Russia Will Not Invade Ukraine

By | April 6, 2022

[April 6, 2022]  Eight years ago, just before I retired, I wrote that “Russia will not intervene in Ukraine.”  That was according to the U.S. State Department (as noted in Time Magazine) and President Obama.  Today, we see the folly of that prediction/headline.

I wrote about violence in the streets two days before this article and said that since the U.S. had no strategy, policy, or leadership on the Ukraine, that a zone of gray is developing on what we allow to be acceptable [read violent] behavior.

What I did not realize at the time was that then-Vice President Joe Biden was, in fact, put in charge of U.S. policy on Ukraine, and I did not know he made several threats to withhold funds for that nation.

I predicted more violence and more deaths.  Now that Russian troops have invaded the Ukraine and both our State Department, Time Magazine, as well as our intelligence community have been caught flat-footed on something anyone could see coming, we are left with a budding democracy crushed. 

When America fails to provide leadership or allows corruption within the State Department and other agencies, and when the U.S. President is not using his leadership properly to stand up to tyranny, this is the result.  Not just in Ukraine but in other areas across the world.

Just a few years back we saw a similar uprising of people to seek freedom in Iran and then a heavy-handed crackdown by the socialist Islamic regime there.  The U.S. lack of leadership failed the citizens of Iran as it is failing the people of the Ukraine now.  Why?  Because there is no strategy, and when we lack strategy, we lack both the vision and the will to do the right thing.

Anything can happen when a leader fails to look to the future and provides no vision.

We don’t see the future because we wear “rose-colored glasses” of an ideology that says if we are just nice to people, they will like us.

That “reset” button that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton provided didn’t work out as she intended.  President Obama also failed to either guide her, or he simply didn’t care.


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Author: Douglas R. Satterfield

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27 thoughts on “Russia Will Not Invade Ukraine

  1. MrJohn22

    Caught me off guard with your article’s title. That is a quote from US Pres Joe Biden. He first claimed that economic sanctions would work and when they failed, he claimed he never said it. Typical Ole’ Joe.

    1. Georgie B.

      Reality for the president got lost somewhere. Too bad that his wife DOCTOR Jill hasn’t told him that he should step aside. Joe’s mental capacity is declining fast. Gen. Satterfield told us this long ago. And, right, I’m no medical doctor and it doesn’t take a doctor to see this is happening. Anyone with a brain cell can see that Joe is declining in his ability to read the teleprompter (what his minions wrote for him).

  2. Mike Resser

    Ha, got me with the article’s title. Sucked me in like a snowflake liberal watching bumbling Joe Biden. 😃

  3. Anya B.

    “When America fails to provide leadership or allows corruption within the State Department and other agencies, and when the U.S. President is not using his leadership properly to stand up to tyranny, this is the result. Not just in Ukraine but in other areas across the world.” Ouch! So true!

    1. Laughing Monkey

      Gen. Satterfield likes to tell it like he sees it and doesn’t pull punches. America is in decline and that is exactly what the Marxists want.

  4. Adolf Menschner

    Excellent article, Gen. Satterfield. Just another reason to read you blog every day. I also recommend that readers go to the DAILY FAVORITES tab. Gen. S. has given us some great articles that make you think.

  5. Valkerie

    General Satterfield, thank you for reminding us of your predictive power. In this case with Ukraine, it didn’t take much innovation power to see what Russia would do. But Pres Biden is not all there, so he cannot lead.

      1. Wild Bill

        Empty suit is correct in its symbolism. Everyone knows but no one is willing to admit that Joe Biden can no longer function as President. He is only allowed to read from his prepared remarks, has cheat-sheet cards to answer a few pre-selected quotes and the new media are lap dogs.

  6. Winston

    Looking back to how Pres Obama mishandled the uprising against tyranny in Iran is a classic on how NOT to be a leader. This is a major oversight that the Western press failed to properly cover. Oh, just another country where we don’t care what happens. Yeah, right.

    1. SallyBird

      Obummer. Yep, how awful. People liked him but he fooled everyone but not me.

  7. Harry Man

    “We don’t see the future because we wear “rose-colored glasses” of an ideology that says if we are just nice to people, they will like us.” Best quote from Gen. Satterfield. What is that ideology? It’s the neo-Marxist Progressivism of the US Democrat Party; a failed socialist style system that has been proven repeatedly that it only makes the country worse off.

  8. Jonnie the Bart

    I went back and re-read several of the article Gen. Satterfield wrote in 2014 on Ukraine. Wow, his predictions were right on target. Shows how someone who pays attention and shows us that a lack of good leadership can have bad results. Thanks Gen. Satterfield.

  9. Max Foster

    Nice article on the predictive power of Gen. Satterfield. I know he is not showing us this but to show that a bit of understanding of your enemy and your own limits goes a long way toward understanding how to act against tyrants like Putin. If we think we can have a “reset” (BTW how stupid can you get) with Russia, like H. Clinton wanted (how stupid!) then you are a nut. Putin remembers what the US has done, let down its allies and broken its promises (see Vietnam and Afghanistan). He’s a smart dude. But we have hyper-partisans in charge and one with severe dementia.

    1. American Girl

      God help save the United States from the Joe Biden presidency. Pray for America!

      1. Kerry 6

        Right, the world is better off when America is strong and supports its allies. The world is weak when we support our enemies (like Slo Joe Biden is supporting Iran). ✔

      2. Edward G.

        Couldn’t have said it better, American Girl. Joe Biden is the worst president ever in the history of America and his continued f*** ups will be displayed for all the world to see and hopefully study for all times.

  10. Watson Bell

    The world is a dangerous place and there are evil actors everywhere, including right here in the United States. That is why we must remain viligent and ready to do violence in the name of peace and prosperity.

  11. Bryan Z. Lee

    One of Gen. Satterfield’s DOUGISMs is “Listen intently, especially to your enemies, they will tell you what they are about to do.” POW! Got that one right. Russian Pres. V. Putin told us years ago he would not tolerate Ukraine being part of NATO. Not that we like what he said, but he said it and backed it up.

    1. Greg Heyman

      Sec State Hillary Clinton was and remains an embecile on foreign affairs and yet she was in charge of it for the USA. Who in their right mind would put her in charge of such an important mission? Oh yeah, Barack Hussein Obama. Well, he got rich off being the US Pres. That’s all he wanted anyway.

      1. Nick Lighthouse

        Not that we weren’t looking. Rush Limbaugh made mincemeat out of her on a regular basis. Too bad for the world that he passed away.

      2. Frankie Boy

        You got that right. We dodged the bullet on her being the President altho it is hard to imagine anyone worse than Joe Biden (clutz).

  12. Rev. Michael Cain

    Spot on predictions! And doing it without classified info. Just common sense and a little knowledge of history.

      1. Changing Charlie

        👍👍👍👍👍 Gen. Satterfield is the best!


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