Why Modern Movies Suck: an Update

By | November 23, 2022

[November 23, 2022]  The Critical Drinker, aka Scotsman Will Jordan, is someone I like to listen to for informative reviews of movies.  I wrote about him in March this year when he critiqued modern movies, saying those films teach people to be “arrogant, complacent, narcissistic, and selfish.”   Link here.  Nicely put, Will.

Will believes the producers of movies believe that “modern audiences” – the term used by studios to identify their idea of moviegoers – can’t handle characters occupying traditional gender roles, such as men tend to make decisions and go off to war and women tend to stay behind and keep everything running.

He says this is unacceptable to the woke moviemakers, so these “outdated stereotypes” had to change.  New shows now need “diversity and lots of it.”  Does this mean exploring different cultures and locations to expand the movie’s depth by looking at cultures in exciting new ways?  Nope.  It means dropping a bunch of diverse characters into the story at random points with no explanation and then pretending that it makes total sense and has always been that way.  Genius!

Since women are the new men for “modern audiences,” Will says, Hey, let’s crowbar them into every major leadership role and position of authority that we can possibly get away with.  Oh, these women are also warriors now who can magically fight men twice their size – because conquering armies of the past had diversity and equity departments too.  And, naturally, the men are conveniently moved aside to make way for them and relegated to the roles of weak, indecisive, insecure, and clueless buffoons who know their place, deferring to their female superiors.

Don’t you know, Will asks sarcastically; that’s what “modern audiences” want to see, don’t you know?  And on that subject, male characters are getting more than their share of reimaging these days.

He uses the James Bond movies as an example of this appeal to “modern audiences.”  James Bond is the absolute pinnacle of everything that is, was, or ever will be a man; tough, cold, ruthless, charming, sophisticated, and even dangerous, a man of action and intrigue, a man that every woman wants but none can ever truly have.  Not anymore.  “Modern audiences” don’t want to see strong, capable, confident, assertive men because that might perpetuate the harmful stereotype that men should aspire to be that way.

Instead, “modern audiences” want emotion, vulnerability, and respectfulness in their men.  You can’t have them come across as too threatening or dangerous.  But James Bond was a success precisely because he didn’t evolve into an emotional, vulnerable heap of a wimp.  Bond’s traits never changed; they didn’t change because they didn’t need to.  James Bond represents the ultimate masculine ideal, and that ideal hasn’t changed, no matter how much people might want it to.

Putting some androgynous pop star into a dress isn’t redefining masculinity any more than downing a pint of vodka is redefining sobriety.  It’s trying to replace one thing with another but keep the same name in the hopes of eventually gaslighting everyone into believing it’s always been that way.  Remember this:

“If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it.” – Joseph Goebbels, German WW2 Propagandist

The Critical Drinker makes the point that James Bond’s unique combination of intellect, physical power, and emotional distance makes him compelling.  Trying to alter that combination undermines the very foundations of who he is.  You would be changing such fundamental elements of who that character is that you’re creating a whole new person with the same name.  That’s not modernization; that’s bastardization.

But hey, that’s what “modern audiences” want.  The myth of the politically progressive, emotionally fragile, and easily offended modern audiences, which must be carefully catered to, is exactly that, a myth.  The myth is a scapegoat created by writers of these projects to deflect blame and criticism away from themselves.  It’s a chance to indulge their narcissism to impose their own worldview to undo the things they don’t like and replace it with what they want to see.

It’s not about respecting and building on what came before.  It’s about sweeping it all away and consigning it to the ash heap of history and replacing it with their ideas, their ideology, and their view of how the world should be.  It’s the shallow, arrogant, self-absorbed mentality of people who have been coddled and praised their entire lives, never struggled, never experienced hardship or danger, and never ventured outside their own carefully controlled echo chamber.

These people see the past as an enemy to be defeated instead of a rich tapestry of ideas and experiences they can learn from.  The irony here is that for all their posturing and virtue signaling and unwavering belief that they’re on the right side of history, ultimately, they’re undermining the very cause they claim to care so much about.  Battering somebody over the head with your ideas and opinions until they eventually give up and leave isn’t the same as winning them over to your point of view.

All you’re doing is pissing off and alienating people who might otherwise have been receptive to what you said.  Instead of catering to some imaginary modern audience that doesn’t actually exist, all you wind up doing is pushing away your actual audience, and that’s something that no business can afford to keep doing for long.

Modern movies … well, they do suck!


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35 thoughts on “Why Modern Movies Suck: an Update

  1. Eagle Eye

    Go Woke, Go Broke, oh, did I say that out loud? Ever wonder you hate today’s woke movies and series? Becuase they are outright stupid. The led characters are always POC (people of color) who are obviously not in charge but ‘demand’ they are in charge. Well, we’ll see how that works out in the box-office receipts.

