Twitter Takes a Birdbath

By | October 31, 2022

[October 31, 2022]  Yes, that’s right, Twitter takes a birdbath, meaning a cleansing is underway within that bloated, woke, anti-free speech company.  Elon Musk has officially taken over control of Twitter, ending months of legal disputes.  He is bringing significant changes, which began with the immediate firing of Twitter’s CEO Parag Agrawal, Vijaya Gadde, and Ned Segal (Twitter’s top three executives).

No need to feel sorry for those executives – unceremoniously escorted out of Twitter’s headquarters building – who were personally responsible for censoring and shadowbanning thousands of Americans who had opinions different from theirs, mostly political conservatives.  Last year I wrote about the moral cowardice of Twitter’s executives (see link here and here).  Sad.

Twitter was never a moneymaker like we all might have thought (some believe it never made a profit).  Perhaps that was by design; we will never know.  The company did not experience the kind of monetary gains other social media companies founded about the same time enjoyed.  It will be difficult for Elon Musk to turn the company around financially.  He will have to do a lot more trimming of the fat.

File this article under unintentional humor.


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39 thoughts on “Twitter Takes a Birdbath

  1. Hacker 1988

    Yeah , vote Republican. Throw the bum Democrats out. Red wave acoming.

  2. Pen Q

    Right. Gen. Satterfield sure knows how to nail it. But, that is not the only thing happening today that is destroying the morale of neo Marists, Progressives. The SCOTUS is taking on Affirmative Action (which is racists at its core). Let’s watch their heads explode.

    1. Xerxes I

      Too much Pen Q. Buying popcorn now. Watching SCOTUS arguments (audio only). Loving all of it. Liberals will certainly have a meltdown because they are the true racists, but we are not allowed to say so.

      1. Vanguard88

        Anya B. you do have a sense of humor. Thank you for that. But also, this is a serious matter. I got banned outright by Twitter for just writing about the election. Nothing I wrote was controversial and I didn’t share any article at all. Just an arbitrary ban.

  3. Max Foster

    Hey guys, let’s not forget to get a copy of Gen. Satterfield’s newest book, “55 Rules for a Good Life.” You can get your copy either Kindle version or Paperback. This is how we support someone who struggles for free speech for all and that is the only way of improving ourselves … because, as Gen. Douglas Satterfield reminds us … tell the truth, at least don’t lie.

    1. Doc Blackshear

      Max, you nailed it and yes we are big big fans of Gen. Satterfield and his book should be a huge winner.

      1. Autistic Techie

        Ha, the ubermensch will strike back. They destroy reputations. That is what they do.

  4. ant man

    Thanks Elon Musk. Since being banned on Twitter for reasons the pajama wearing Karens there could never be bothered making clear, the schadenfreude I believed I would never get to experience has been blessedly washing over me.

    1. Greg Heyman

      Welcome ant man. Good to see your post this morning. We all, IMHO, hated Twitter for its censorship. Their CEO claimed they were not allowing “violence” by censoring conservatives. But in reality we all knew this was a smokescreen for their radical anti-American ideas.

      1. ant man

        Thank you Greg. I’ve been reading this blog for several months and I’m a real fan too. 🐜

  5. American Girl

    He is bringing significant changes, which began with the immediate firing of Twitter’s CEO Parag Agrawal, Vijaya Gadde, and Ned Segal (Twitter’s top three executives).” Don’t you just love it? I’m dancing in my home and having a small party, very small because the idiots at Twitter have small brains. Elon Must – go for it. Gen. Satterfield, you’ve done well here to make my day. American moved just another inch away from tyranny by ending a company that stepped on free speech.

      1. Idiot Savant

        You made my day, American Girl and Unwoke Dude!!!! I just love this leadership blog.

  6. Emma Archambeau

    Well Elon Musk finally got full control of that scummy company. Twitter should be shut down complete, all the employees fired outright, and all their files deleted permanently. Elon Musk needs to watch his back because their woke employees will do everything to take him out and embarrass him. Let’s hope he gets rid of them fast.

    1. Julia

      Kick them where it hurts, in the balls. Well, these folks don’t have any so don’t even try. I was joking, not. We need to spare America their whining and yes deport them to a REAL communist country like Cuba or North Korea or China. They wouldn’t last a minute.

      1. Karl J.

        … or to a country where you actually have to do something productive to live there.

        1. Yusaf from Texas

          You guys are great. And, Gen. Satterfield hits a home run with this article, short and to the point. Great news.

        2. Colleen Ramirez

          Loving this news and celebrated for a tiny movement away from tryan ny.

        3. Run Trice

          🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 American Patriot here. Thank you General Satterfield.

  7. Dead Pool Guy

    Don’t you just love it when the book burners (I mean that metaphorically, of course) finally get their due? I love it and had a whiskey last night in celebration for so many at Twitter getting fired. That scumbag ex-Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal (from India? Pakistan?) should be departed to Cuba. I know plenty of liberals who hate the guy too.

  8. DaveV

    Musk should just fire everyone and shut it down. Use the building for something else. Look at it as a $44B gift to the country. Let the angry garbage babies find somewhere else to spew their venom.

    1. Bryan Z. Lee

      I’ll go for that anytime. The whole Twitter employee stick was getting old but it did get the weaklings, sniveling, basement dwelling young white liberals off the streets during the day. You gotta give it its due.

  9. Eye Cat

    Finally, Twitter takes a birdbath to clean up the stink they created.

      1. Army Captain

        Hey guys and gals, if you want to really support free speech and learn to be a better person, and we all can be better people in many ways, then go out onto Amazon and get a copy of the book Gen. Satterfield just published there:
        “55 Rules for a Good Life”
        … and while you are on Amazon, get a copy of his other book, “Our Longest Year in Iraq.” You won’t regret doing it.

        1. Nick Lighthouse

          Got my copy and reading it now. Wow, I just love it. I’m going to get more copies and give them away. It’s very cheap, $9.99 plus tax and shipping.
          “55 Rules for a Good Life”


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