That Which is Hidden: President Joe Biden

By | June 30, 2024

[June 30, 2024]  The U.S. presidential debates between Joe Biden and Donald Trump this past Thursday were eye-opening for many in America.  Say what you will about the format of the presidential debates.  Yet, when we see the two presidential candidates on stage and answering questions without a written script, that is truly democracy in action.  The problem is that too much has been hidden from the American public; some say there was a cover-up.

I was not surprised by Biden’s or Trump’s debate performance.  I expected Biden to perform poorly and to mangle his words and sentences.  That would be normal for him.  I also expected Trump to tone down his aggressiveness.  And he did just that.  Overall, I think CNN did an acceptable job presenting the two candidates, but they didn’t protect Biden from his senility like they had in the past.

What surprised me the most was the post-debate discussions from the mainstream media and Democrats.  All of a sudden, they realized that Joe Biden had a mental problem that was affecting his ability to function as president.  It was as if this had been purposefully hidden from us these past three and a half years.  Many said they were “shocked.”  The word “dementia” was mentioned often.  Some went so far as to say Biden should step down and let another Democrat run for president.

Sometimes, what media and political commentators say publically is not what they think, and yes, I do understand that they are not as straightforward as they should be.  But half the American population has known for many years that Joe Biden has dementia, and his health is worse, not better, and any honest observer can see it for one’s self.

However, the most significant oversight in all the missing post-debate analyses is about what makes for good leadership.  Frankly, Joe Biden simply does not have the mental ability or good character to be president.  Biden does not have today, nor has he ever had, the strength of character to lead the United States.  This comment is not a political statement.  It is the truth.  And I stand by it.

American was once a place that put it’s best and brightest in positions that most affect us.  That is no longer the case.  And President Joe Biden is there to prove that unfortunate point.


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Author: Douglas R. Satterfield

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25 thoughts on “That Which is Hidden: President Joe Biden

  1. Da Man

    Earlier this week, Biden blamed his lackluster effort at the debate on his extensive foreign travel ahead of the event – despite the fact that he had been in the Eastern Time Zone for 10 days prior, including a solid week of prep at Camp David.

  2. Jo Ponte

    “The question asked repeatedly has been whether Joe Biden can lead at this level. Anyone who is honest knows that Joe Biden is prone to verbal gaffes, memory lapses, and times that he doesn’t know where he is. Frankly, that will make his presidency difficult. He has dementia. The question is how long it will take before he can no longer function.” – Gen. Doug Satterfield, 21 Jan 2021. Long ago, Gen. S. was on it.

    1. ashley

      The Democrats should be reading this blog but, no, they are in a world of their own.

  3. Fred Weber

    For the sake of the nation, I hope that Pres. Joe Biden decides not to run for president.

  4. Good Dog

    It will be interesting to read and hear about the “meetings” this weekend after the Democrats get their act together and have “talked” to Joe Biden. Will they ask him to step down? Will they ask him to resign or force him to resign? These are important questions. No way will he win against Donald Trump at this point. Everyone now knows about the open secret of Biden’s mental decline.

  5. Audrey

    The Democrats and the Leftists generally have been recruiting for ideological compliance and corruptibility for close to half a century They are not that smart. They will fight for power like a pack of enraged rats, which Republicans won’t, and they’re entirely unscrupulous. That’s plenty to worry about without imagining that they never make mistakes.

    1. Bryan Z. Lee

      Yet…. there is only one good reason to break all precedent and hold the debate in June. And that’s to give them a substantive, objective, undeniable excuse to jettison Joe Biden. There’s no other strategic reason for it that is possible.

  6. Lana Morrison

    Gen. Satterfield wrote about Joe Biden’s dementia back in 2019. Now where are we?

  7. Wellington McBeth👀

    These are people who believe that drugs can make boys into girls and girls into boys. I believe that they thought drugs could make Joe look competent. And here we are. “Nothing to see here, move along you stupid American hicks. We the people of Washington DC know better, and we are better than you. Turn your head away. We will keep Joe Biden in power no matter what.” What else would they think?

    1. KenFBrown

      OUCH === 😜😜😜😜😜😜😜 = Joe Biden is ( fill in the blank ).

  8. Martin Shiell

    Gen. Satterfield. thanks for writing about what I and most Americans are thinking today. And shortly we will celebrate our Independence Day and yet we are under the thumb of the democrat racist socialist dictatorial party and most Americans are okay with that.

  9. JT Patterson

    I can only hope and pray that America comes to its senses and turns away from dementia Joe Biden. He has not run our country is years. The real question, “Who is running American.” Gen. Satterfield has done us a huge favor by giving us his exposure of this cover-up, so what do we do next. Joe B. is the current president and he cannot do his job. Is it 25th Amendment time and throw him out? That is something we should be talking about. So, if they 25th Amendment him, or he resigns and Kamala becomes President for six months, do the Democrats keep her on the ticket or do they bring in someone else? Would they want to be mean and heartless and replace the historic first woman of color president? They could rip their entire party apart if they aren’t careful.

    1. Neat Man II

      I’ve got my popcorn and beer ready . . .It’s all self-inflicted wound caused by the Democrats and their allies in the media.
      And I’m sitting back a-luvin’ it.

      1. KRause

        Surprise Surprise Surprise — not much of a cover-up, really. It was obvious he was senile when he was “running” in 2020 but we’ve been gaslite for almost four years by a press not worth a pile of dog mess.

      2. Patriot Wife

        Right! The debate exposed what we already knew, but the mainstream media was trying to keep hidden. Now, they’re scrambling to save what little is left of their reputations. They’re like, “Gee, Joe looked just fine last week when we saw him at Baskin-Robbins.” Expect to see and hear more of this. Thank you, Gen. Satterfield for your thoughts on this terrible mistake made by Joe B. and his handlers.

        1. Boy Sue

          Slam dunk commentary. However, do you honestly think that the ballot harvesters and counters in the key counties in the 6 important states care one wit about this? 👀👀👀👀👀👀

  10. Maximilian Krämer

    We, the American people, were misled. I knew long ago. And here we are. What is next?

  11. Winston

    Gen. Satterfield is right, but I also say it was a conspiracy of the Democrat Party to his Biden’s senility and that alone is something Americans should find disgusting and completely unacceptable. Cover ups have a purpose and when a cover up hides something of great importance that can harm us, well, those folks should be punished severely.

    1. Mr. Savage

      Jail? I don’ t think so because this is business as usual for politicians. The Democrat Party is dishonest. I will NEVER VOTE for a Democrat again in my life and I’ve convince my family to do the same. They are hypocrites, they are EVIL and they are of the worst kind of humans. They see power for power’s sake.

      1. Big Al

        Winston and Mr. S., thanks ….. I was thinking something along those lines. But what should be done by the American people who were hoodwinked?

        1. Jo Ponte

          Crazy what is hidden from us by those who believe they are superior. Ack.


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