When You Have ‘Woke’ Generals & Admirals

By | August 17, 2021

[August 17, 2021]  My original post today was about intellectual laziness, but I’ll defer it to later.  My subject today has an element of intellectual laziness about it.  Let me be blunt.  Gen Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, has gone full ‘woke.’  Period.  We can argue the point, but no one disputing this claim is paying attention.

What do you get when you have ‘woke’ generals and admirals?  You lose wars.  Full stop. Suppose our generals and admirals had not taken their eye off the reason for their existence – to prevent war but to win them when there is war – we would not have the collapse of Afghanistan right now.  The Taliban are the newly inaugurated rulers of that country, that will shortly bring a genocide of massive proportions.

Our senior military brass is more concerned about not violating the rights of transgender soldiers, creating a racial diversity environment, incorporating LGBTQI ideology into their troops, and not insulting our enemies than winning wars.  These officers are the epitome of what makes us losers.

The U.S. military is not an ordinary workplace.  We actively discriminate against people.  You must be of a certain age to join, be physically fit and have all your arms and legs, pass an exam, and you cannot have a criminal record.  Those with bad attitudes get kicked out.  Once in the military, you must progressively increase your level of responsibility, else your time there will end abruptly.  And, you may get a job you don’t want … tough, it’s your job, suck it up or get out.

Gen. Milley is actively encouraging – requiring? – the indoctrination of our troops based on racist identity politics.  He claims that the military is teaching it as another way of thinking, like communism, fascism, etc.  Not true.  He requires it to be taught that whites are oppressors of blacks and that whites are the reason for our racist society, and why blacks don’t succeed.  Gen. Milley is a liar and a disgrace to the uniform he wears.

Yesterday, I expressed my opinion in a text to my friends.  This is what I wrote:

Thank you all for your concern, it is appreciated.  Today I watched videos of Afghans clinging to Air Force cargo planes and falling from the sky. Disgusting!  How we do things matters, acting morally. You don’t leave people behind, period. The manner of Biden’s retreat debacle was easily avoidable. We just witnessed the greatest foreign policy failure of a lifetime. Joe Biden’s decision – and he is the decider – is a stain on our govt, not on our country. What Biden did was pure evil. And now he is blaming Trump for his own calamitous failure in the manner of his retreat from Afghanistan. My troops and I didn’t fight in these wars for it to end this way. It breaks my heart to see the sickening, immoral way this was handled.

And, now in Afghanistan, a ragtag bunch of untrained mountain dwellers showed how incompetent and useless a ‘woke’ military under ‘woke’ generals and admirals can be.  This debacle belongs to the U.S. government, not to the American people.  The destruction of our military as a fighting force rests on the shoulders of Joe Biden and his woke generals.

We are witnessing an epic failure of leadership.  It’s time for Gen. Mark Milley to resign.  He will not do so because he is also a coward.

Author: Douglas R. Satterfield

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34 thoughts on “When You Have ‘Woke’ Generals & Admirals

  1. American Girl

    Ouch, great article! I love this website by Gen. Satterfield and I will keep on reading it, if for no other reason for articles like this one. Paint me patriotic red, white and blue.

  2. Tracey Brockman

    Are our generals and admirals this braindead? Hard to believe that someone like Gen. Mark Milley could actually still be in uniform after his total failures and his stupid comments trying desperately to justify his incompetence.

  3. Greg Heyman

    Why hasn’t this weakling, girlie man, Gen. Milley resigned. How can you continue to shame yourself, Milley? You have proven yourself to be a fake and a fraud. Get out while you have a sliver of decency left.

  4. Army Dave

    Word coming out of Afghanistan is bad, really bad. The media trying to suppress it.

    1. Dead Pool Guy

      Key quote from Steyn, “If you don’t have total contempt for Milley and the rest of the brass right now, you’re part of the problem.” Yep, that about sums it up. Gen. Satterfield (retired, thank goodness) would not have put up with this pansy from the depths of never winning a war. Lots of chest ribbons but nothing but shame to show for it. I think this guy is clueless but he is overseeing many more clueless generals. If heads don’t roll you’ll know our military is completely corrupt.

  5. Plato

    ….. or maybe, just maybe Gen. Milley is Baghdad Bob. Ever thought of that?

  6. Martin Shiell

    Gen. Mark Milley, please resign your position today! Save the American people seeing you embarrass yourself and us any more. You are a total disgrace to all freedom loving Americans. I will buy you a first class airline ticket to anywhere in the world. Just please go.

