Ukraine War Update 12-20-2022

By | December 20, 2022

[December 20, 2022]  Russia is on the verge of losing thousands of soldiers in an upcoming and crushing defeat on the battlefield.  Before the war, I knew Ukrainian soldiers were good since the U.S. Army had trained with them since 2015.  Their technical savvy and innovativeness were noteworthy.  Like many, I was happily surprised at the resilience and steadfastness of the Ukrainian civilian population.

I was utterly wrong about Russian military capabilities.  A standard line of thinking in the U.S. military was the Russians were much better than they had shown on the battlefield.  I knew they couldn’t win in three days by taking or cutting off the Ukrainian capital city of Kyiv.  The distance was just too far and impossible if the Ukrainians put up any resistance at all.

Everyone overestimated Russian capabilities, and we all knew they were corrupt.  We didn’t know how far the corruption went to disable the fighting of the average soldier and how that hindered their ability to control large-scale, joint combined arms operations.  Maybe it was because they relied on their extensive nuclear weapons capability to stave off an invasion, and they still fear an invasion by NATO countries.

Russia has threatened NATO and half the countries of Europe with a nuclear strike if they did something, and this scared some people, and our political leaders had to take this threat seriously.  And we should take them seriously because the Russians, like all Communist and socialist states, don’t give a damn about human life, especially those in Europe or America.

The likelihood of Russia using a nuclear weapon at this point is very low, although possible if they perceive they are being backed into a corner.  There is no real benefit to using a nuclear weapon on the battlefield.  They are already using missiles and long-range drones to destroy civilian infrastructure.  The Russians know that doing so would make it impossible for the United States and Britain not to stay out of the conflict.  This doesn’t mean the U.S. or Britain would respond with nuclear weapons, but there is a long list of responses that would be devastating for Russia, and they realize this is so.

Our American Administration, however, has been too worried about the Russian use of nuclear weapons or they would escalate some other way.  We now know that Russia has no other way to escalate; they have nothing else they can do short of a nuclear weapon.  Despite Russia fighting in Ukraine since February, they have not been able to capture even a quarter of Ukraine.

Now Russia is on the verge of losing thousands of soldiers with a crushing defeat in the Kherson region, where the Ukrainian military has trapped them.  Now that the ground is frozen in the region expect a significant Ukrainian offensive to destroy this Russian force.

At this point, what seems to be the Russian thinking is that the U.S., Britain, and other European nations will lose interest in Ukraine because of our internal problems.  But if we can stick together and continue to supply and assist Ukraine, I’m convinced the Russians will crack.  Their logistics system is exhausted, they have a terrible manpower problem, low military morale and discipline, their Naval fleet is not in the fight, and the Russian air force will not overfly Ukraine.

Russia may be pushed back to its original border before the war before the Spring thaw occurs.  Crimea is a different story, and that is yet to be played out.  We know that Ukraine has its eye on taking back Crimea too.  The issue is that Russia considers this part of mother Russia and sovereign territory.  That will be a new fight, and the outcome is still unknown.

Ukraine’s president Volodymyr Zelenskyy has made it clear that the war is not over until Crimea is back in the fold of Ukraine.


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27 thoughts on “Ukraine War Update 12-20-2022

  1. Frank Graham

    💙💙💛💛💛🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦 stand with the people of Ukraine

  2. Doc Blackshear

    There is a human tragedy coming this winter and spring that will make the previous months look small.

  3. Rev. Michael Cain

    Let us pray for those innocents who lost their lives in this terrible war. I pray there is some good that will come from it and one of those ‘goods’ is any country leader who thinks war is the solution now sees that the world will oppose them. China, pay attention here. Xi, see what has happened? If not, China will be destroyed by invading Taiwan.

    1. Adolf Menschner

      This is why the news media plays an important role by showing the destruction on the ground and the hardships Russia is suffering due to international condemnation. The world will not idlely stand by and watch China take over any country.

      1. Darryl Satterly

        — but the news media is no longer an independent arm of our society but a political arm of the Democrat, liberal, progressive party. Neutrality and truth is no longer their basic value.

  4. Grover in the Grove

    The world is about to have a surprise in the Ukraine War. What is it going to be? Just wait a couple of days and you will see. Remember that I gave everyone a heads up.

    1. old warrior

      Grover, I’m sure the Russians are about to get their butts kicked.

  5. The Observer

    There are a number of senior US military officers I know that believe Russia is about to have a crushing defeat on the battlefield in the next few weeks or less. At least an entire Russian Division is nearly surrounded and if the Ukrainian army can pull this off, they will completely demolish the bulk of Russia’s combat power. Russia, however, will not stop because of this possible major defeat because they don’t value human life like we do. That is the pillar of communism and socialism. Human life is not important, only the existance of the state.

    1. Janna Faulkner

      Exactly Emma. Good to know that we have folks like Gen. Satterfield who are experts in war. Oh, if you don’t have his book from last year, “Our Longest Year in Iraq,” then you need to get a copy now on Amazon. Get the book and read about what the news media hid from you.

    2. Jonnie the Bart

      This is why I read this leadership blog by Gen. Satterfield every single day.

  6. Eduardo Sanchez

    Gen. Satterfield, like others have said, thank you for the update. I would like to see you start a special additon to your blog giving us more frequent updates. I know there is only so much time in the day but I find these most enlightening.

  7. Winston

    Thank you Gen. Satterfield for the great update and keep them coming. I love to read about your thoughts on such big events, esp. those involving war where you have more experience that just about anybody alive today. Keep this website up and going. it is a day to day go to read for me and my family.

    1. Pen Q

      Got that right, Winston. I’m here daily too. And I like to comment to see if what I write actually makes sense. And thank you too Winston for your thoughts.

    2. Armywife

      Just a note to those that do not know, General Satterfield served our country for 40 years. In a way he is still serving.

  8. Greg Heyman

    “Now Russia is on the verge of losing thousands of soldiers with a crushing defeat in the Kherson region, where the Ukrainian military has trapped them. Now that the ground is frozen in the region expect a significant Ukrainian offensive to destroy this Russian force.” – Gen. Satterfield’s prediction. Ouch!

    1. British Citizen

      The Russian president later ordered the strengthening of Russia’s borders and of social control within Russia. He said the security services should quickly thwart any attempt to violate Russia’s borders, combat risks coming from abroad, and identify traitors and saboteurs. He also said the special services should ensure the safety of people living in the parts of Ukraine that Moscow claims as its own. In some of these areas, most notably Kherson, Russia recently suffered significant military reverses.

  9. Otto Z. Zuckermann

    The real fight and when things really get destructive is the fight for Crimea. How that will end is anybody’s guess.

    1. rjsmithers

      Crimea is Ukraine. We can all say what we want but it belongs to Ukraine. If you live in Crimea and don’t think so, then get out now while you have the chance.

      1. Edward G.

        Yes, this will be the main news starting in January 2023. The Ukraine war is far from over. Gen. Satterfield, I hope, will keep us up to date on the major events. 👍

        1. Doc Blackshear

          You bet. Let’s watch and hope. Send donations to Ukraine if you can.

    1. Jonny McB.

      Yep, and thanks Tom for pointing it out. This is a wonder site to catch up on what you miss or don’t get from social media and the tainted news media.


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