Today is Flag Day in the U.S.

By | June 14, 2018

[June 14, 2018]  I’m taking a few minutes to remind everyone that today is Flag Day in the United States.  Most folks here in the U.S. and abroad do not fully appreciate the association of our flag with patriotism and American values.  But folks do acknowledge that today is important for our citizens who have remained free and are willing to free others when called upon.

Today is also the day the U.S. Army celebrates it birthday.  You can read about it here on the U.S. Army webpage (link here).  Most everyone knows that the United States was established declared independent of Great Britain on July 4, 1776, by the signing of the Declaration of Independence.  Yet, the army was established on June 14, 1775 (a year before); an interesting little tidbit of information.

The official flag of the United States is a beacon of freedom throughout the world.  It is no surprise for those of us that it symbolizes freedom and will continue to do so.

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Author: Douglas R. Satterfield

Hello. I'm Doug and I provide at least one article everyday on some leadership topic. I welcome comments and also guests who would like to write an article. Thanks for reading my blog.

30 thoughts on “Today is Flag Day in the U.S.

  1. Jerome Smith

    I’m a little late making this comment but I wanted to say that Gen Satterfield is one of the few who recognized Flag Day. Now it seems to do so is passé, outdated, old, out of fashion, etc. Congrats!

  2. Yusaf from Texas

    Thanks Gen Satterfield. Almost done reading it.

  3. Delf A. "Jelly"

    Good comments today by some very savvy readers. Recognizing Flag Day is like giving your respect for first responders and military personnel. They put their lives on the line every day for us. We must, out of basic courtesy, recognize them for their bravery and steadfastness.

    1. Douglas R. Satterfield Post author

      Good analysis today “Jelly.” Respect and decency are the bottom line for recognizing Flag Day and any day that is built upon the premise that free men and women are what makes us great.

  4. Nancy J

    My Sicilian grandparents (God rest their souls) came to America many, many years ago. Although, they were very proud of their heritage they loved this country. They learned the language, worked hard and were able to give their children the opportunity to have the freedoms that we are afforded today.

  5. Dale Paul Fox

    At a Fourth of July parade last year I watched people as the American flag went by in the color guard. Those older (and wiser) stood while the younger (and dumber) sat on their butts. This is where good leadership means action. Those folks not honoring the flag (and therefore dishonoring the nation) must be told of their behavior. Some will “get it” while others will remain dumb.

  6. Mr. T.J. Asper

    I have a big American flag behind my desk and every morning when my students arrive I point to it and nod. They know that this flag represents freedom across the world. We discuss how many do not want freedom of others and we discuss socialism, communism, progressivism, and other forms of coercion that prevents people from being free.

    1. Kenny Foster

      Political correctness is the opposite of freedom and an anathema of Flag Day.

    2. Darryl Sitterly

      I love it. I wish my teachers had the moral courage to do the same with me and my buddies.

  7. Tracey Brockman

    All animals desire freedom. All humans do also. There are some people who are comfortable being in a police state but those are the minority. Freedom is neither easy nor is it free.

  8. Bryan Lee

    Yes, it is a great day any day I can be free from the shackles of govt.

  9. Shawn C. Stolarz

    To all free people, happy flag day from those of us in the USA. Thanks to all.

  10. Martin Shiell

    Wow … all I can say is I hope that your relatives now rest in peace. thanks for sharing.

  11. Mark Evans

    Happy Flag Day to all the readers of Gen Satterfield’s leadership blog. Wishing everyone who is free a special thanks and wishing all those not free the courage to escape.

  12. Lynn Pitts

    The “land of the free and the home of the brave.” It couldn’t have been said better than that.

  13. José Luis Rodriguez

    Mexico’s Flag Day is on February 24th of each year. I always call my relatives to wish them a wonderful day on that date. They do appreciate the recognition.

  14. Albert Ayer

    Happy Flag Day to all. This may be a US day but it applies to all citizens who want and love freedom from tyranny.

  15. Watson Bell

    For a reason unknown to me, Flag Day is not a national holiday but it matters not. I celebrate alongside all free-loving peoples worldwide.

  16. Billy Kenningston

    WIshing everyone a very special Flag Day, which ultimately honors the good ole US of A.

  17. Janna Faulkner

    Great to live in a country that is free. We may have a lot of idiots who live here but that is what shows we are free.

  18. Joey Holmes

    …… from your friends in Australia.

  19. Army Captain

    Flag Day is a very special day in the US and as it should be. My relatives literally died with the flag in their hands while in war. Such cannot be overlooked nor ignored for politically correct reasons or any other.

    1. Bill Sanders, Jr.

      There must be some great stories here.

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