Sports Lessons: Camel Jumping

By | July 31, 2014

[July 31, 2014] Savage manliness? Perhaps not. Camel jumping in Yemen is more of an oddity than a “savage manly” sport … although there are some professional jumpers from the Azraniq tribe who would disagree. The sport does require considerable strength and agility. There is some opportunity to get hurt by a fall or by the camel kicking… Read More »

Remembering World War I in Photographs

By | July 29, 2014

[July 29, 2014] While we recall the lessons of the “Great War” and the destruction it wrought, we can also remember that it help make the United States into a global force for good. More to come in the pages of on how leadership in the war made a difference in the outcome. Here’s to remembering World… Read More »

Remembering World War I

By | July 29, 2014

[July 29, 2014] Recognition began last night began of the 100th Anniversary of World War I. In Europe and American, there are many events and tours of the battlefields planned. This is good news because it provides leaders the opportunity to tell of the horrors, the sacrifice, and the heroism of the war. It also provides the world… Read More »

The Rising Tide of Anti-Semitism

By | July 28, 2014

[July 28, 2014] Social media and news organizations are reporting on and sometimes participating in an increasing chorus of anti-Semitism. Largely a Middle Eastern and European event, we have seen it also in New York City and other large places globally. The country of Turkey is the latest to push the extremes of the rising tide of anti-Semitism.… Read More »

Stalin Issues Order No. 227

By | July 27, 2014

[July 27, 2014] Much has been written here in these pages about Socialism and its failure as an economic model (see links here, here, and here). It does function around the world as a strong political force and seems to be very prevalent even in democratic nations, especially in Europe in a milder form. It’s debasement of humans… Read More »

Military Leaders Defend Prisoner Exchange

By | July 27, 2014

[July 27, 2014] It is incumbent upon military senior leaders to help set the right tone for their organizations. All leaders should be doing it and is absolutely the right thing to do. That was the bottom line of an article in the most recent U.S. Army’s magazine entitled “Military Leaders Defend Prisoner Exchange.” The magazine’s editor in… Read More »

Reading List (Update)

By | July 26, 2014

[July 26, 2014] The war on terror that the United States has fought since the shocking events of September 11, 2001 has been directed at al Qaeda and its many affiliates throughout the world. But, the war began before America even knew it was at war. Today’s reading list choice is about one of those attacks pre-dating the… Read More »