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By | November 9, 2015

[November 9, 2015]  My wife and I had a wonderful time visiting family in Chicago and spending time with the new granddaughter.  Family is always important and too often our time in leadership positions pushes us to sacrifice time with them; a danger senior leaders should be careful to avoid.  Today’s reading is a popular self help book and for those who have read many you will see a number of common patterns.  An easy read, it’s the kind of book you should relax with while sitting in your reading chair (yes, I have one) and have a good class of wine or your favorite beer.  Great intelligence is not required at this sitting.

The Compound Effect: Jumpstart your Income, Your Life, Your Success, Darren Hardy, 2010.

The best thing I like about this book is that it pulls from all the best ideas on how to be successful (in life and business).  What Hardy tells us – different from all the other self-help authors – is that small, everyday decisions will take you to success in life or to disaster.  This is his thesis in a nutshell; many good habits and decisions equals success, while many bad habits and decisions equal failure.  Success is achieved, therefore, through many good-enough decisions that add up and compound to shape us.  If we focus a little more on the small decisions we make, then we can nudge ourselves to be happier, better, and more successful in whatever we chose to do.  Even small changes add up over time.  The book is solid, without a bunch of fluff to wade through.  Highly recommended.

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