PFC Tony Vaccaro: A Story of Courage

By | November 22, 2016

[November 22, 2016]  Occasionally I stumble across a person of great courage and use my forum at to share that person’s story (or at least point out where it can be found).  U.S. Army Private First Class (PFC) Tony Vaccaro, veteran of World War II, is that person.  There are so many of these stories that it would be impossible to share them all but more likely they will not be known because of the circumstances of war.

Tony Vaccaro’s story however is more easily told because he was both a combat Infantryman and a Photographer.  Impossible?  How could it be that someone who had the job of fighting the Germans with his unit could find the time to take pictures, develop and store the negatives, and do so on the front lines without getting himself or others killed?  That was his challenge as he tells us in a recent documentary about his time during the war.1

I recommend the video of his story.  It chronicles the life and vision of this remarkable man, exploring how photography defines the way the public perceives war, and revealing the sheer difficulty of survival while taking photos in a war zone.  Vaccaro was able to capture up-close and personal photos that brought the war into focus and allows us, the viewer, to “see” what he saw.

Some of his award-winning photos are here for your viewing:













































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  1. Underfire: The Untold Story of Pfc. Tony Vaccaro


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