The Female Hero Myth

By | December 23, 2022

[December 23, 2022]  Modern movies are awful.  They often have a “female hero” (the perfect hero without flaw, fear, or blemish) substituting for the male hero, who traditionally rides in to save the day.  These modern movies have failed at the box office.  I’m not surprised at all.  Here is something to think about, something about the real female hero myth.

As I’ve noted before, a harmless man is not a good man.  The good man is a very dangerous man who has that under voluntary control.  You can see this common hero stories but also in the central female stories of old, where the central female is the taming of the beast.

We can see this myth in the story Beauty and the Beast.  The beauty is not interested in the guy who isn’t the beast.  She’s interested in the guy who’s the beast, and that’s exactly as it should be.  She’s interested in the guy who is the beast that can be civilized and disciplined.  And the guy who can use that in the service of the family and community.

What I liked about the Disney version of the story – and I believe it is one of the best movies ever – it’s a real female hero myth story.  The woman, Belle, is beautiful and has status as a woman.  She is witty, well-read, intelligent, adventurous, brave, and courageous.  And she doesn’t fall for Gaston, a narcissistic psychopath who tries to woo her.  It should be noted that women often fall for narcissistic men like Gaston, especially when compared to women who are more mature and wiser.  Women are often attracted to such psychopathic personalities.

Belle prefers the beast instead because it is the beast that is the adventure.  This beast is rough, but he has potential, which really attracts her.  She wants someone to guard the walls and make a haven for her and her children.  But the beast is generous enough, productive, helpful, and generous enough to share.  So she civilizes him.  That is the real female hero myth.

The civilizing of men is the real female hero myth, not a substitute for the male hero as modern movies would have us believe.  The symbolism of nature is the male hero.  The Disney “Beauty and the Beast” story’s plot is that this woman encounters a mysterious and aggressive male and tames him.

Of course, there is no fun in taming someone who’s already tamed.  And what makes you think that you want someone tame anyways?  There’s no interest in that.  Plus, when the world threatens you in many ways, what makes you think that someone tame will be good for anything?  That is the real question.

And so the Beast’s aggression is vital and necessary.  And it’s incredibly dangerous, which it is, and it has to be civilized.  What happens is that the archetypal female in these popular female romances seduces and tames the aggressive male, which is her encounter with danger.

Belle is more beautiful when she is in her relationship with the beast.  Now, that is something to think about.  We should not be perplexed why Belle is attracted to the beast and rejects the narcissist.


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33 thoughts on “The Female Hero Myth

  1. Veronica Stillman

    This article is an example of why I read this leadership blog. More power and success to Gen. Satterfield who likes to tell stories like they should be told. For those who are too lazy to read his works, then you have just missed out on something important in life and aren’t smart enough to know it. Thanks everyone and have a happy new year.

  2. ant man

    Gen. Satterfield, as always, I do appreciate your articles and this one on the female hero myth is one of your best. I know, from reading your book “55 Rules for a Good Life” that you are heavily influenced by Dr. Jordan B. Peterson and for that reason your articles have an air of common sense that most writers in the leadership realm do not have. Merry Christmas and keep up what you are doing with this website. I also am looking forward to your next book.

  3. Greek Senator

    “And so the Beast’s aggression is vital and necessary. And it’s incredibly dangerous, which it is, and it has to be civilized.” – Gen. Doug Satterfield. Great comment. If you missed it, read the entire article. Beauty and the Beast is, indeed, one of the best movies out there.

    1. Wilson Cox

      Right Greek Senator. I watched it again last night. I have the DVD and anytime my kids want, I pull it out and play it. I never get tired of seeing it.

      1. mainer

        Get a copy of the movie and watch it. Wilson, you nailed it. Watch the movie and try to understand the symbology.

  4. Lady Hawk

    Gen. Satterfield, once again, you’ve done it. Helping us understand that women and men can be heroes but we do it differently because we are different. Hang in there. Best wishes to you, your wife Nancy, and to your entire family. Merry Christmas. I’m honored to know a true Christian.

    1. Doc Blackshear

      Commie Red, you missed Gen. Satterfield’s point about the real female hero myth. I suggest you stop watching “woke” films and so-called news shows that parrot progressive, hard left propaganda.

      1. Vanguard

        Right Doc, Commie Red missed the idea. You cannot simply substitute one sex for another willy nilly without appearing to be really stupid. That line of thinking does not track with reality and never will. Listen to a movie critic here that will help you understand.

  5. Max Foster

    I will be reading Gen. Satterfield’s blog less over the next few days as my family comes in from out of state (Arizona and Mississippi). Please everyone, have a wonderful holiday and Merry Christmas to all of you. Christmas is often a time of depression because people realize what they do not have and that is not material goods but family. Our Western society now deemphasizes family but that comes at a great cost to all of us. This is the product of the anti-Christian movement and evil politicians. Let’s all have great cheer, and be with your family … if you can.

  6. Oakie from OK

    “The civilizing of men is the real female hero myth, not a substitute for the male hero as modern movies would have us believe.” – Gen. Doug Satterfield, nuff said.

    1. The Observer

      Wow, this is a great website and very very enlightening. More than I would imagine when I first started reading it a couple of weeks ago.

        1. Wild Bill

          Yes, merry Christmas to all ……. And so the Beast’s aggression is vital and necessary. And it’s incredibly dangerous, which it is, and it has to be civilized. see how this plays together with Christmas? Interesting.

  7. Grover in the Grove

    Gen. Satterfield does it again. Happy Christmas all.

  8. old warrior

    Modern movies suck mostly because they are trying to raise the unearned status of women and blacks. If you find that a microaggression, then tough shit.

    1. The Golly Woman from EHT

      Psst, hey old warrior, watch out for the thought police that roam the internet looking to cancel good folks like you who want to tell the truth. But, I’m sure you don’t give a sh!!. Ha Ha.

    2. Pen Q

      Darn it, old warrior, now I have to clean up my nose after drinking a glass of milk while reading your comment. I love it, BTW, so don’t change. There are many of us here who are with you 110 percent. Kick ’em in the pant’s seat — butt — and watch them all cry, running back to their mama’s basement to whimper and insult us online, not face to face.

    1. Janna Faulkner

      … yeah, and that is also why I no longer go to movies at the theater, plus their customer service is awful. And the audiences are rude. These modern movies attract a terrible element of our community.


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