Why Dads Should Be Dangerous

By | September 1, 2023

[September 1, 2023]  Nick Freitas has some common sense commentary on child predators and is brutally clear that the best way to protect children from them is with strong, capable, dangerous fathers.  I like a recent YouTube video (5:27 minutes, link here) where he talks about this.  Last month, I wrote about child predator Jack Reynolds, advising on what he looked for in the children he abused (link here).  Nick does the same thing.

The lesson is that child predators look for families with no father or one that is absent or weak.  According to Nick, there are three things we need to learn for fathers:

  1. You had better be a threat. Some people say that is unnecessary because we have the police, which is their job.  That is their job, but it does not matter because if there ever is a time when your child needs you and you’re not able to protect them, not because you lack the opportunity but because you lack the capability, it doesn’t matter who else should have done the job.  You’re the father; it’s your job.  You don’t have to be a professional fighter or a warrior, but you had better be able to do something.  This matters because if someone at the moment where someone needs you that you care about, then you had better be a real threat.
  2. You better be present. If you have the capacity, it doesn’t mean much if you aren’t around when needed.  Predators know you’re a threat not just because of your capability but because of your proximity, and there are a lot of reasons why your kids need you to be there for them, and your kids need to know you’re a threat not to them but on their behalf.  For your daughters, they start off depending on you to keep the monsters under the bed and in her closet, cowering with the knowledge that you’ll protect her.  And as she grows older, it matters not what she says; she wants the boy she likes to be intimidated by you.  It is not intimidation out of cruelty or being a bully; it’s a question of vetting.  If you do your job correctly, your daughter will look for in him the characteristics that she sees in you.
  3. The concept of “toxic masculinity.” Honest people can admit that the same masculine traits can be used for good or evil.  Yet, many of the same people who seem determined to justify the exposure of other people’s children to sexual concepts and themes are the same people who are equally determined to misrepresent the capacity for violence as toxic traits.  You’ve got to ask yourself why those who want to have sexual conversations with children also want to convince a generation of men that their ability to step in and defend their children is something to be ashamed of rather than to develop properly.

Nick says he does not like calling these “things’ predators.  If anything, they are scavengers.  Scavengers don’t attack the strong.  The scavenger attacks the weak and the isolated, and your job as a father is to ensure your child never fits that description.

Well said.


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Author: Douglas R. Satterfield

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20 thoughts on “Why Dads Should Be Dangerous

  1. Eddie Gilliam

    Excellent job my friend. Father role in the family is crucial. The Bible address this concern from Genesis to Revelation. God says He is our heavenly Father. As a Father he protects us , provide for us, comfort us.

    1. Mark Evans

      Why dads should be dangerous. What a great title. I do think that the title will ‘trigger’ a bunch of liberals into thinking that they mean something sinister when that is obviously not the case. This is great advice.

  2. USA Patriot II

    Great advice. Ignore this at the peril of your kids ………….
    “If you have the capacity, it doesn’t mean much if you aren’t around when needed. Predators know you’re a threat not just because of your capability but because of your proximity, and there are a lot of reasons why your kids need you to be there for them, and your kids need to know you’re a threat not to them but on their behalf. ” Gen. Satterfield and Nick Freitas know that strength matters, focused and present strength matters more.

    1. Wendy Holmes

      This is an idea that maybe Gen. Satterfield could develop more. I’d like to see his thought detailed out here on his website. Thanks. Input?

      1. Winston

        I agree. A book? Maybe not. A series of articles? Yes. But I also want to see another letter to his granddaughter soon. I’m getting withdrawal symptoms from not reading one over the past few days.

  3. Bryan Z. Lee

    1. You had better be a threat
    2. You better be present
    3. “Toxic masculinity”
    If you want a good idea of what sexual predators look for in children, Nick Freitas has a great view on it.

  4. Otto Z. Zuckermann

    Gen. Satterfield, please keep up the great work you are doing. And, i am looking for your next article on ‘letters to my granddaughter’ and more about you growing up.

  5. mainer

    Joe Rogan – What Jordan Peterson Thinks About Protestors
    Got to watch this. Jordan Peterson discusses the psychology of protestors and how they are mentally able to bypass the hard work required to be a good person. By protesting the immediately become morally superior to everyone else. Watch this episode and learn. Much of what JP talks about dovetails into what Nick Freitas discusses.

    1. Good Dog

      Yes, I agree….. would be a good idea if Gen. Satterfield would write an article on this. ❤

  6. Emma Archambeau

    Wow, Nick Freitas has some really truly great common sense ideas. He is the opposite of the woke crowd that wants to suck our kids into being LGTBQ Plus, XYZ.

    1. Willie Strumburger

      Their idea at is base is Marxist. And yet they claim it is based on compassion. Yep, just ask the 100+ million who were killed in the 20th century about how that compassion turned out. I’m sure you would get a different answer to the most basic questions of communism, socialism, fascism, which are, of course, most the same. With communism being clearly the worst of all the ideologies.

        1. Patriot Wife

          The woke will not last but the damage they do will last a hundred years. When people in the 22nd century look back upon us they will do so in disgust at what we allowed to happen to our kids. And they will also vomit at our massive abortion mill factories. Civil Rights for unborn babies!!!!

    2. Gibbbie

      Yep, smart guy. I went on YouTube and found more about him and his videos.


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