Weak Leadership Always Backfires

By | March 15, 2021

[March 15, 2021]  The historical evidence is in, and it is unequivocal.  Weak leadership inevitably produces  criticism against whatever it produces.  In the examination of weak leaders – from the military to politics – we see an emerging pattern.  Weak leadership always backfires.

Weak leaders such as British PM Neville Chamberlain and French PM Édouard Daladier, signers of the Munich Agreement of 1938, are classic examples.  Nazi leader Adolf Hitler openly talked of “annexing” parts of Czechoslovakia to expand his fledgling empire, violating international protocols.

However, both Chamberlain and Daladier were desperate to appease Hitler too, in their words, “avert war.”  Both men came home to great fanfare and adulation for their remarkable work to “achieve peace in our time.”  They were popular and cast as saviors of European culture and treasure.

The appeasement of Hitler did not work.  Yes, Hitler was a socialist bully in possession of a strong military, but history has shown us that giving in to narcissist and tyrant demands is counterproductive.

Likewise, the Iran Nuclear Deal1 between Iran, the U.S. Obama administration, and other European nations is one more example of appeasing a tyrant that also happens to lead a terrorist state.  All negotiations were undertaken to ensure peace for the foreseeable future, an admirable goal.

None of these national leaders has been more resolute and uncompromising in the struggle for peace.  Each was a determined as one could be in such circumstances.  The outcome for Britain and France was war.   The outcome for the U.S. and its European allies was a more serious nuclear threat.  Both Nazi Germany and the modern state of Iran leveraged their agreements to pursue their own goals.

President Joe Biden is in the process of making the same mistake as that of Chamberlain, Daladier, and Obama.  Appeasement of Iran will not work.  Like the backlash against Obama, Biden will suffer the same results; a stronger Iran that is more anti-West than ever before.

On this date, March 15, 1938, nearly a year after the Munich Agreement signing, Hitler’s forces invaded and occupied Czechoslovakia – a nation sacrificed on the altar of the Munich Pact, a vain attempt to prevent Germany’s imperial aims.  Will the reintroduction of the Iran Nuclear Deal have similar results?  The answer is unknown, but if history is any guide, the West will pay a heavy price for President Biden’s repeat of a failed past policy.


  1. The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joint_Comprehensive_Plan_of_Action
Author: Douglas R. Satterfield

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23 thoughts on “Weak Leadership Always Backfires

  1. Greg Heyman

    Boy, have I got plenty of experience with weak leadership. Too much. But it taught me what not to do when I became a leader of others. Simple stuff but important.

  2. Eric Coda

    This is very true. Weak leaders make for bad results. I’ve seen it too many times and I expect to see more of it. Our jobs as followers (we all have a boss, even a four star general) is to help our boss. Make their life and their job easier and more productive. This helps everyone.

  3. Willie Shrumburger

    Excellent article, Gen. Satterfield. I’ve been a regular reader of your blog for years (as you know). I recommend that you consider writing a book that pulls all these ideas together. It would be a useful book, esp. for beginning leaders.

  4. Anthony "Tony" Benson

    “None of these national leaders has been more resolute and uncompromising in the struggle for peace. Each was a determined as one could be in such circumstances. The outcome for Britain and France was war. ” The outcome was exactly the opposite of what they wanted. Weak leadership fails and at that level “fails spectacularly” (using Gen. Satterfield’s words).

  5. Colleen Ramirez

    Best quote of the article, “President Joe Biden is in the process of making the same mistake as that of Chamberlain, Daladier, and Obama. Appeasement of Iran will not work. Like the backlash against Obama, Biden will suffer the same results; a stronger Iran that is more anti-West than ever before.” And I might add that Biden will soon no longer be the US President. Not because some one crazy will assassinate him … nope … the Democrats will get rid of him themselves when he stops doing their bidding when he becomes too mentally incapable.

    1. Lady Hawk

      Ouch, you got that right. Just my opinion —- I hope the FBI is not coming after me know for wrongthink.

      1. JT Patterson

        I would not be too careful. The FBI is after patriots these days. We are considered terrorists against the “state.” Sad how far our country has slide in the last few months.

  6. Jeff Blackwater

    I agree, weak leadership is very damaging. Thanks, Gen. Satterfield.

  7. Valkerie

    General Satterfield, you had a chance to do some real butt kicking here by comparing the current policies of pres. joe biden to those of jimmy carter (who is considered the worst US president in history). Yep, missed this one. Yeah, I know there are a bunch of hypocrites who love joe biden because he is ‘normal.’ But that requires you to lie to yourself and hate others with a different opinion. No tolerance here.

  8. Bryan Z. Lee

    I just don’t get the love affair of the Democratic Party with the Iranian terrorist state. The only commonality is their hate for Christianity and Capitalism. Oh, maybe that’s it?

    1. Kenny Foster

      You have a point Bryan. They are also rabid anti-American.

    2. Roger Yellowmule

      Excellent point Bryan. Just like Hitler had a pact with the Muslim Arabs in WW2, the US Democrat party has a similar ‘pact’ (unwritten, of course).

      1. Jonathan B.

        Good history to remind me of. Spot on comment, Roger. Good to see you back on Gen. S’s leadership forums.

  9. Max Foster

    In your thumbnail to this article, my eye is immediately drawn to Adolf Hitler. He stands out. Maybe there is a reason for that but I know that it is the idea that British PM Chamberlain is there shaking Hitler’s hand that is what you are after. Note that Chamberlain is not even immediately seen when looking at the picture. There is an obvious suggestion here that Chamberlain doesn’t really matter much at all.

    1. Randy Goodman

      Wow, I saw the same thing but didn’t make the link. Well said Max.

    2. Rev. Michael Cain

      Well said. Neville Chamberlain was the epitome of appeasement. Just as Pres Obama was a president who was big into appeasement. The difference was that Obama negotiated from a position of strength; the most pathetic form of leadership. Obama was the apology president. Now we have an even weaker – substantially weaker – president named Joe “China” Biden. Both corrupt and weak. Sheeessse.

        1. Chuck USA

          I think anyone with a brain and that doesn’t lie to themselves on a daily basis will agree with what is said here. The whole thing with a US President who has dementia that we all see, know that the USA is in bad shape. Let’s hope no difficult decisions are needed or we are in deep do do.

    3. Janna Faulkner

      I never thought of that. Max, you do have a sharp eye for detail.


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