Sovereign Citizens: a Class of Their Own

By | January 22, 2024

[January 22, 2024]  I heard about sovereign citizens while watching crime videos.  They often show up in popular traffic stop videos because they claim they are exempt from state or federal law.  Of course, that makes for an entertaining video, as they are often dragged out of their vehicle and arrested.

According to the FBI, sovereign citizens are considered part of an “extremist movement.”  Perhaps that is an extreme view since most are not violent, but the movement is composed of those who believe that while they live in a country, they are not subject to the laws of that country because they are free men and women, thus ‘sovereign.’

“The sovereign citizen phenomenon is one of the main contemporary sources of pseudolaw.  Sovereign citizens believe that courts have no jurisdiction over people and that the use of certain procedures (such as writing specific phrases on bills they do not want to pay) and loopholes can make one immune from government laws and regulations.[6] They also regard most forms of taxation as illegitimate and reject Social Security numbers, driver’s licenses, and vehicle registration.” – Sovereign Citizen Movement in Wikipedia

This movement is not going away.  It is believed that the movement has significantly expanded in the U.S. due to the recent recession, mortgage crisis, and the C19 pandemic.  Estimates are that 100,000 Americans are hard-core sovereign believers, with another 200,000 who are dabbling in the movement.  These numbers come from the Southern Poverty Law Center, which has a problem with the truth.

Sovereign citizens often follow the teachings of a “guru” or act on their own.  By disobeying rules they see as not legitimate, they often conflict with the government, most often with law enforcement agencies, the judiciary, and the revenue services.  We often see sovereign citizens violating traffic laws by refusing to use driver’s licenses, license plates, or register or insure their vehicles.  This is why we see so many videos of them on the Internet.

Law Enforcement Officers are well-versed in sovereign citizen tactics.  See “9 things to prepare for when encountering sovereign citizens.”  The article has significant entertainment value, but LEOs need to be cautious when approaching them because they can be dangerous.

To see what I mean by entertainment, go to the YouTube channel of Van Balion, who devotes his videos to sovereign citizens’ interaction with LEOs.  You won’t be disappointed.


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Author: Douglas R. Satterfield

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16 thoughts on “Sovereign Citizens: a Class of Their Own

  1. Eddie Gilliam

    Tks my friend Gen Douglas for the information. Knowing is critical theses days.

  2. Under the Bridge

    Gen. Satterfield has given us another entertaining and inforrmative piece of advice. Don’t go close to these people but do be aware they exist. The fact that the FBI is calling them an “extremist movement” when they are just a bunch of crazies is, in itself, problematic. The FBI is too interested in labeling Catholics, moms at school board meetings, etc as “domestic terrorists” instead of focusing on the real threats, says alot about our government run by a senile old man who is lost on a stage.

  3. Bryan Z. Lee

    “This movement is not going away. It is believed that the movement has significantly expanded in the U.S. due to the recent recession, mortgage crisis, and the C19 pandemic. Estimates are that 100,000 Americans are hard-core sovereign believers, with another 200,000 who are dabbling in the movement. ” – Gen. Doug Satterfield, and very interesting numbers. Anyway, I get it that covid and other such problems are bad but it was our government’s actions that push folks over the edge and because they had weak personalities to begin with. That is why it’s important to be strong and resilient, the very things that Gen. Satterfield teaches us.

    1. American Girl

      Good points Bryan, once again you nailed it. It’s not that our govt does stupid, its the folks that beleive the govt is the end all to their problems that is the real problem.

  4. Jay J. Johnson

    Thank you Gen. Satterfield. Being new here I sure do love what you write about. I’d never heard of sovereign citizens before and they are some folks I sure never want to be around.

    1. Kenny Foster

      That’s because you accept responsibility. That is what Gen. Doug Satterfield speaks about often. And that is what makes us better people. I recommend you go back to some of his earlier articles or read his book “55 Rules for a Good Life” to get a better idea of the idea of the pursuit of responsibility and truth. Gen. S. is great in the book and it is an extremely valuable book. also, the book is inexpensive. Oh, and since you are happy not to be in touch with SovCits, then I recommend you be prepared anyway because they will make you cringe and they can be dangerous.

  5. osmodsann

    Nothing like learning that there is another stupid ideology growing among the stupid people of America and now other English speaking nations. What’s up with that? Is it a race to the most stupid? Sovereign citizens must really really practice being the dumbest people on this earth, or they are just trying to dump all their responsibilities.

    1. The Toad

      I think they are trying to get rid of all their responsibilities AND declare they are better than the rest of us. Just like the new Marxists that have grown since the fall of trhe Soviet Union.

      1. Janna Faulkner

        Yep, “better than the rest of us.” Does that remind you of the Political Progressives? Yep! It should.

  6. Qassim

    Watched some of Van Balion’s channel, very entertaining. VERY ENTERTAINING. Thanks Gen. Satterfield for giving us this source.


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