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Photographs of Battle: World War One

By | June 3, 2014

[June 03, 2014] This year in 2014, we will be honoring the heroic sacrifices made by American and Allied troops in the 100th anniversary of the beginning of the “war to end all wars.” In this blog, I plan to show how leadership was the deciding factor in the First World War. We at are privileged to… Read More »

Battle of Monte Cassino: May 18, 1944

By | May 18, 2014

[May 18, 2014] Seventy years ago today, the final battle for Monte Cassion (Italy) was won by the Allies, by driving German and Italian defenders out of this critical junction and opening the door to Rome and attacking the “underbelly” of Hitler’s empire. The strategic value of the Italian campaign leading to this important series of battles is… Read More »

Happy Mother’s Day

By | May 11, 2014

[May 11, 2013] Happy Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day is about the celebration honoring mothers, motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers on our society. The first officially recognized Mother’s Day began when Anna Jarvis had a memorial for her mother. She began what would successfully become a federally recognized day when in 1914 President Wilson signed a… Read More »

The Joining of a Nation

By | May 10, 2014

[May 10, 2014] On this date in 1869, the nation was joined symbolically and literally by connecting the first Transcontinental Railroad across the United States. A ceremonial “golden spike” was driven to join the rails at Promontory Summit, Utah Territory. The vision of financier David Hewes1 is credited for the idea. The “joining of a nation” is an… Read More »