Pets and Vets Rescue Each Other

By | July 13, 2018

[July 13, 2018]  Occasionally we find there are folks working behind the scenes to do good works in their communities.  Whether it’s a soup kitchen, a homeless shelter, or a group raising awareness, there are many ways this can occur.  One unique type of people helping is pets and vets rescue services.

There are several of these organizations across the United States and several Western nations run by people with a vision to help military veterans recover from the trauma of war and, at the same time, rescue those dogs who may have to be put down.  Thus the generic name, pets and vets rescue.

What follows is a small list of these organizations (with hyperlinks):

Their mission is similar; to assist those who have served our country honorably, providing them with pets that can help them live with dignity and independence.  There are many Armed Forces veterans who served their nation and yet came out of that experience with a number of problems.  PTSD, TBI, missing limbs, and other psychological and physical injuries can be helped with the right treatment.

Animals have provided companionship for humans since before recorded history.  Dogs, in particular, have a long association with humans and their agreeable nature is the perfect connection to veterans.

Some refer to our furry friends as “battle buddies,” those who go with you everywhere.  They provide immediate comfort and protection.  Make no mistake about it; these are fully trained service dogs (and an occasional cat) that help bring veterans back from the brink of social isolation.

I salute those who provide the hard work, dedication, and leadership to make all this possible.  I recommend that you pick up your phone and call one of the many Pets and Vets organizations which are assisting veterans and volunteer or, if you can, offer a donation.  Even a little time out of your day will be appreciated and valued.

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Author: Douglas R. Satterfield

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26 thoughts on “Pets and Vets Rescue Each Other

  1. Eric Coda

    Unlike the freakout we see among leftist in America today, I think this is one subject we can agree upon. At least, I hope so.

    1. Wilson Cox

      Nearly had my morning coffee going thru my nose when I read your comment. 🙂

  2. Mike Baker

    As I sit here drinking my morning java, I found your article entertaining and yet simply good to read. I always enjoy learning new things and especially about something that helps other people.

  3. Forrest Gump

    Brig Gen Satterfield, thank you for this excellent highlight of several important groups of folks who lead others to help veterans and dogs (and a few cats I will presume).

  4. Albert Ayer

    My favorite for a long time is Pets for Vets ( and one I volunteered for in the past. I can attest that they are an excellent group of people doing the right thing for their community, veterans, and YES for the pets too.

  5. Edward Kennedy III

    Most people don’t think about working dogs, like those in the military that do a great job of protecting their human handlers. These dogs are tough but devoted to their human companions. We should respect this relationship as Gen. Satterfield has noted and keep in mind that without these dogs we would be much less human.

    1. Bill Sanders, Jr.

      I’m a big fan of your Mr. Kennedy. Please write more in the future for us.

  6. Watson Bell

    Loved your article (I’m a dog lover). Followed your links to read about some wonderful organizations helping both the pet and the vet. Well done!

  7. Greg Heyman

    A perfect Friday the 13th article. I’ll remember it as I relax this weekend with my kids and my dogs.

  8. Joey Holmes

    I like dogs so I like your blog post today. CHeers!

  9. Army Captain

    Most dogs that I’ve ever seen were pets. However, a number of them are working dogs, mostly I saw these in the US Army. What they all had in common was their devotion to their “master” or owner. The connection between animals and humans predates everything we know but what we do know is that the relationship is a good one and benefits both the animal and the human. Dogs are the closest pet to humans in terms of a social relationship and a benefit to us all. Thank you General Satterfield for highlighting this for us today.

    1. Nick Lighthouse

      Good comment. Thanks for the comment and your service.

    2. Drew Dill

      Well said. You beat me to the point. Thanks, Army Captain.

    3. Gil Johnson

      😉 I agree and thanks for the excellent comment.

  10. Kenny Foster

    Another great post. Thanks, Gen. Satterfield for helping us keep on the leadership track.

  11. Georgie M.

    Thanks for making my Friday morning a happy one.

  12. Bryan Lee

    Anyone who has ever had a pet knows their value to us as human beings. Dogs, in particular, are most welcome in any home around the country. The US and many other societies welcome dogs (and other pets). The social value is huge. Thanks Gen. Satterfield for an article that highlights the effort to unite pets and vets.

  13. Mark Evans

    Appreciate the article on these wonderful groups that help both our vets and our precious pets.

  14. Janna Faulkner

    Good one! I called Pets for Vets to make a donation. Thanks for bringing these worthwhile organizations to our attention.

    1. Georgie M.

      Me too, thanks for taking the lead on this.

    2. Dale Vernor

      Me too! (Not to be confused with the Me Too Movement which is narcissistic).

    3. Jerome Smith

      Aren’t dogs great! Of course they are.

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