You will be Harshly Judged by Others

By | April 26, 2022

[April 26, 2022]  You will be harshly judged by others who know nothing.  Get over it.  And do not judge yourself compared to someone else.  It will disappoint and frustrate you and make you anxious, resentful, and unhappy.  Compare yourself today to who you were yesterday.

From the time we are infants, we know that others judge us, our ability to smile, look our mother in her eyes, coo, and be full of potential.  It is a fact of life that permeates our relationships till the day we die.  The harsh reality is that others will judge us, and they will know nothing of importance about us.  Humans are judgmental creatures.  This thinking process is an outgrowth of the evolutionary process of survival.  To judge what is dangerous or safe, poisonous or eatable, bad or good is the ability to live another day.  It is an incredibly useful process that has been socially honed to unbelievable value.

To be judged is to see ourselves in the eyes of others, and what we see may surprise us, make us smile, proud, cheerful or anxious, resentful, or unhappy.  We react to their judgment and look to ourselves as something worthy or not; that reaction is at the most base emotional level.  We all react the same.  Having a tough skin can help, but we will still have that instinctive reaction.  Move away from here.  If you want to be more independent, content, focused, and happy, judge yourself today compared to who you were yesterday.

We are at our best when we strive to improve ourselves.  In that way, we are not dependent upon others, we are not pulling at the shoestrings of our community, and we have rejected the siren call for pessimism.  This is why we need a noble aim in our life, and only then can we judge ourselves properly as we compare who we were yesterday to who we are today.  That is the measure of progress and the path to victory over all adverse circumstances.

And for these reasons, we should take great care in the judgment of others.  Understand why we do so, know that it has great utility, and know that we are human and frequently wrong.  Improper judgment is the curse of our existence; we often do so without proper contemplation, logic, careful observation, analysis, or fairness.  Judge others, not by their physical traits or the deeds of their ancestors; judge them by their ideas with facts and evidence, not emotion.  Judge them by the content of their character.


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Author: Douglas R. Satterfield

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27 thoughts on “You will be Harshly Judged by Others

  1. Mr. T.J. Asper

    I have found this to be very true. Teaching High School gives me a real good perspective on how adults think and act. Most adults have not progressed logically or maturally since HS. Sad.

  2. Willie Strumburger

    We would think this is just commonsense but no one seems to have that any more except a few very mature folks like Gen. Satterfield. Excellent work here. I hope the snowflakes get up the guts to read it.

    1. Mr. Savage

      Willie, yes, I agree but that is the point, the snowflakes like in a bubble and because the world is so safe and rich, those bubbles rarely pop. But when the bubble pops, then ….. watch out.

  3. Emma Archambeau

    Classic! Too many of our youth today are weak, effete, and ignorant of the real world. Toughen up guys!

    1. Anya B.

      Yep, Emma, you got that right. Our youth, and I will add almost anybody now, have sucked up the infantile ideologies that are the latest fad. Don’t be taken in by fads that run against the grain of long-standing ways of human societies. Question them first. Or you will be trapped and embarrassed.

      1. Harry Donner

        “Infantile ideologies,” I’ll steal that group of words from you Anya. Thanks. 😊

  4. Jerome Smith

    I’ve been a reader of this website for a long time now and have brought a number of my friends over to read it as well. We are happy that Gen. Satterfield is giving us something truly deep to think over. Keep up the great work Gen. S. and we are your biggest fans.

    1. Army Vet

      As well as I. Thanks to everyone here in the leader forums for their support to Gen. Satterfield’s website and for adding more detail and explanations. 👍

      1. MrJohn22

        Hi Army Vet, big fan of yours. We all look forward to your next article here being hosted by Gen. Satterfield. We’re all waiting with great anticipation. You often take what is written here and use practical examples to support them.

  5. Otto Z. Zuckermann

    “We are at our best when we strive to improve ourselves.” Great quote from Gen. Satterfield. Let’s take a close look at this article. Well written and full of great advice.

  6. Kenny Foster

    Excellent advice … ignore it at your peril:
    “And do not judge yourself compared to someone else. It will disappoint and frustrate you and make you anxious, resentful, and unhappy. Compare yourself today to who you were yesterday.”

    1. Doc Blackshear

      Dr.Jordan Peterson is famous for this line of thinking. If you have not heard of Dr. P, then I suggest you search his name and listen to his lectures.

      1. José Luis Rodriguez

        Doc, right and you will find that Gen. Satterfield is a reader of Dr. Jordan Peterson. You can see such similar ideas and parallel thinking.

    1. Rev. Michael Cain

      Having brought an adulterous woman to Jesus, the teachers of the Law and the Pharisees were seeking to trap Jesus. They knew that he was merciful and expected that he would not be willing to keep the Law by sanctioning her death. How would Jesus talk his way out of this dilemma? He does so expertly by uttering this verse.
      John 8:7
      “When they kept on questioning him, he straightened up and said to them, ‘Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her.’”

      1. lydia truman

        Many many great lessons from the Bible. It is full of stories, those stories that have survived the close scrutiny of humans for thousand years. Something is important if it can live on that long. But, what do these stories mean? That, my friends, is a worthy subject of discussion.

        1. Eye Cat

          Let’s hope that we can discuss it without all the emotional outbursts that our culture supports today. ✔

  7. Yusaf from Texas

    Judge others but “Judge them by the content of their character.” I do believe that Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. said that too.

    1. North of Austin

      Greg, lovely comment and I agree with you a thousand percent. Our recent democratic debate (not really a debate but I’m being polite) is about whether the human need to make judgments is a good or a bad thing. I believe we can all agree that it is a good thing overall and it is also the basis of freedom in America.

      1. Guns are Us

        Too many liberals (or really commie leftists) will violently disagree. They think that making judgments is evil and if you don’t support NOT doing it, then you are automatically evil too. Warped thinking.

      2. Laughing Monkey

        What I’m reading is that all this neo-Marxist crapola has peaked.

  8. Silly Man

    Don’t look now but someone is judging you and, well, maybe that is a good thing for you. Someone needs to tell you that just maybe you are headed off to life in the wrong direction.

    1. JT Patterson

      Yes, good for us all. Otherwise we will be wondering in the forest of the lost souls.


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