Way of the Warrior Kid

By | November 23, 2021

[November 23, 2021]  Retired Navy SEAL Jocko Willink is the author behind the best-selling Warrior Kid book series.1  I just bought his fourth and latest in the series.  Do we need another series of self-help books about “kids?” Given the destruction by well-meaning but misguided politicians in their safe-at-all-costs policies, I think Jocko has hit a home run with his books.

The destructive pandemic policies have not been very effective.  Many in the medical and mental health professions say that the lockdowns and restrictions on open society have harmed kids the most.  Everything that makes us stronger was halted or conducted virtually; sports, gyms, schools, walking outside, playing, etc.  If it involved others, there was a law against it.

These books by Jocko are a coming-of-age series that help kids get smarter, stronger, healthier, and better.  Each book follows several fictional kids through their lives, beginning in the fifth grade.  Marc is the central character.  He stinks at math and can’t even do one pull-up in gym class, and he’s afraid to go swimming because he’s terrified of the water.   Fortunately, Marc’s Navy SEAL, Uncle Jake, is there to help Marc out.

A host of other characters fill out what a typical kid might experience. There’s the bully “King of the Jungle Gym” Kenny Williamson, Jiu-Jitsu Coach Adam, super-smart kid Danny Rhinehart, and others round out the picture.  Looks interesting, and I’m enjoying his fourth book.

Want to be a Warrior Kid? asks Jocko.  Here is the Warrior Kid Code:

  1. Wakes up early in the morning.
  2. Studies to learn and gain knowledge and asks questions if he doesn’t understand.
  3. Trains hard, exercises, and eats right to be strong and fast and healthy.
  4. Trains to know how to fight so he can stand up to bullies to protect the weak.
  5. Treats people with respect and helps out other people whenever possible.
  6. Keeps things neat and is always prepared and ready for action.
  7. Works hard and always does his best.
  8. Stays humble.

Go out and get a copy and read it.2  The books are for kids, but they are also for adults too.  You will learn something that applies to everything you do as a great leader.


  1. https://www.warriorkid.com/meet-jocko
  2. Don’t forget to look into my official Reading List that can be found here: https://www.theleadermaker.com/reading-list/


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18 thoughts on “Way of the Warrior Kid

  1. Colleen Ramirez

    Excellent review of this important series for kids. I just went out to buy the latest book that you also bought, Gen. Satterfield. I will be reading it before I give it to my son, like I read everything before he reads it. I don’t want a bunch of trash coming into my family home.

  2. Janna Faulkner

    We started reading this to our 7 year old as it talks about motivation, discipline and other good subjects. We have all 4 books and my son is a big Jocko fan!

  3. Darryl Satterly

    Gee, just imagine waking up early in the morning and getting things done instead of staying up late ‘partying’ and having nothing whatsoever to show for it. For those wennies who want to show they are made of some sterner stuff, then read this book series and DO SOMETHING about yourself instead of whining sooooo much. Gee, what can you get done it you just put your head into it. Oh, that means working hard,

  4. Kenny Foster

    My 11year old son and I love the first two books. They were filled with great examples that my son could use and apply to his own life.

    1. Yusaf from Texas

      Enjoy this book because my boy did. I am SO happy that I have found these books for my son. It has brought us much closer together. We are learning how to defeat fears and challenges together. This is so important for a child, yet alone a boy.

      1. Nick Lighthouse

        Good to hear. Great series from what I’m told. I will be reading a few and then afterwards, if I think they are great too, I’ll be giving them away to local kids.

      2. Big Al

        Glad to hear it Yusaf. Thanks for the thumbs up on this book and to know that your son is enjoying the series.

  5. JT Patterson

    Another great article pointing to a place we can go for more info on how to be a better person and, as well, as better leader. This series may be for kids but they are also good and easy reading for adults too. Give your kids a copy today.

    1. Greg NH

      Hi Sadako Red, big fan of yours here. We have not read anything from you in a long time. so please write more. Just asking for a friend. 😉

      1. Roger Yellowmule

        …. and I hope that you, Sadako Red, enjoyed Gen. Satterfield’s book too. Thanks for the confidence in it.


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