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By | March 14, 2016

[March 14, 2016]  In just a few days the first day of Spring official arrives but it’s already feeling like it here in Brooklyn.  The trees and flowers are starting to bud and the weather has the warmth of a sun finally getting its strength back.  Walking my Yellow Lab outside has become a true pleasure as I no longer have the bite of a strong, cold wind on my face.  Over the winter, there were many books that I read and, frankly, most were not that good.  Today however I have a two that may perk your interest.  Good reading!

War at the End of the World: Douglas MacArthur and the Forgotten Fight for New Guinea, 1942-1945, James P. Duffy, 2016.

Already being called one of the best books on World War II, author James Duffy has written a detailed and riveting account of the battle for New Guinea.  He tackles one of the most overlooked strategic battles of  not just WWII but of the entire 20th Century.  My military studies never involved those battles and I find it difficult to explain why.  Perhaps my military instructors considered the European front to be more like how we would fight battles in the future; but that was not to be.  This book is not about details from the foxhole perspective but addresses the strategic and operational view of the Allied successful but costly efforts to keep the islands.  If you interest is senior leadership then you will not be disappointed.  Fascinating book and highly recommended.

… and now for my bonus book:

Extra Virgin: Recipes & Love from Our Tuscan Kitchen, Gabriele Corcos and Debi Mazar, 2014.

My wife’s Italian and she loves to cook.  This book is probably one of the best books on how to cook western Italian (Tuscany) meals that exists.  Some Italian cookbooks and many ethnic cookbooks are so sophisticated and complex that basic ingredients cannot be found except in specialty shops; not so with Extra Virgin.  This book moves beyond the common celebrity cookbooks highly touted but miss the mark.  Gabriele and Debi have put together a book that captures the heart and soul of authentic Tuscany recipes.  You can also see them on the Cooking Channel where they host Extra Virgin as they invite you into their home for great meals.  Highly recommended … but only if you love real home-style cooking.

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