    1. Qassim

      I’ll buy him a wardrobe, just don’t ever stain the uniform of the US ever again by wearing it. Gen. Milley you’ve got to go. Resign today.

      1. Doc Blackshear

        Let’s get this on Twitter and other social media platforms. They can’t ban us all.

      2. Guns are Us

        Mark Milley is an example of a failed leader. He will himhow around, make nicey nice to Pres Biden and huff and puff to make himself look big and tough but we all know he is a full coward. Run Milley run away. We don’t want you ever again. Disgrace? Your picture will be next to the word in the dictionary.

  7. Yusaf from Texas

    “Joe Biden’s decision – and he is the decider – is a stain on our govt, not on our country. What Biden did was pure evil. ” key quote of Gen. Satterfield and an opinion that is probably the most sane thing I’ve read in a long time. Biden is evil. He should step down now before he does more evil.

    1. Army Captain

      Yusaf, I don’t think you will find many people educated in the ways of the world who will disagree. I agree fully. There is evil in the world and another one is the Taliban and al Queda. We need to remember why we were in Afghanistan to begin with. 9/11, 20 years ago this 11 Sept.

  8. Bill Sanders, Jr.

    Joe Biden’s speech yesterday was a disgrace. He read briefly from a teleprompter, and took neither questions nor responsibility for Afghanistan falling to the Taliban. It is reasonable to infer that his mental condition is such that he is not able to answer questions, or else his actions have been so indefensible that there is no answer to the questions that might be asked. It is a remarkable fact that in the last week, the Taliban has answered more questions from American media than President Biden.

  9. Melissa Jackson

    We’re abandoning an ally and leaving thousands for the slaughter. Who is the winner? China and Russia. I wonder how much money China paid Joe Biden to retreat from Afghanistan? Nothing here, move along.

    1. Linux Man

      Seriously, I don’t think China is paying off Joe Biden but I do believe that Biden and his family are corrupt. Just look at them ignoring Hunter Biden who actively and publically flaunts his grotesque behavior and extorts millions from others. Joe Biden says this is Russian propaganda. What a dunce!

  10. Pooch T.

    Gen. Satterfield surely called it. These woke generals and admirals will not resign because they are cowards. They truly believe they are the coming of christ. Too bad, they are the worst of the worst.

  11. Eric Coda

    Time for Gen. Milley and all those in charge of Afghanistan to RESIGN. Please Please do America a favor and resign today.

  12. Max Foster

    I know that this Afghanistan debacle has been written about a lot over the last 48 hours and Gen. Satterfield has added clarity to it but let’s just stop for a moment and note where the problem is. The US and the West is not willing to stand up for our values. We are lost in the forest. Stop pussy footing around and get back to the basics, telling the truth, working hard, taking on responsibility, helping your family, your community, and keeping yourself fit. All this other hogwash only drags us down.

    1. Rev. Michael Cain

      You got that right, Max and once again thanks for cutting to the heart of the matter. Gen. Satterfield nailed it today. Gen. Milley can go take a hike and not come back. This country is better off without him. I’d rather have a 10 year old Boy Scout in charge than him.

      1. Frank Graham

        Rev, you and Max are on top of this once again. You made my day. The people of the United States are not going to put up with this much longer. We will take back our country from these cowardly sycophants. Tomorrow will not be too soon.

    2. Doug Smith

      A lot of folks I know – plus me – agree with you Max. This is a fight about values and many in senior leaders positions have lost their way.

  13. Greg NH

    Pssst, ouch, man you are hot today Gen. Satterfield. Good for you. Make the sweat. As a General I’m sure you are embarrassed by what we are seeing today in these “woke” generals.

    1. Bryan Z. Lee

      You got that right, Greg. Gen. Satterfield is on it. He knows that the only reason the military exists is to prevent war but to win them if called upon to do so. Pres Biden is as incompetent as they come. That is why our Generals and Admirals must insist that we continue to have a military based on merit, not on some current marxist ideological requirement.

    2. Dale Paul Fox

      Hot Hot Hot. I just love it when Gen. Satterfield is hot on the trail of incompetents like Gen. Mark Milley. It’s fun to watch him hammer the crap out of their wokeness. Ha Ha Ha Ha ……..

        1. Lady Hawk

          Same here LM. That’s why I keep coming back and this article is just another example. Gen. Satterfield, keep up the great work and hammer them hard.


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