’m also a fan of Sadako Red. I’d like to see another article by him. I love his hard-hitting, non-Pc (or should I say anti-PC) rhetoric. Loving it all.

  6. Sadako Red

    The Bethnal Green in England June 13, 1944 attack was the first by the V-1 flying bomb, designated Vengeance Weapon 1 (Vergeltungswaffen 1) by the Germans. The British called it the “doodlebug,” or “buzz bomb,” because of the distinctive sound of its pulsejet engine.

    1. Bryan Z. Lee

      Oh, hi RED. Great to have you back to make a comment on Gen. Satterfield’s wonderful leadership blog! I am of course your biggest fan and would love to read another article by you. Please send one to Gen. S. so he can publish it or if you have a website, let us know. Great comment on the history of the first buzz bomb.

    2. Eduardo Sanchez

      Huge fan club here for Sadako Red. Great to see you back! ❤❤❤❤❤

    1. Fred Weber

      Yep, got that right Tom. Buzz bombs are eerie because they hark back to the old Nazi days.

      1. JT Patterson

        Yey! Of course, being one of the longest commentators on Gen. Satterfield’s website, I always have to say that it is important that we support his efforts (with his FREE website) but we can support him by getting a copy of his newest book, “55 Rules for a Good Life.”


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