The Calamity of Masculinity

By | August 3, 2022

[August 3, 2022] Today, there is a rush to condemn masculinity in all its forms in the West.  This outlook has origins in the West’s move to nihilism and the rejection of the family, on the one hand, and in the political progressivism of modern democracy, on the other.  We see this manifest itself, at least negatively, in higher crime rates, violence, increased numbers of men in prison, and low labor force participation rates, especially among young men.

I’ve written for many years that true masculinity means channeling men’s aggressive spirit into doing good deeds (as symbolized in the Lion).  The primary mechanisms of delivering that message were the nuclear family, male-centric organizations (like the Boy Scouts and the YMCA), and Christian churches.  In addition, the media, particularly the film industry, reinforced that learning and supporting strong, protective, honorable men as their lead characters.

We’ve flipped the message from the ancient idea that men are protectors to the narrow woke idea that men are predators.  An ideological drum is being beaten constantly by the pathological doctrine that the fundamental human motivation is the willingness and ability to use compulsion (power).  This leftist ideology predicates itself on the idea that power is the only (or at least the primary) element that explains human behavior.

The problem with this idea that human relationships are based on power is not just irrational but ignores at least one crucial basis of humanness; mutual trust.  The insistence among the radical leftists that power is the all-to-end-all motivation certainly oversimplifies what goes on in any human relationship.

If I’m only motivated by power, then you and I can only get along if our interests align.  If you are motivated by power, and I’m motivated by power, and our interests don’t align, then the only option is to turn you into an enemy and destroy you.  We cannot engage in dialogue, and the reason is no social bond of trust, just power.

As a side note, the debate we are having in the West is not about who should be allowed to speak freely, although, on the surface, it appears to be the case.  That is nothing.  That is a trivial debate.  Perhaps we can understand this.  If I don’t like what you have to say, then I’ll do my best to have you not speak.  The real debate is about something much more profound.  The real debate is on whether free speech itself is just a mask to justify the oppressive nature of patriarchy.  The radical argument is that there is no free speech; that is only an illusion put forth by those who want to justify their claim to power.

The ability to make peace and engage in reciprocal interactions constitutes the basis for a stable relationship.  Not power.  And, it is the moral duty of men – exercised through their masculine traits – to be that encouraging entity that helps make peace that allows for reciprocal relationships.  It follows that the masculine role in child rearing is protecting the family so that stable relationships can occur and children can learn to engage freely and in unhindered reciprocity.


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Author: Douglas R. Satterfield

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27 thoughts on “The Calamity of Masculinity

  1. Wild Bill

    Never disappointed in this blog by Gen. Satterfield. This whole idea that masculinity is toxic is outright crazy. And, if you don’t think so, just wait until the enemy is at the gates.

  2. USA Patriot II

    Hi Gen. Satterfield from the great city of Burlington, VT. Yep, small town. Well known. But full of liberal windbags. Listening to them talk is like such a mind-numbing experience that I feel like pulling my hair out. Anybody have any suggestions how to overcome their dumbness, let me know.

    1. old warrior

      Very funny! Kick ’em in the arse!! Don’t let them get away wit nuttin.

      1. 76 Wife

        Sir, you are welcome. Big fan base here in Oklahoma and my family is big on your comments too.

  3. Tom Bushmaster

    More and more people are coming to the realization that this is not just true but that they themselves may have participated in the falsity of the neo-Marxism of “toxic masculinity.” Too bad they got SUCKERED.

    1. Eye Cat

      Yes, indeed, they got suckered all right. So, lesson here, pay attention and don’t fall for the propaganda.

      1. Autistic Techie

        ….. and they will never see it themselves without reality slapping them upside the head. Sad that so many folks are so stupid they will believe anything a Marxist tells them.

        1. Marx and Groucho

          Because they are born stupid and never get over it.

  4. Northeast

    “We’ve flipped the message from the ancient idea that men are protectors to the narrow woke idea that men are predators.” Gen. Satterfield nailed it with his article and this sentence is his main point. When the crap hits the fan, I have seen those same radical leftists go running to those “toxic masculine” men because everyone knows that is where safety is. No surprise there. Cowardice is what defines the leftist ideology.

    1. Linux Man

      Northeast, yep, I think you got the gist of what Gen. Satterfield is trying to tell us. For some of us, this is obvious and has been for a long time now. I hope the USA wakes up soon and tells the woke crowd to go back to their parent’s basement where they belong and can do no harm.

  5. JT Patterson

    Great article but I’m afraid very few will be paying attention to it. Thank you, Gen. Satterfield for this cogent article.

    1. Kerry 6

      So right, JT. Thanks for being on top of this. I think the peak of the influence of the radicals are about to be reached.

    2. Goalie for Cal State

      Too bad for them. When reality meets ideology, I have found that reality usually (always?) wins out. 😊

      1. Commie Red

        Not always. Isn’t masculinity in a crisis? Perhaps so. Consider why. Don’t blame the runaway political left with the destruction of the West.

        1. McStompie

          Commie Red, how about some evidence of what you say, or is this just a repeat of the talking points of crazies in the White House or on the side of the Demorats? Tell us more! Don’t be a hit and run commentator.

          1. Unwoke Dude

            You won’t get an answer, Greg because that is the way these folks operate. They throw out their talking points and if you don’t follow them and agree 100%, the you are a racist, sexist, homophobe or some inane label. Those labels used to stick but not any more. We are on to their game now.

    1. Laughing Monkey

      Great to hear again from you RED. Common sense is no longer common sense. The radicals who are given free reign are trampling over those of us who are polite and respectful. They are the ones who need to be put in their place alongside the rest of us. Talk your differences out, don’t use violence like the progressive political leftist do.

      1. Mikka Solarno

        Red is my favorite guest writer. I hope he writes again soon. I just love it.

    2. Dog Man

      Hey, RED, when are you going to submit another article to Gen. Satterfield’s leadership blog? Soon? Many of us here are huge fans of yours. We know you are doing great work out there to stomp on the idiots that run our big cities like Baltimore. Crazies to the left, crazies to the right. What to do? Tell the truth.

      1. Bernie

        Yep, when is the next article? I love Sadako Red’s past works and looking forward to another soon.


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