What the Super Bowl Commercials can Tell Us

By | February 4, 2018

[February 4, 2018] Tonight at 6:30 pm (Eastern Time), the Super Bowl LII kickoff will bring us a wealth of lessons that leaders can take to heart and, if used wisely, can improve upon our knowledge and skills. Focus will be on gameplay and how the coaches and players do their jobs but it will also be on the commercials.

Super Bowl commercials are well known for their high quality, high cost, and strong messages. The best of them typically use humor as the vehicle to get their messages across and do well; at least according to most experts in advertising. But why are they so effective?

Most experts will tell us that effective TV advertising is all about consumers and filling their needs: emotional, rational, or both. A successful commercial makes you laugh out loud and call in a person from another room to see it. It pulls at the heart strings, or even at times rips the heart right out of your chest with power, or fear, causing you to think.

Like leadership, commercials are mostly about emotion. Yes, it can have an intellectual level to it; that doesn’t hurt. But those that work best have a strong emotional element. Likewise, great leaders understand emotion and ensure they address it in whatever they do For example, look at the emotions in the recent U.S. presidential election (rallies, protests, violence, etc.).

Did you ever hear a great speech? Of course, we all have and with each one it makes us feel great or angry or some other emotion. It wasn’t the logic of the speech or the speaker; it was how it made us feel. That is what these commercials will do. They will make us feel a certain way and that is why we will remember them.

For a quick look at those commercials, CBS Sports claims they have a preview of them on their website. Their site can be found here. I reviewed them and found them pretty good; they better be for what it costs to have them on. If you are watching the NFL Super Bowl, you will get a chance to see some great football and great commercials and learn a little about leadership.

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Author: Douglas R. Satterfield

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