  2. McStompie

    Ouch, Gen. Satterfield you surely nailed it this time and thanks for highlighting the “Critical Drinker.” He sure has a way with words.

  3. Len Jakosky

    Modern movies are terrible. And they keep “remaking” new versions with “woke” characters and the really do suck when they do. Critical Thinker, you are the man of the hour.

    1. Jerome Smith

      Right, Len. Just what I was thinking. I hope everyone here has a great upcoming holiday season regardless of you religion. If you have no religion, then go sit in a church and just enjoy the camaraderie. That alone will help make you a better person.

      1. American Girl

        That is all why I’ve not been to a movie in a theater in over a decade and I will not be going back, ever.

  4. Christopher Columbus

    I’m not sure ‘suck’ is the right adjective but horrific comes to mind. Oh, Happy Thanksgiving everyone on this now famous leadership blog. Gen. Satterfield is helping others like all good men do.

  5. Kenny Foster

    Hi Gen. Satterfield. Excellent article today. I just wanted to say that your newest book “55 Rules for a Good Life” finally came in the mail for me yesterday and I started reading it last night. Hard to put the book down. Each short chapter tells a unique and compelling story about the basic psychology of human behavior and how to incorporate into ourselves the best of human success strategies. Well done!!! I can’t wait for the sequel.

        1. Lonesome Dove II

          Get the general’s book today. Got mine. Don’t be a downer, get it.

  6. Martin Shiell

    Most powerful part of the article, “It’s not about respecting and building on what came before. It’s about sweeping it all away and consigning it to the ash heap of history and replacing it with their ideas, their ideology, and their view of how the world should be. It’s the shallow, arrogant, self-absorbed mentality of people who have been coddled and praised their entire lives, never struggled, never experienced hardship or danger, and never ventured outside their own carefully controlled echo chamber.”

  7. Jonnie the Bart

    POW! Hard-hitting analysis. Yes, indeed, modern movies do suck and they suck really really bad. Can’t they see this? Can’t they see people are running away from their filth?

    1. Idiot Savant

      This is an understatement, modern movies are worse than suck, they are part of convincing us that we are all oppressed. That is the ultimate joke on the world. Deny reality and eventually reality will kill you.

      1. Mr. T.J. Asper

        Got that right IS. Of course, since these child adults will never see it because they’ve been propagandized since they were kids in school. The woke will destroy themselves. Let’s hope they don’t take us down with them into the hell they have created.

  8. Max Foster

    This article is one of the main reasons I keep coming back to read this blog. I know that others have written about it before, but I just wanted to say for the record that this leadership website by Gen. Satterfield is one of the best out there. Sometimes we read about hard core leadership principles and other times we just read about what makes our system go and go better. Along with those that have influenced Gen. S’s thinking, like the Army and others, I have now expanded my reading and thinking ability far beyond what I would have normally done. And thanks to those here in this forum who helped.

  9. Tom Bushmaster

    Hi Gen. S. Great article. I now watch Critical Drinker on ScrewTube (just a joke – see your Daily Favorites today).

    1. Yusaf from Texas

      Yep. YouTube is a purveyor of disinformation – better known as leftists propaganda.

      1. Vanguard Eight Eight

        They love propaganda because they believe their own lies. Just reference the quote above in Gen Satterfield’s article by Nazi Propagandist Goebbels.

        1. Dead Pool Guy

          Hey Vangaurd88, good words. You can also read more about this type of behavior to overcome the propaganda. Just read Gen. Satterfield in “55 Rules for a Good Life” and you will be set free.

      2. H. M. Longstreet

        Nailed it as usual, Yusaf. The leftists, which I prefer to call Progressives that are not progressives, are destroying themselves, their cause (which I don’t care for), and also and unfortunately, our nation. 👀

  10. Boy Sue

    Nice article, Gen. Satterfield and I bought 3 copies of your book “55 Rules for a Good Life” and gave them away. The feed back I got was pretty damn good. Congratulations on the publication. I think it will be a big hit.

    1. Emma Archambeau

      My kinda guy — he he he he … a little too much emphasis on the drinking but I get the idea.

      1. Greek Senator

        Hi Janna and Emma. Yes, and I’ve been reading and watching his input on movies for a year or more now. Gen. Satterfield alerted me to his presence a while back and I’m happy about it. Not only is Critical Drinker non-woke, he is really awake. Good men are awake and are not pinko, pajama wearing, child adults who love coloring books and safe spaces.

        1. HAL Two Thousand One

          Love it, kick ’em in the ass, Greek Senator. 👍👍👍👍👍


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