Showing Moral Courage: Chief Dave Booth

By | September 17, 2020

[September 16, 2020]  Police in America are under siege.  That should come as no surprise, and, unfortunately, many of our political leaders are encouraging violence against police officers across the nation.  But there is at least one local Police Chief who is unwilling to “bend a knee” as other officers have done.  Heber City Police Chief Dave Booth recently took to Facebook to say why he kneels to no man, and it required him to show moral courage.

“Kneeling for me, as your chief of police, is submitting to the protestors who have chosen to commit crimes of anarchy throughout our country and even in our own Salt Lake City.  While in America, I kneel before no one – except the Almighty.” – Police Chief Dave Booth

Two days ago, I wrote an article titled This Veteran Doesn’t Kneel.  Since then, it has become one of my most popular posts in the seven years of my blog.  Thanks to long-time reader Tom Bushmaster, who linked to an MSN article about Chief Booth.  Anyone who reads Chief Booth’s Facebook page should be able to understand his position.  He is very clear about his religious beliefs and his priorities as the Heber Police Chief.1

Video footage nationwide shows protestors, politicians, and police officers kneeling amid protests against systemic racism and brutality.2  In large cities, in nearly every case, protest events have morphed into violent clashes with police, rioting, arson, looting, murder, and other violent acts against property and people.  This is why, I believe, Chief Booth took a stand.  He saw those police officers themselves are also symbolic and did not want to be perceived as standing for violence.

Police officers are increasingly finding themselves the target of attacks.  Public officials have said the nationwide demonstrations against police brutality have been mostly peaceful.  Many dispute those claims, but the fact that billions of dollars of property and several lives have been lost, cannot be overlooked.

Chief Booth said it well; I cannot say it better:

“I, along with my officers, feel blessed to serve Heber City.  May God continue to bless this community with the peace and faithfulness it has always had.”

Here it is, a city moving in a positive direction.


Author: Douglas R. Satterfield

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34 thoughts on “Showing Moral Courage: Chief Dave Booth

  1. Bryan Z. Lee

    Cut it anyway you want but this is a good man, the kind I would want on my team. Nuff said.

  2. Deplorable John

    I volunteer to stand with any police officer, military servicemember, firefighter, etc. I know what keeps our society and communities strong and it certainly isn’t the brownshirt BLM and Antifa “protestors.”

  3. Tomas C. Clooney

    Wow, I’m amazed at how quickly people were able to comment again on this brave police officer. I’m proud that I am among so many that know how to show their respect.

    1. Mr. T.J. Asper

      Yes, amazing but more importantly it shows us that we understand moral courage when we see it. we value moral courage and we respect those who have it.

      1. Drew Dill

        I hope you are teaching this to your High School student, Mr. TJ. Thanks for what you do to help our young to become productive, good citizens.

    2. Maureen S. Sullivan

      Yes, quick because there are many good folks out there who know the difference between good and bad and will not use that as a wedge to gain political power.

  4. Roger Yellowmule

    I support you, Chief Dave Booth. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You…. I cannot say it enough.

  5. Jerome Smith

    Chief Booth said it well; I cannot say it better: “I, along with my officers, feel blessed to serve Heber City. May God continue to bless this community with the peace and faithfulness it has always had.” This is what I see as the core of Gen. Satterfield’s article. Thank you.

    1. Wilson Cox

      I agree, okay that we read more of these articles about fine men and women on the front lines.

  6. Doc Blackshear

    Excellent and good to “see” that there are men of good character who are still out there serving and protecting. Now, if all of us were like him, the world would be a better place. Too much violence occurs because of the lack of courage to stand against it.

  7. Tony B. Custer

    Thanks for the notice, Gen. Satterfield, that your website crashed. I hope you can recover some of the comments made here about Chief Booth. There were many willing to stand with folks like him. Good for us. That shows that there is hope for America when we have police that are brave enough to do what he does.

    1. Nick Lighthouse

      Bravery is only part of it, of course. I’m happy that the police chief is where he is. I only wish our police chief were as brave.

    2. Wendy Holmes

      Thanks Tony. As the political season heats up I think we will see more, not less, police standing up for what is right. It will not be easy but it must be done to prevent the fall of our freedoms. So many state governors are little wannbe dictators. Just look at the “rules” they’ve put into place. Thanks Chief Booth for being an honorable man.

  8. JT Patterson

    Booth is clear with his choice of not kneeling in his social media post saying, “Kneeling for me, as your chief of police, is submitting to the protestors who have chosen to commit crimes of anarchy throughout our country and even in our own Salt Lake City.” Prophetic words.

  9. Greg Heyman

    Appeasement never works …. don’t believe me? No problem, just look at the history of WWI and WWII and those since. They all involve senior national leaders attempting to appease violent, ideologically driven people.

    1. Ed Berkmeister

      You are so right. Those you are trying to appease only see your actions as a sign of surrender of your pride and morals.

      1. KenFBrown

        Appeasement always fails. If it works at all, it’s only temporary. I’m surprised people still try to use it.

  10. Dead Pool Guy

    This Chief Booth is a real man and a real leader in his community. I did a little digging thru a few websites and everyone only has good things to say about him. I’m not surprised at all. Someone like this does not develop into such a strong person overnight and his stance was not thought up suddenly. His character (good character) has been with him for a long time.

  11. ZB22

    Video footage nationwide shows law enforcement officers kneeling amid protests against racism and brutality that began last month. Even Salt Lake City Police Chief Mike Brown kneeled amid chants of, “kneel with us,” in a Black Lives Matter protest, June 3, 2020. Disgusting.

    1. Karl J.

      I agree, disgusting that people would “kneel” before others and prostrate themselves in an act of “contrition.” What a bunch of losers. I will never kneel before any person, ever. And to think Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Shumer did it. Pandering never works.

    1. Eric Coda

      Thanks for the reference Albert. I’m sure there are many here that are regular readers of this leadership blog that support and stand beside men like this. I say “men” because Chief Booth is a real MAN. Da man! Glad to know there are folks like him.

  12. Scott Matthews

    Excellent article on a great man, this Dave Booth. My prayers and best wishes will always be for him and those like him. Thanks Gen. Satterfield for bringing him to our attention.

  13. apache2

    I’ll rewrite my comment. I think this Heber Chief of Police Dave Booth is a brave man who should be commended for his good attitude and righteous position. I will not kneel for any man. This should be the rallying cry for all free peoples.

  14. Janna Faulkner

    I see that your website crashed, Gen. Satterfield so I will rewrite my comment. Too bad because there was some other wonderful comments that supports Chief Booth and men like him. Also like you Gen. Satterfield by your support of the “thin blue line.” Keep up this series on Moral Courage, it makes my heart warm to know that there are men like this out there who can be relied upon to do the right thing.

    1. Max Foster

      Yes, I only wish there were more like Chief Dave Booth. If we had men like him, there would be no craziness in our cities being rocked by rioting.

    2. Fred Weber

      Well said, Janna. Yes, I too am at a loss on the website crash. I wish I’d written down many of the comments because this was an important post. In fact, just look at the most popular posts in Gen. Satterfield’s website and it was one in this series.

      1. Dennis Mathes

        Yep, and I went back to read a few of them. I think Gen. Satterfield might want to put them into one of his electronic books for us to read in one place.

    3. Yusaf from Texas

      Excellent comment, Janna. I think you are our philosopher of the day! 😊


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