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By | March 5, 2023

[March 5, 2023]   For decades, being a U.S. military man and having lived overseas has allowed us to date and marry women from other nations.  Go to any military base, and you will see this for yourself.  Recently, that phenomenon exploded into a massive trend of men from all walks of life going elsewhere outside the United States to find wives.  We call it Passport Bros.

Passport Bros are primarily black men who leave America shopping for wives and girlfriends in Brazil, Colombia, Thailand, Costa Rica, the Philippines, and anywhere outside America.  They’re men who believe American women, particularly black women, have the wrong values, expectations, worldview, and attitude for a serious relationship. – Jason Whitlock oped in Blazemedia

 “Modern” women in the West have been lied to about what their lives should be like; all career and not needing men.  Women are encouraged to develop a hostility to all things traditional.  This manifests in rejecting the average man, traditional marriage, children, and caring for a man.  We find this particular movement in the Black subculture because, as Jason Whitlock says it best.

…because things have turned so icy between black American men and women that there’s now a popular movement called “Passport Bros,” an outgrowth of the black manosphere.  – Jason Whitlock

The movement is a consequence of the disconnect between American women and men.  Women now see themselves as leaders in the community, in politics, and as primary breadwinners.  Of course, there is nothing wrong with that view, but when it becomes a wedge in relationships, we will see pushback.  Passport Bros is that pushback.

Men are abandoning modern American women and are searching for women in other countries who are not hostile toward traditional relationship roles.

Passport Bros is new and growing.  “The Great Escape” as a new website labels it.  You can find one of their Facebook pages here.


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Author: Douglas R. Satterfield

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36 thoughts on “Passport Bros

  1. Jo Ponte

    You just can’t make this sh## up. Now we have American women, priviledged, demanding, princesses (in their minds) telling men to go away and now regretting it. Well, surprise .. surprise, they just nailed their own coffin. And they are dissing on men! Imagine that. Nothing could be sweeter than one of these women hitting the biological wall and crying about no man wanting her.

    1. The Observer

      The older we get, the smarter we get and some of these passport bros have figured out that American women – some of them anyway – are not worth dating or marrying. Too bad.

  2. Fred Weber

    Passport Bros, okay, got it. Good luck men, you deserve better!!!!

    1. Cat A Miss

      Yeah, occasionally we get one of those very informative and humorous and entertaining articles from Gen. S. and this is certainly one of them.

  3. Gunther Williamson

    PASSPORT BROS, I nearly fell out of my chair when I read this article and after spending time listening to videos by western women who are hating on the passport bros, I’ve convinced that our women are a bunch of ingrate, spoiled, little children who deserve a lonely life for their crazy ideas.

    1. British Citizen

      You got that right Gunther. Women call it “feminism.” But all it has done is drive real men away from them and toward women who are more traditional and who are willing to appreciate a man for who they are.

  4. Adolf

    Listen to these foreign ladies (east Europe, Asia, s America), they know what they say and that is to diss on spoiled American women who they think are just spoiled girls.

  5. Georgie B.

    As a western woman I’m horrified by the bigotry, hatefulness, ignorance, and outright racism of other American women. These horrible people have destroyed the dating scene for sane women here in the US, and now that men are leaving they somehow feel the need to make us look even worse.

    1. Max Foster

      Thumbs up on that comment, Goergie B. I’m not blaming you, but the parents failed at raising their kids. You women need to hold your sisters accountable. The reason they keep doing this shit is because they keep surrounding themselves with people who think like them and it just perpetuates the cycle. When y’all start holding them accountable – I mean uncomfortably accountable – then they’ll change. Stop being friends with them, stop feeding their egos, stop validating them. Call them out any chance you get and it will stop. When men call them out they just plug their ears and look for validation from people who think like them but when they do that and look for other women to validate their idiocy .

    1. JT Patterson

      Johnson, Gen. Satterfield’s website is full of this kind of content. He is very informative and this leadership forum is a great place to exchange ideas and test concepts. Welcome.

      1. Linux Man

        The start of a new group of Gen. Satterfield’s fans. 😊

      2. Dog Man

        Yes! And a message to passport bros. Yey. Go for it. If you cannot find a traditional woman who simply wants to have children, be loyal and committed, and be helpful to their families, the go overseas where there are many who are willing to be that woman. And don’t fall for the guilt trip these fat, entitled, spoiled, hyper-anti-man, stupid child women try to lay on us men.

  6. Man Up

    …because things have turned so icy between black American men and women that there’s now a popular movement called “Passport Bros,” an outgrowth of the black manosphere. – Jason Whitlock

  7. Passport Bro from LA

    American women are spoiled and entitled little children. There, I said it. 😎

    1. mainer

      First of all, I’m flabbergasted that any real man would be forced to go to another country to find a woman that expresses basic traditional desirable values because they cannnot find anyone here in the states or Canada. What the heck is going on? Why is this? Why are westernized women so incomplete, so tainted, so self-centered? Huh!!!!!

      1. Pumpkin Spice

        Listen to Gen. Satterfield when he wrote about the 3 lies women are told. “THe 3 Lies told to Young Women.” Read this article. Oh, and if you can get a copy of Gen. Satterfield’s newest book “55 Rules for a Good Life.” In that book you will find out why there are things like passport bros. You will see what it takes for a good life and disrespecting marriage and religion is at the top.

      2. Robo Cop II

        Don’t be too surprised. I’m married to a Filipina and living in the Philippines now. My only regret is not discovering them 15 years ago. Best place to live. Relaxed and easy going folks.

      1. Ron C.

        Having spoken to many people from The Philippines, I just wanna say that I always find them to be very kind and extremely polite 🙂 These horrible ignorant feminists are just salty, because they are single and can´t find any happiness. Great website 🙂

        1. Sally Dithering

          Nailed it. They are some of the most humble people you can meet.

  8. Armywife

    What a shame it has come to this. I’m sure there are still some good black women who would appreciate a good black man.

    1. Bryan Z. Lee

      Armywife, you are very optimistic but I’m not. Western women, as a general group, has lost respect for men and that is doing harm far beyond what one or two women can do about it.

  9. rjsmithers

    Ouch, American women are falling for the career trap and hitting the biological wall and crying they were deceived.

      1. Roger A

        Yep, you got it right. Too many Western women don’t care about men. And good men don’t care about these women. Be humble, my friends. Reject American women. Live better without them. Be men. Look for a traditional woman.

      2. Bernie

        rj, if you watch a few youtuber videos, u will see plenty but if you watch tiktoc videos there is a stream of women, mostly black women, whining about men going overseas to find traditional women to marry, have kids, and have a loving wife without conditions and being humble and appreciative. That is what any man wants but western women believe they don’t need men and then cry when men reject them.

    1. Ant Man

      Hitting the wall. Had not heard that be4. A message for fat, ugly, independent American women — GROW UP.


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