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By | March 23, 2021

[March 23, 2021]  A couple of days ago, I wrote about WWII hero Hershel “Woody” Williams.  He was awarded the Medal of Honor at the Battle of Iwo Jima.  Woody told me of the importance of education in developing today’s youth.  And, fortunately, Woody’s mission is similar to that of the Sergeant York Patriotic Foundation (SYPF).

Occasionally, I will write a short article about those that do good things for our community.  The SYPF is one of those.  I wouldn’t have picked it out of the many great organizations to choose from, but this one is something special to me.

All my life, the movie Sergeant York (1941) has been one of my favorites.  Alvin York grew up much as I did, fishing and hunting, going to church, and trying to be a good Christian.  Maybe that is why I was so enthralled with the movie.  He could shoot better than, it seemed, humanly possible.  The SYPF tells his story.

Sergeant Alvin C. York was the most well-known hero of World War I.  The SYPF’s mission is to “breathe life into history … by teaching the world about spirit, tenacity, and courage in the face of adversity through the inspiring story of the life of one of WWI’s most decorated war heroes Sgt. Alvin C. York.”  Foundation leaders are dedicated to keeping historical sites and artifacts intact to be used as educational tools.

“One person moving forward and standing up for what they believe in can create a ripple effect, making our communities, our state, and our America a better place.”-  Sergeant York Patriotic Foundation, vision statement

U.S. Army Colonel Gerald York, the grandson of Alvin York, tells us that the foundation promotes the values of courage, sacrifice, patriotism, citizenship, integrity, and commitment through increased awareness, education, behavior, and example.  Colonel York should know; he is himself a Vietnam War veteran.

I had to ask a question about my favorite movie, “Was it accurate?”  Colonel York said that the movie was primarily accurate but did not include his grandfather’s wish to address the need for better education in Tennessee.  WWI ended in November 1918.  The movie came out 23 years later and only after Alvin York approved.  What was the most accurate piece in the movie?  His love for his wife, Gracie.

Author: Douglas R. Satterfield

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15 thoughts on “The Sergeant York Patriotic Foundation

  1. Greg Heyman

    Great foundation. I also recommend that we all donate. This is a great cause.

  2. Doug Smith

    Wow, Gen. Satterfield, you got to talk with some of Sgt York’s relatives. I have a lot to say about that – other than “wow” – but I’ll let it go for now. I do want to say, however, that meeting such people provides motivation for us to do good in a time of malaise that Pres Joe Biden has created.

    1. corralesdon

      It was Pres Jimmy Carter that was the president of malaise. Now Joe Biden will be seen as the pres of malaise. How ironic.

  3. Dead Pool Guy

    I’m a huuggggge Sergeant York fan from the time I was a little kid. My dad used to say that I would run around the house shooting “limmies” (meaning WWI German soldiers). What fun I had then and how I admired Sergeant York. I would watch the movie on our tv every time is came out.

  4. Willie Shrumburger

    Thank you, Gen. Satterfield for alerting me (and our fan base here) about this great foundation. I recommend we contribute to show our support. Today, in the US and the West, we have an anti-Christian, anti-Capitalist, pro-tyrannical movement going on that is allowed to continue because so many politicians are cowards. Simple.

    1. Tom Bushmaster

      Good points Willie and yes it is one of the basic, long-lasting foundations that has a great purpose. Hard to argue with that unless you are stupid and a college snowflake.

      1. The Kid 1945

        Ha Ha, you’re right Tom. Many will not listen because their rose-colored socialist ideology prevents them from seeing the obvious.

  5. Max Foster

    Excellent post, Gen. Satterfield. The Sergeant York Patriotic Foundation is one of those non-profits that just makes you feel good about yourself and your fellow citizens. They are a flag-waving, non-partisan group that does good for their community – in this case thru education – and those are the values that make us better and stronger and more valuable to the country. Sgt York was a patriot and proved it over and over in his life. We should hold him up in our highest esteem.

  6. Gil Johnson

    A great “patriotic” foundation. Emphasis on the word PATRIOTIC. I’m not surprised at all that Gen. Satterfield has highlighted this organization for us, he is a patriot as well and told us that in an article a few months ago.

  7. Rev. Michael Cain

    Great foundation. I’ve contributed in the past. Worth every nickel. The values they espouse are currently running against the Woke narrative of leftists. For that reason alone, I will give another $100 today.

    1. Forrest Gump

      Rev. Cain, thanks for what you do and for reminding us that there are organizations lead by good people who know what is right and worthwhile. This org is one of them, lead by some wonderful people. I’m happy that the SYPF is our there continuing to do good things.

      1. Silly Man

        Yep, and they are not being stupid. They are sticking to long-proven, worthy human values and goals.

      2. Yusaf from Texas

        You got that one right Forrest as usual. Well said.


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