When Leaders Fail: LA City Council President

By | October 11, 2022

[October 11, 2022]  Shooting fish in a barrel.  Yes, that is what I thought, too, when it came to light that LA City Council President Nury Martinez, a Democrat, made racial slurs against her colleague’s black son.  Ho hum, no surprise.  Another day, another political leader said out loud what they thought of the rest of us.

This is so not polite.  Councilwoman Martinez called Councilmember Mike Bonin’s son (racially black) “ese changito,” which means “that little monkey” in Spanish.  Martinez quickly issued that typical apology for “taking responsibility for what I said, and there are no excuses…”  Yep, there are no excuses, but that’s okay since she is a Democrat.  She is resigning only from her council president position (a minor pay cut).  From all indications, she will remain on the council.

“We can’t keep allowing these people to do whatever they want.  it’s just blatantly disrespectful, and it’s honestly just evil.”  “So that’s why we’re out here: because we want to let her know that she will not be sitting there for much longer and we will be getting her out of office.”  – protestor Jackie Rodarte told CBS Los Angeles

Martinez, who is a Latina, also said in the recording that Bonin’s kid (who was not even three years old at the time) “needs a beatdown” and is being raised like a “little white kid” by his white father.  “Let me take him around the corner, and then I’ll bring him back,” the city council president said.  She also referred to the child as “su negrito,” a derogatory Spanish word for a black person.  Well, we really know what su negrito really means.

It’s unclear who made the secret recording first posted on Reddit, and that person’s account has been suspended.

During the conversation, Kevin de León, a city council member who unsuccessfully ran for LA mayor and California state Senate, appeared to imply that Bonin treated his child like an accessory, like “when Nury brings her little yard bag or the Louis Vuitton bag.”

“I ask for forgiveness from my colleagues and from the residents of my city that I love so much,” she wrote, adding that her comments “undercut the goal” of the “empowerment of communities of color.”

Yawn, another politician, getting caught conducting themselves the way they lecture us about daily.  I am not impressed.  This episode is just another failed leader from the LA City council.   Just hold on for a little, Ms. Martinez, you’re a minority, and your actions carry no responsibility whatsoever.  Move along; nothing to see here.


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Author: Douglas R. Satterfield

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20 thoughts on “When Leaders Fail: LA City Council President

  1. Liz at Home

    Progressives see black people as their emotional-support animals whom they can publicly pet for personal comfort by claiming their lives matter but behind the scenes feed them nothing but garbage as they purposely mistreat them or at minimum, neglect them.

    1. Silly Man

      She didn’t resign from her seat, just as president of the council. Maybe if we are lucky she will resign her seat.

    1. ZB22

      “As parents of a Black child, we condemn the entirety of the recorded conversation, which displayed a repeated and vulgar anti-Black sentiment, and a coordinated effort to weaken Black political representation in Los Angeles. The conversation revealed several layers of contempt for the people of Los Angeles, and a cynical, ugly desire to divide the City rather than serve it,” the statement added.

      1. corralesdon

        “Mike Bonin won’t f—ing ever say peep about Latinos. He’ll never say a f—ing word about us,” De León added. Gives you some idea how infected the racist city council of LA is.

  2. Army Captain

    Be honest, be true, be moral. that is much easier than being a racist like Nury Martinez.

  3. Karl J.

    The account of the person who posted the recording has been “suspended.” Of course, hid the crime. Typical woke Reddit.

  4. Roger Yellowmule

    General Satterfield is always making us very aware of what happens when leaders fail. But I think his perspective is the US military and they deal with problem leaders immediately and remove them. That is not what happens in politics. The poison apple keeps on giving.

      1. Greek Senator

        …. wonder why so many cowards are woke? This is one of the reasons. People have fewer standards when they are woke.

  5. Erleldech

    Ignore the woman in purple. Nothing to see here. Move along. hahahahaha

    1. Rowen Tabernackle

      Democrat? Check
      Stupid woman? Check
      Racist? Check
      Surprised? No

        1. Unwoke Dude

          Yep, and we should not be surprised at all. Progress means doing thins right, doing what is moral and is for the best of everyone. Practicing racism in LA is common, she just got caught this time. They are all racists, and because they are Democrats and mostly women, they are given a pass. Wokeness for me, nothing for you.

      1. José Luis Rodriguez

        Got it, Rowen and you are on target with your qeustions. Nothing at all will shape anyone’s view of her or her political party as racist. 😊 She’s an embarrassment to Latinos.


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