The Palestinian War Strategy

[July 2, 2024]  For the first time in the history of humanity, the strategy for “winning” a war is based on a policy that calls for the massive killing of your own citizens.  The “Palestinian” cause is to destroy Israel and kill all Jews, but to do that, Palestinians must first die in massive numbers.  This is a clear Palestinian war strategy, and it’s working because the West recoils from such in-human brutality.

At the beginning of the Israel-Hamas War, many believed that for Hamas to win, it had to put Palestinian civilians in front of the terrorists in what is called the “human shield” tactic.  We were wrong.  This is not a tactic to protect Hamas fighters.  It is a strategy to turn world opinion against Israel by purposefully having Palestinians killed.  It’s working.  America, which is Israel’s most important ally, has decided to limit support for Israel and prevent them from genuinely crushing Hamas.

The neo-Marxist narrative of ‘oppressed versus oppressor’ is so prevalent in America and the West that it has changed the way we view warfare.  This is why Hamas’ strategy requires their citizens to be maimed and killed, and the more suffering, the better.  Hamas terrorists hijack aid coming across the Egyptian border, in their policy to force more suffering on the Palestinians, not to feed its fighters.

Significantly, few realize the distinction between using civilians as human shields and having a policy that demands they die.  And there is no adequate response in a civilized world based on compassion for the underdog.  We now know, that the only response that works is to crush Hamas, and if that means their citizens die, so be it.  Our political leaders know this to be accurate, but recoil at it.

And America is pressuring Israel not to let that happen.  Like the Nazis of World War II, who continued to execute Jews in Concentration Camps as the Allies were closing in, Hamas continues a strategy that ensures the Palestinians die.  It should come as no surprise that they also overreport deaths and injuries and also make sure those killed are shown graphically.

Hamas and the Palestinian cause is a death cult.  Their cause to kill all the Jews, even if it means their own deaths, has yet to be understood by either America and the West or Israel.  Some military leaders are starting to figure this out.  None of those who see this strategy for what it is are in America.  Our U.S. policy is doomed to fail; when it does, the results will be spectacularly awful.


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Author: Douglas R. Satterfield

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13 thoughts on “The Palestinian War Strategy

  1. AJ the Whirl Wind

    So very true, and thank you Gen. Satterfield for telling it like it is and not hide behind fancy words or ‘modern’ ideologies. The Palestinian cause, as it is today, is evil to its core. Those who disagree have not looked into the core of their ideology – which is not Islam but an off shoot of Islam.

  2. Ron C.

    Gen. Satterfield, thanks for your commentary on this issue, an issue that many are too cowardly to take on. They are afraid because they will be accused of “supporting genocide” just for writing or talking about the issue. Of course, that is crazy but purposeful to align themselves with the “oppressed.” Why? It makes them (college protesters, etc) feel superior to everyone else becuase they “stand against” the oppressor. Ha Ha Ha. This kind of knee-jerk intellectualism is unsuited for even a basic philosophy class BUT IT WORKS in a world of cowards like we have in our American president and Canadian PM.

  3. Wellington McBeth👀

    A little bit of meta-Marxism here that Gen. S. is pointing to and that put into the mix makes for a very complex world and weakens our political leaders even more.

  4. Army Captain

    “Hamas and the Palestinian cause is a death cult. Their cause to kill all the Jews, even if it means their own deaths, has yet to be understood by either America and the West or Israel. Some military leaders are starting to figure this out. None of those who see this strategy for what it is are in America. Our U.S. policy is doomed to fail; when it does, the results will be spectacularly awful.” – Gen. Doug Satterfield. Well said, sir. The tangled web of death and destruction will continue until someone stands up and says this death cult is no longer tolerated. And we all know that America with its current weak leadership will do nothing. I think that Donald Trump is the only man who can help fix this problem.

    1. Jerome Smith

      With Donald Trump as the US president, I do think that world and America will be much better off. With Joe Biden our focus is on who is your sex partner and pandering to POCs. With Trump it will be about better jobs and protecting Americans.

      1. Harry Man

        Good one, made me laugh. But I do think you are right. The “Palestinian Strategy” is ultimately based on the fact that the West has weak leaders.

  5. Northeast

    Thank you, Gen. Satterfield for saying what needs saying. As Jeff Blackwater said below, the Palestinians are used as a powerful political tool. And within their own society, they use that to their advantage too. That is why the death of their own citizens is a benefit and to be encouraged by their ‘leaders’ and the leaders of certain parts of the world. It will take a strong American president to overcome this problem and Pres Joe Biden is far too weak and lazy to take it on. Biden is also a coward and cowards cannot do the things necessary to protect our citizens.

  6. Yiddy of Macedonia

    What do the Palestinians produce? What do they do to add value to the human race? Zero. 👎 That doesn’t mean they should be destroyed but it certainly does mean that we don’t have to go out of our way to help them.

    1. Jeff Blackwater

      They do have value. They are used as a political tool to support anti-Israel and anti-semitism. Read this anti-Israel screed from the UN – “UN marks 75 years since displacement of 700,000 Palestinians”
      See what I mean also that the UN has fallen and no longer fulfills is mission but is fully corrupted at every lever. Amreica should stop supporting it and kick them out of NYC.

      1. Peigin

        Wow, yes! Jeff, excellent point. The UN has now been corrupted and no one is willing to take them on.

  7. USA Patriot II

    EXACTLY …. Gen. Satterfield is writing what we are thinking but have a hard time putting it into words. Sadly, the Hamas/Palestinian cause is anti-human. That is why no one wants to take them in or help them.


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